“Pray continuously”
(I Thessalonians 5:17)

I love hearing a friend say, “Vonette, I’m praying for you.???? That means the world!? I know God hears and answers those prayers.? I’ve seen so many prayers answered.

I also love hearing about Christian radio stations whose owners and operators pray for you.? Ministries on this radio station also pray for you when you pass along your requests.? What a wonderful gift!

That’s the way the body of Christ should work.? Praying for one another… specific, directed prayer… and then letting each other know when God has answered those prayers.

Start a prayer journal today.? It will help you to remember to pray and for what you should be praying.? And then it will be an encouragement as you look back and see how God has answered your prayers.? Yes, spending time to talk with God is worth every moment you spend.

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