How Can I Have Faith After Losing My Son?

Written by Christie Hoos

faith_havefaithI have never been a big fan of the “paste a smile on and pretend it’s okay” club.

In my case it was months after my son, Noah’s, death that I began to feel angry. I had to return to work and the crushing unfairness of it all began to sink in. I used to think that people of true faith accepted everything quietly and calmly, but now I’m not so sure.

I wrestled with God for several months.

My husband was afraid that he would never get his wife back. If anyone saw me walking in the woods behind our house they must have thought I was crazy — I was muttering, crying, even shouting at God. I read books in the bible that dealt with people who were suffering — Job, Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Lamentations — and was reassured that some of God’s favorite people were angry and confused by Him. The best advice I got was that giving God the silent treatment would only punish me. God can take it, so tell Him what you are feeling.

How can I have faith you ask? I’ll try to answer you as best I can. My husband is a scholar and he finds reassurance in philisophical arguements about truth, the state of the world and nature of God. I’ll admit that these truths are convincing and I would be happy to share some with you if you like, but in crisis my faith was not bolstered by academic points so I won’t get into them now.

First I must explain my faith to you, so that you know what I am choosing to rely on.

I do believe with my whole heart that God is good and the world is not. The bible is clear that because of our choices to reject God we live in a fallen world full of sickness, natural disasters, pain and death. This is not God’s purpose for humanity – he wants us to live with Him where there is no pain, no sadness, no death. In order to make this happen He made the greatest sacrifice, He sent His own son to die, to pay the price for our wrong choices (it is hard to imagine that He loves us so much that he would allow his son to die – on purpose). When Jesus rose from the dead three days later He destroyed forever the power of death over the human soul. Still, we must choose to accept or reject this gift. That is the faith I have.

I trust in Jesus to pay for my wrongs and to save me from death.

Especially since Noah’s death, this hope is my foundation. I know that one day I will see not only Jesus but my son again. I would rather he was with me, but since he is not I am so glad that he is safe and loved. For this reason I hold onto my faith. I even wrote a website all about this – Noah’s Place.

Not only that, but my faith in Jesus is about relationship. Like I said, I have been angry with Him. I will never be happy that my son is away from me (even temporarily). I miss him terribly. There is a hole in our family and in my heart that aches. But God does know how we feel. He lost His son too. And He has made it so clear to me that He loves me more than I can comprehend. This comfort did not come quickly or easily. Slowly, in so many ways – through reading the bible, praying (even angry and despairing prayers), through nature, through others around me — God put His arms around me and helped my broken heart to heal. He was there all along I just had to open up to Him.

To live without faith seems to me a hopeless, comfortless and pointless existence.

So I hold on, even when I don’t feel like it. This is how I have faith, not a feeling or an experience, but a decision. As Job said “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” I can’t imagine life without Jesus. Holding onto faith has been a struggle, but to live without it, is unthinkable.

You have a choice to make also. Faith is not something you lose, it’s something you choose or reject. I’m sorry to say that anyone who has lost a child has a very long and hard journey ahead of them. Grief is exhausting, messy, and misunderstood. Anger and confusion are normal and healthy (only if you get stuck there for an extended amount of time will you need to worry and seek medical help). If you have lost a child, be patient with yourself, you are in mourning. Do not rely on your feelings to decide what you believe. Look ahead – what kind of life do you want? Who do you want to be?

I would not trade my Noah for a child that lived.

I would not have chosen this path, it has been hard and painful, but it has changed me for the better. I am forever grateful to my son for that.

In Love,
Noah’s Mom

If you have lost a child, know that you are not alone. I can’t tell you why you’re child is gone, but I can tell you that there is a God who loves you and who loves your child. He knows what it means to lose a son.

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84 Responses to “How Can I Have Faith After Losing My Son?”

  • Elkay says:

    Tracy, Cheryl and Kendra, you all have suffered loss and your pain bursts through what you have written, and no we do not understand because we have not had the relationships you have. But we do want you to know that we care and would love to help if at all possible. It is beautiful that none of you seem to be angry with God about what has happened

    Never doubt God’s love and care. He hurts in our hurt. His Son, Jesus, went to the Cross and died a horrid death, forsaken by His Father, so He understands the deep anguish our souls can plunge to. That’s why we can trust Him to be with us in our times of overwhelming stress.

    If either of you would like to talk to someone personally and privately, just hit the Talk to a Mentor link at the top of this webpage and someone will contact you and try to help more than I can along your difficult paths.

