Aubri Galano

Aubri has been married for five years, and lives with her husband in Victoria, B.C. Her love for writing started early in her childhood and has continued to develop ever since. Currently, she is completing a degree in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University. She is an avid reader, enjoying suspense novels and whatever else grabs her attention. She is grateful for the opportunity to share some of her thoughts through blog posts.

Articles by Aubri Galano

Are You Interested? A Marriage Reminder

Recently, I attended a wedding with my husband Dan.  During the ceremony the pastor mentioned the importance of being involved in your spouse’s interests. It was a good reminder; I need to continue intentionally caring about Dan’s activities. One example is hockey, as a child Dan wanted to play hockey. However there wasn’t the money […] Read More >

A New Family: Learning to Love my In Laws 

There is often truth to some to the things we joke about.  I have heard lots of jokes about in-laws and how awful they can be, but I never thought I would be the one to experience anything like that! When I first got married I didn’t know much about my husband’s family. I knew a […] Read More >

Date Your Spouse Not Your Cell Phone

We’re all attached to our phones – they’re practically an extension of our arms. They are a part of our lives and checking them frequently can easily become a habit. Our phones are a way that we stay connected with people; however, if we aren’t careful they can disconnect us from the people we are […] Read More >

Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness

Christian marriages should be different. Why? The answer is because we have Jesus Christ. He enables us to have all the tools we need to make a marriage work. Three of those tools are: love, prayer, and forgiveness. You may be thinking, “Hey wait, these aren’t unique to Christians.” But because of Jesus they are different […] Read More >

Put Worry in its Place

Last night I was so worried about not getting enough sleep that I couldn’t sleep. My brain was working through all the details of the next day and I knew I had to be awake for it all. Ever have a night like that when your mind is your worst enemy? Why do we worry? […] Read More >

Say Yes to Sex More Often

If sex is important in marriage, why does it slowly get put on the back burner? One excuse that I am sick of hearing is “I don’t have time.” I’m sure you are busy. I know I am busy. But think of all the things that you make time for. If you really wanted to […] Read More >

The Gift of Time

What is one gift that everyone wants? The gift of time. Time is the main ingredient in building lasting relationships. Your time is a gift you can give your spouse every day. My goal for this month is to learn more about my husband. My relationship with my husband is an important one. I’m constantly […] Read More >