I want to believe in God but I don’t know how.

Sometimes the idea of God makes a lot of sense but all of the ramifications of believing in God are hard to swallow. If you find yourself wishing you could believe, you’re not alone. Consider praying a prayer like this:

God, I don’t know if you’re out there. I’m not sure how I feel about you if you are. But if you do exist I’d like to know more about you. Reveal yourself to me. Help me to find you.

It says very clearly in the Bible that those who seek God will find him. Ask God to reveal himself to you. Be honest about your reservations. God is not offended by questions or doubts.

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361 Responses to “I want to believe in God but I don’t know how.”

  • Elkay Elkay says:

    Anonymous, the question of why does the God whom we say is loving and all-powerful allow pain to come into lives for no good reason is 1000’s of years old. That does not make your situation any easier or erase the abuse of your younger days. We can learn a lot from Job who asked “Why do the wicked live and become old, and mighty in power?” (21:7) And of his own “right-living”, said “I am righteous, but God has taken away my justice; my wound is incurable, though I am without transgression.” (34:5-6).

    When we are tested and tried, Satan wants us to blame God and accuse Him of being unfair and unjust, to make an accusation against the God of righteousness . . . that is evil’s strategy and what Satan wanted from Job. (1:11). Later on in Job (32-37), Elihu made at least 5 major points that it does us well to consider:

    1) Behind every act of God is a loving heart and when we fail to acknowledge this and His wisdom, we are in error. God always acts in accordance with His nature and cannot be unjust or unloving.
    2) We are fallen creatures with limited understanding and do not know the facts as God does. He is sovereign because He made the universe and is accountable to no one.
    3) God does not owe us answers and even when He speaks, it does not need to be on our terms and in our timing. Even when He acts or speaks, we may not even understand what is going on or what He is saying to us.
    4) His acts may cause stress or pain but they are to spare us even greater loss.
    5) Out of His great love, God sometimes must allow pain into our lives to rouse us out of our blindness and deafness. (Job’s problem was pride in his “righteousness” and it needed to be dealt with.)

    So to address your situation, take a leap of faith and believe that God has everything in His control even when we can’t perceive it (Ps 103:19); He knows the inside and outside of every situation and every past, present, and future event (Rom 11:33-36); and He loves us perfectly and always chooses what is best for us, even if it’s not easy (Ex. 34:6).

    This is what Job did and his faith swelled up so that he could say, “I had only heard about You before, but now I have seen You with my own eyes.” So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life. (42:5, 12)

    My prayer is that you begin to trust God and will daily thank Him for His love and protection and blessings in your life and that you faith will swell up as Job’s did.

    PS: I have to add this: Job did not literally “see” God; his new-found faith was so strong it was as if he did.

  • Sharon says:

    to all– prayer– father God I do pray for all who want to believe in you but can’t I pray that other Christians will come along their path to encourage them and for themselves to find you to be a good God who loves them with an everlasting love give them dreams and visions of you God that you understand them and are with them in their search and its ok to search and at the end to find you. you made them I pray all of this in JESUS name amen. I am praying for all on this site

  • Anonymous says:

    Im 17, and I wish I could believe in god, I really do. As I was growing up, I was abused and beaten most of my childhood by my dads ex girlfriend. I would often ask God why she was doing this, what I was doing wrong. I wanted to kill myself so it would end. Now that Im older and am Active Duty Infantry in the Army, I want to find peace with God in case something happens to me.But my problem is, I cant seem to believe in something that is supposed to help you when you need it the most. I struggled for years trying to get away from her, to stop the abuse. I was always afraid to do anything. It still follows me, every time someone raises there hand near me, I always flinch and get ready for the impact. I need to find God. Ive messed up alot in my life.

  • Susi says:

    I am lie steaming a lot to Todd white. I experienced breakthroughs because he is speaking the truth. God is great!:)

  • tabby says:

    Unknown 13 year old, sweetheart that breaks my heart to hear what you just said. I too struggle with feeling God these days. I once felt him in everything. I began questioning him after coming across so many atheists on the net. You can feel him again. For me, it is my unwillingness to let go of what is standing in the way. Your words hurt my heart. No child should feel as if God does not hear them or if they are alone. I sense a little more in you desperation to feel him. Please continue to be strong.

  • Melissa says:

    When I was younger I questioned GOD a lot, I wondered if he was real, asked him if he was why would he allow certain things to happen in my life. But as I grew older from time to time, I noticed things that would happen that I know only GOD could be doing, showing me. I’ve had many intense experiences through out my 28 years of life. I believe in a GOD, 100% and even though my life is not perfect and I’ve been through a lot, I am thankful and feel blessed. I love you GOD. Through your son Christ Jesus, AMEN. ??

  • unknown says:

    I’m 13 and confused about God. some think this spirit is real and some don’t. I’m in between with this desicion. I don’t feel like
    he’s there when I need him most, I scream and it’s like whispers. I cry as loud as I can but he doesn’t hear me.

  • Tom Tom says:

    I’d like to help you if I can. Can you explain to me what your spiritual experience is? Also, what do you mean when you say, “I used to believe in God”? In what way?

  • Chris says:

    pavlo…sorry to hear of your struggles…romans 1 and psalm 19 with psalm 8 show us that Gods majesty in natural creation can be clearly seen and understood. romans 2 tells us how that God has placed our consciences inside of us so we can know right from wrong and his law he has written on our hearts. God came personally in the person of jesus christ to live, walk, teach and heal among us so that by his dying on the cross and rising from the dead, we can know him personally. logontoknowingjesuspersonally.com or click talk to a mentor above for more information on how you can start your own personal relatiionship with jesus today!! i pray you would!

  • Pavlo says:

    I used to believe in God when I was younger, but at the moment I’m confused, and I really want to believe in God but sometimes I’m not sure about His existence, please can you help me to believe in God again somehow, I will be very thankful

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