    Before I close, let me pray:
    “Heavenly Father, please send Your Holy Spirit to come alongside Tracy, Cheryl and Kendra during their time of loss. In their pain may they supernaturally experience Your presence, comfort, and peace. Bring sincere people around them to give love and encouragement. May they be blessed by the eternal hope that You offer to all who love You. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

    PS: The Shack has blessed many readers and is recommended to anyone who has lost a child.

  • Kendra says says:

    I lost my only son three months ago. I was a very protective mom and let my sister in law babysit him after promising me she would watch him like a hawk. She didn’t and the love of my life passed from a pool and not watchung him, I can’t even type the words. He was so beautiful inside and out. My four year old love of my life. I’m now 44 yrs old and may never be a mom again. I do gods work all day long helping the injured get well and I feel cheated. I want my son back!! I hope he can reincarnate back to us and I can be a mom to him again. I really was a great mom and used to tell him a hundred times a day how much I loved him. I miss you son please come back and we can be a family again. I love him with all my heart and soul. I’m severely broken with out him.

  • Cheryl says:

    My husband and I lost our son five months ago. I have lost a sister and a father and nothing can compare to the gut-wrenching pain of losing a child. I used to be perky and out-going, now the only time I leave the house is for church. People tell me they understand, but I know they don’t. It seems like there is nothing to live for now. He was full of life – funny, and never knew a stranger. I cry every day for him. If someone speaks his name, or something reminds me of him, I sob. I know that I will never get over my son. The only thing I am thankful for is that God found me fit to have him in the first place. I thank God that if he had given me the choice whether to have my son or not, knowing he would die on May 17th, I would have picked having him. Now I have all of the wonderful memories of him, and I will be with him again one day. God is Good, even when your heart is breaking.

  • Tracy says:

    My son left almost 3 years ago. He was 18. I, like so many vented to my vicar who often said that God was with me to guide and love me, to which my retort was … Where was God when my boy was walking to the train station……? A couple of days later a book was posted through my letterbox from my vicar…it is called The Shack ….. Oh my reading this book, while not ever being able to repair the black hole of grief that will never shrink, it has helped me begin to build a life of sorts around my grief. Please please read this book….it will soothe you all, I promise. A broken hearted single mummy who feels your pain and inwardly giggles with the surefire knowledge that I will hold my son again and I have to try my very best to make the most of my life here so my son can settle into his newness. Every night I pull the covers over me and close my eyes and imagine my boy free from pain, no one can hurt him now, only me if I continue to blame and punish myself, I must walk tall and proud in his honour ….. Love you my perfect, beautiful, sensitive son, my protector, my defender, my warrior … What is 20 or so years when the reward is eternity with you. Love Mumsie xx

  • Chris says:

    carissa…i am saddened to hear of the news of your son…truly life is so fragile as the psalmist said in psalm 39….lord make me to know how frail i am! its true. without christ in our lives we are of all people most miserable. its imperative we see our frailty and sinfulness that has seperated us from him so that by receiving jesus into our hearts, we can be made new and whole again. if you would like more information on knowing jesus personally and savingly for yourself, log onto or click talk to a mentor above. praying that you find the peace and love you need in our great lord and savior jesus christ. blessings!

  • Carissa says:

    My son was 6 years old when he passed of a unexpected brain stem tumor he was perfect before his diagnoses on October 14th 2014 we got a call from his school saying he didn’t feel well we went to pick him up and he throw up all over himself never was that like my son and we took him to the ER cause he wasn’t walking right by 6 pm we were seen then by 9 he was diagnosed the tumor was above his brain stem but below his brain 0% chance they said they words still haunt me. They said less then a year he would have left to us that was still time to make his life worth while, on October 18 we had to make a decision to take him off life support 4 days we were given how did it go from less then a year to 4 days. Today we celebrated Halloween it was his favorite holiday we went and decorated his grave and cried and laughed and cried I held my partner for 5 mins while crying and all I can ask is why. He was perfect he was so pure he would help anyone and loved to make people laugh, he did nothing wrong in this life other then to make it a better world with him in it. Now my partner and I are separated and life has changed so much I just want my son. I want to hear his laugh and see his smile. I miss him so much.

