Has God Ever Disappointed You?

Written by Karen Schenk

soulcravingsletdown To love is to risk.  I set up expectations of people I love whether I mean to or not. The more I love, the more expectations I have.  I sense it when those expectations are not met and I feel like I’ve been let down.  It’s something that annoys me about myself. I want to love without expectation.  I want to love freely and not let people down or feel like they let me down.

I love God, I pray, I come to him with the things that weigh on my heart.  When he doesn’t answer the way I think he should that can make me feel like he let me down.  I don’t understand why God chooses to not do things that seem obviously right to me.   But I know that he can see more than I can and that he can give me the strength I need to go through those tough times.  I know that my risk is higher if I don’t love because then I am truly all alone.  Has God ever let you down?

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52 Responses to “Has God Ever Disappointed You?”

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    The let down is part of human nature.
    Looking to out Lord is dealing with the spiritual part of our lives, that Jesus so graciously has given to us. He will never let us down, as He lives inside of us all day long for the believer. Lord God! I pray that you will bless Gerald, as he has problems with You, as You will never leave him or forsake him, in the life that You have given to him. In Jesus name Amen

  • Gerald says:

    But what exactly does “trusting in God” mean? For a lot of us, those expectations you were speaking of, have more to do with believing God will do as His word says rather than just granting some explicitly selfish petition. When we put our faith in a person and we are let down, we can rationalize the fact that they are human and not perfect. But isn’t god supposed to be? When we put our faith in Him, AND TRUST He will do for us as He said he will, what then are we supposed to think, say or believe when everything is ignored or never comes to pass??? How do we keep putting our faith in something that never comes through??? It doesn’t make any sense anymore. Sometimes I feel like not believing ANYTHING after carrying around false hope from a God that keeps letting the very things I love vanish or be destroyed (after praising Him for blessing me with them/it no less) and throwing my Bibles in the garbage. It ends up feeling like I’ve been duped by a God that’s either not real or doesn’t care!!! It’s maddeningly frustrating to go on like that with nothing ever changing and when it does, being very, very short lived. Like, why give me someone to love only to have them turn on me or take them away? Why bless me satisfying employment to only lose it due to no fault of my own? Why ask us to pray and believe and trust when all we are is let down???

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