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A Quest for Answers by Josh McDowellThis podcast based on Josh McDowell’s book, A Quest for Answers is a great way to learn about some of the controversial “facts” presented in Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code. This episode is titled The Holy Grail.

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Update: The next mp3, What difference does it make? will be available at 4:00 PM EDT tomorrow.


One Response to “Podcast: The Holy Grail”

  • Joshua says:

    Saying Davinci Code is a hoax is like saying Jaws is a hoax because it never happened. It’s not about Jesus and Mary any more than Jaws is about a White Shark. It’s about something deeper and more controversial but I won’t get into it because the Bible strictly forbids people of God from getting involved in controversy. Even if you don’t think it’s controversial, stay out.
    May I add though, if anything, Davinci Code could cashing in on the 70s success of the Ripper Royal Conspiracy theories involving Freemasons with Victorian prostitute Mary Jane Kelly having a baby with Prince Eddy Duke of Clarence or someone else. This truth was deemed more devastating to the Imperial order and the existance of the child was covered up after Mary Kelly was killed by Jack the Ripper. I see no specific public mention of Mary Magdalene’s baby with Jesus until “Holy Blood Holy Grail” in the 80s and then Dan Brown.
    I’m not joshing.

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