  • Ellie G says:

    I lost my son June 8th 2012 and I hurt any and every day I think of him. I don’t know that I ever had a faith as strong as I believed I did. I feel selfish for missing my son or being angry with God since he knows my loss greater than any human heart could but I’m not the stron person everyone says I am flesh and I hurt and I’m angry still.
    The hardest part is knowing that I did everything right and he still died. I blamed myself maybe I got him sick when I kissed him maybe I didn’t was my hands well enough maybe I didn’t believe strong enough or I forgot to pray one night. There’s never going to be an answer for me on earth. I wish this pain on nobody not even a serial killer. I want the pain to go away and it has to a degree but the images and the last moments don’t. I feel so sad for you because I know the road that you’re on. It’s not easy and it changes us forever and that’s unstoppable and none of what we believe is fair is applicable and I’m that crazy person yelling at nobody too. I believe God wants us to yell and scream and give our hearts to him in ANY way we feel works.
    There are no instructions on how to be a parent and there are no paths of healing from such a great loss and that’s the best part. There is no right or wrong way to go on from the loss of the dearest and most precious gift we have been blessed with. Give every option a chance but don’t turn toward self destructive measures it’s never right.
    I hope you’ll find ease in living with out him. I hope to find my piece of mind someday but if we don’t then we have to find a new way to live and that’s what’s hard believing in God is easy but living a life we know nothing about it is the hardest part. My son was never sick and got leukemia just after Christmas 2011 and died of a fungal infection he got when he was defenseless from the treatment. With no immune system to fight the infection his body gave out and I watched him and encouraged him to go on. I just want so desperately to have memories of the laughter and his voice not the last days or the times I’d yell or moments I failed him. Those are things I wish for and I know that I have work to do to get by and only I can find that path as the same will be for you. We are strong not for what happens but for how we go on and how we live after the loss is the legacy we create of ourselves in their honor.
    Best wishes and all the strength in my heart to you.

  • Stan says:

    God Bless you Christie! I am experiencing much grief from the loss of a “child’ also. This may or may not seem odd, or reasonable, or “normal”, but my child was my 17 mo old Amstaff dog. I’m single with no children. He was my baby. like a son. I am brokenhearted, sad, and miss my Pup terribly still . He was hit by a car a little over 2 weeks ago, and passed shortly afterword on the floor of our home after I carried him back from the accident scene. It was a horrible experience to witness and perhaps that has something to do with it. However that doesn’t lessen the grief, sadness, anger , confusion, etc however. In the hours of shock immediately following the loss of my Pup I tried to put it into perspective and asked myself. “what if that was a human child? what if that my human son or daughter. People all over the world experience this daily.??” Anyway I just want to say Thank You for sharing your experience. I can relate. I am also a Christian and believer, and found myself doing the same things in the aftermath – ” muttering, crying, even shouting at God” .. . demanding that God tell me he took my Pup for such and such a reason. Thank you again for your words of wisdom. May you find serenity courage and wisdom to give your strength on your journey in the world world.
    God Bless =[]=

  • Elkay says:

    Patty, years after my brother died, I was in prayer asking God “Why”, in particular because he was at college studying to become a Pastor. When God answers, it is never what you expect . . . and in this case, He “said” to me, “You do not know what his life would have been like had he lived.” I pray this can help answer your question. I know this is “trite”, but “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.”

  • Patty says:

    Thank You so much for the prayers and advice, I’m trying so hard to understand why, But as you know we may never know why. I cry every time I read another entry, because that means another child has gone to heaven. And I know what each parent is feeling. Good Bless Us.. Patty

  • Elkay says:

    Patty and Rebekah, the pain in your losses is heartbreaking and I wish there were words to really help and were not just some nice phrases. Promises that you will see your loved ones in the eternal life to come or that you must give yourselves permission and time to mourn don’t help. My younger brother died at 21 and I sat by helplessly as my parents grieved and struggled to put life back together.

    It was not easy for them then and it’s not for you now. You have to get up each day and get through it. Suddenly your hopes and dreams are gone. Your plans have been shattered. Your desire to serve God may be gone. So the question is, “How do you go on?”

    I pray that the following comments help in some way or another.

    When our minds cannot comprehend the tragic events we find yourselves in, our hearts can reach to God to find the strength we need to get through today and to know that there will be help and hope for tomorrow. This may sound “nice” but it is a reality that many people have found to be true and carry them along.

    The people who study and understand the Bible feel and express grief, but not fear and despair; their hope and faith give them comfort. God’s Word tells us that “Whatever things were written before [in the Bible] were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. (Rom. 15:4) We can also find in Scriptures “the surpassing peace of God that will guard your souls and minds.” (Phil 4:7)

    Today, in your incredibly painful trauma, you can believe God is a God of love or you can turn from Him in anger. You can believe that His heart is always for you or you can believe He is cruel and mean. Running to Him in the midst of your anguish will take you into His arms of comfort. Pushing Him away will leave you alone with desperation in your souls.

    I know you cannot understand the twists and turns of your paths, but you can run to the One who will harbor you. He doesn’t promise your lives will be free of the pain you are in now. But He does promise to hold you close through it and to give you strength to live on.

    Never doubt God’s love and care. He hurts in our hurt. His Son, Jesus, went to the Cross and died a horrid death so He understands the deep anguish our souls can plunge to. That’s why we can trust Him to be with us in our times of overwhelming stress.

    If either or both of you would like to talk to someone personally and privately, just hit the Talk to a Mentor link at the top of this webpage and someone will contact you and try to help more than I can along your difficult paths.

    Before I close, let me pray for you:

    “Heavenly Father, please send Your Holy Spirit to come alongside Patty and Rebekah in prayer during their extremely painful time of loss. During this time of pain may they experience Your comfort, peace and direction. Wrap Your arms of love around both of them. May there be sincere people around them to give love, comfort and encouragement as well. May they find comfort in the eternal hope that You offer to all who love You. Shower them with many blessings. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

  • patty says:

    I’m so angry with life, my son passed away 6months ago and I can’t find the strength to move on. I just want to be alone. I just want to give up

  • Rebekah says:

    .miss type- I was in the like you’re at your unit at the hospital for 10 days
    ??Correct type- I was in the psychiatric unit at the hospital for 10 days

  • Rebekah says:

    I am a Christian but I am in so much pain I can not live without my baby. I don’t know what to do with myself. I was in the like you’re at your unit at the hospital for 10 days for my grief loss and desire to be with my baby boy. I can’t live without him…. My life can’t go on without him, I can’t do it…and no matter how many times I cry out to God my pain deepens and the reality that I can’t go on living with out him in my life is more and more unbearable. I’d rather be with him than live a full life without him, I have no desire nor can I bare it.

  • Stephanie says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I truly know how you feel, I lost my son a year ago, and still too this day I cry everyday, he was only 18. It does your soul better to talk about him and write about him as much as you can.

  • Todd says:

    My son passed on Aug 5, I was in the ICU hospital on that day. The doctors told my wife “don’t tell your husband” it won’t help him. My wife told on Aug 22. I can believe she didn’t tell me. My heart is broken. I cry multiple days every day. My son was 21 years old going to college and I’m waiting for the autopsy, it will be 3 to 6 months. I feel having a nervous breakdown. I just want my son back….

  • Kate says:

    My heart goes out to every person suffering through the trauma of losing someone so dear. It is incredibly painful, to say the least. If you would like to talk to someone, please click on the Talk to a mentor link at the top of our page. A mentor will correspond with you privately and pray with you on the difficult path. I want to pray for you now:

    Heavenly Father, thank you for your mercy and grace. However little we understand the horrors of this world, we have the promise that you are with us no matter what and ultimately you will set all things right. Help us to perceive your hand of compassion and guidance upon our lives, increase our faith, so that we can see and testify to your goodness in spite of all that has happened or may yet happen. We long to know you more Father, amen.

    One thing that struck me very profoundly when coping with grief was the urge to dive deeply into the rich history of centuries of Christian theology. Suddenly I saw what I had not seen before: THIS WORLD IS NOT AS IT SHOULD BE, HENCE GOD’s LOVING DECISION TO INTERVENE. The intervention was, of course, the sending and sacrificing of God’s son, my Lord Jesus. Jesus came and declared this world is not what God intended, it is distorted and broken in a zillion ways because of the perversion of sin. God’s beloved creatures have run wild, so far from righteousness and shalom, that we can hardly recognize the image of God in which we’re all made. Yet, God did not destroy us. Instead, Jesus came that we may be assured of God’s goodness and his promise to restore all things, to renew life and reconcile us to himself. Jesus’ inbreaking onto the world stage and his horrific crucifixion says: Things are not as they should be, but by faith you must trust that God is good and God will do what he says he would do. This is, of course, precisely the message of the cross. Without faith we see a shamed criminal executed and forgotten; by faith we see the resurrection and the promises of God fulfilled.

    Now I face grief with a different attitude. I am assured that God is on my side, that God’s own heart is broken for the sorrowful situation, but that is not the end. God’s will WILL be done; He will wipe away every tear and there will be no more sorrow! Not only this, but God will sustain us, as long as we persevere by faith until such a time as God’s will is done before our eyes, and all our faith and hope is fulfilled!

    It is this TRANSFORMATION – of the death that looks and feels horrible and causes us to scream in anger and weep in sorrow – that amazes me most. Now the death and grief, as terrible and inexplicable as they are, are what bind me to God. It is by transforming my understanding and strengthening my faith that God has used this most traumatizing event to bind me all the more firmly to himself, making it (with time) an unending spring of hope, even joy. Since God is gracious enough to have transformed my own meagre understanding, I am assured by faith that he will all that much more transform the death I know into new life. He is faithful to me and he is faithful to do what he has promised, of this I am sure.

  • darlene says:

    My son died and I cant accept it. I guess you could say I haven’t been in good terms with God. One minute I’m screaming at him cussing him out, the next minute I’m crying telling him sorry and asking him to help me. I don’t want to live. Im never happy and I’m hopeless. I cant understand why any innocent baby would have to suffer and die. Mist days I hate this stupid life. I’m like a robot going to work or anywhere or doing anything because that’s what everyone expects me to do.

  • Richard says:

    Good people pass away;
    the godly often die before their time.
    But no one seems to care or wonder why.
    No one seems to understand
    that God is protecting them from the evil to come. Isaiah 57:1 NLT
    The world was not worthy of them (Hebrews 11:38 NIV).

  • Wayne says:

    Chris ………We lost our beautiful 30 year old son exactly 18 months ago today and I lost my 88 year old Mum 10 months ago. With respect, I don’t know how anyone can “identify with your pain” when you compare losing a child and losing a parent, who has most likely lived a full life. Let me tell you and I’m sure I speak for all others that have lost a child, there is no comparison of the level of pain that is on going. Most people mean well but they just don’t get it. Steve …. I know exactly where you’re coming from.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Stephanie and Stacy, I am so sorry for your loss. It is an unthinkable thing to lose a child. As I read the Bible I don’t see anything that would suggest that God would ask you to ignore the pain and anger that loss creates. God wants you to be honest with Him and honest with yourself. But also take the time to remind yourself of who God is: He is perfectly loving and just in all that He does; allowing your son to die was not the result of cruelty, inattention, or indifference. He sees things that you and I are completely unaware of. Sometimes people in their anger start to lose sight of those things and begin to shape a wrong understanding of who God is. Read the stories in the Bible of how godly men and women went through terribly difficult circumstances in life but were never abandoned by God. That didn’t mean they weren’t very blunt with God, but they alway returned to the truths that God had revealed about Himself, and that they knew about who He is.

    Lord God, I pray for these families as they every day deal with the absence of their sons. Lord they need Your supernatural comfort and peace. Reveal Yourself to them and be a strength in them that can only be explained as divine. Bring people around them who will allow them to the freedom to grieve and also stand alongside and point them to You. Guard the love and unity in their family, and deepen their love and appreciation for each other. Amen.

    Have either of you heard of GriefShare? You can find out more about their programs at I have been through their workshops several times and each time have walked away enriched and wiser from the expert teaching and intimate connection with others who have lost loved ones. I am sure you will find great value in joining in on one of their support groups.

  • Wally says:

    We all know we’re all going to die someday. My wife just died from cancer and she was in pain. I heard various prophecies that she was going to live. If only we could hear from God directly that after fighting for months in pain and agony that it would result to death. We could have reduced the pain by letting go since. Nevertheless I will always love God we can’t question Him. However on that day I hope he shows us why? then we will truly appreciate Him and worship Him.dying is not the issue here, it’s a given,we aLL going to die guaranteed. However if the person is young and a believer and in pain and we using the word to proclaim life and hope plus other ministers prohecyiny,it would be really nice to hear from our Lord directly to get ready to come home or we have some time left.
    May God help us

  • Stephanie says:

    I agree Stacy, it will be a year in August when my son died, I am still just as bitter and unforgiving, I want my son back! Oh I hear the “he’s in a better place” that’s pardon my language [expletive removed] he was in a wonderful place here with me!

  • Stacy says:

    Saying God lost his son just makes me angrier. As Steve said God had his son back in 3 days. Yes, death is a given, but when you pray, have faith, count on God and then have the worst pain imaginable it is hard to find comfort in anything. I feel like God is punishing me for something. I do still have faith, and I know God can handle my anger and we will possibly be closer down the road but trying to convince me not to be angry doesn’t help.

  • Aldo says:

    Ursula, allow me to pray for you.

    Dear Heavenly Father, You know what it is to lose a son, so You know what Ursula is experiencing. I pray that You would touch her and her entire family with Your love, grace, and mercy, and renew within them the joy of Your salvation, in Jesus precious Name, Amen.

  • Ursula says:

    Unfortunately, I can offer sincere sympathy and understanding to any parent of a lost child. Last year on October 30th our world was rocked when someone murdered our 26 year old son as he waited for a burger. I have been a christian my entire life. But believing in God and church attendance does not prepare one for such a tragic loss. In the midst of my grief if feels as if I’ve lost God too (even though I know he’s there).. But, nothing feels the same. The only thing that seems to give comfort is in writing –journaling and writing my son’s story. I hm hoping to get it finished in the next coming months. In April.some people in our community put together a walk against gang violence to commemorate the six month anniversary of the shooting. A video was produced to share our story. Please feel free to view and share it as you wish.
    The link is
    God please Bless us all as we go through the pain …

  • Tom Tom says:


    God was right where he always is during tragedy–right there waiting for those affected by tragedy to turn to him for comfort. Death is at the end of every life, some sooner, some later, but always inevitable. God has not promised to prevent every baby, child, or adult from dying. He has promised that he will offer comfort in such times, and he has promised that all who come to him in faith will live forever with him even after physical death.

    I’m sorry for your loss SMA. I pray that you will allow the God of all comfort to meet you in your sorrow and to begin to heal your wounds.

  • Aldo says:

    SMA, better yet, where were you when God’s Son died for your sin on the cross of Cavalry?

  • Sma says:

    @ Steve, I understand how you feel(what you going through). So angry @ God too_i keep on asking Him”God” about His promises”He said His Promises are Yes n Amen”:- where was Him when my son died?

  • Chris says:

    jules…i regret to hear of your sorrow. having lost my parents also, i can identify with your pain. you see, noone on this earth lives forever. that isnt gods plan for us. once Adam introduced sin into this world and we his children have followed his pattern, then the only result can be physical death but jesus has promised us in John 11.26 that those who believe in him will never really die. their spirit leaves their bodies but those who have christ on earth, will be with christ in heaven. our seperation from our loved ones is only temporary. one day our lives will be reunited once more so we can continue Gods eternal plan that he has for all for all ages. for more information on that log onto or click talk to a mentor above. i pray jesus console your life with the knowledge that death is only a temporary seperation. one which jesus himself will conquer one day for all of us who trust in him. blessings to you and peace as well!

  • Chris says:

    Steve…i regret to hear of this tragedy….without knowing the whys of why your child died, i can share that God does have answers for us as we seek him about them. we know that God can do no wrong or else he wouldnt be God. the bible shows us itself that there are many dangers in this world we must be aware of. when Adam and eve introduced sin into this world, curses and sicknesses entered with it. satan became the new vice-regent of this world, Adam forfeiting his God-given position. the bible says in acts 10.38 that jesus went about doing good healing all who were oppressed of the devil. jesus has come to give us life, John 10.10, but the thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy. i would pray you would see the difference between God wanting to save and bless us through christ vs satan who only wants to destroy, deceive and divide us from God. you can find out more on how to have the true life of christ in your life by logging onto or by clicking talk to a mentor above. i pray jesus console your heart today and give you the assurance of his promises that as you enter into convenant with him, those covenant promises will become yours to live by in jesus name i pray amen!

  • Jules says:

    I read ur post. I feel the same thing. This anger . I talk and go on but it’s always there. When my dad died of leukemia, I lost him and I lost something inside of me that am never getting bacK. Time doesn’t heal. There is no solace.

  • steve says:

    My wife & I lost our only child, a son, 4+ years ago. I used to like talking to people and laughing a lot. Now I can not enjoy ANYTHING!! I just want to hit something or someone. I Hate life now……………It is a worthless existence now. At least God got his son back 3 days later, I haven’t heard from my son or God for that matter. He must really not like me. I don’t believe he talks to people, I think it is all made up…………..

  • Chris says:

    Jeanne….i regret to hear of your loss. having lost close loved ones including my parents, i know that my faith in jesus was the only thing that got me through. he will help you too to know that we can trust jesus to keep our loved ones. life is short. whether we live 22 years or 82 years. we will all one day leave this world. we need to be ready as pilgrims just passing through. i encourage you to log onto or click talk to a mentor above for more information on knowing jesus ans his peace that passes all understanding. i pray that jesus comfort you today in knowing that death in this life isnt the end but rather a new beginning to the next one amen

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