Married, but Can’t Forget my First Girlfriend!

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I’ve been married for three years but I just can’t forget my first girlfriend, who is also married with kids. I am going to become a father, but I can’t forget the moments we spent together a long time ago. I always compare my wife with her and find much dissatisfaction in my heart. Frankly speaking, I still love my first girlfriend very much. Sometimes even during sexual intercourse with my wife I think of her! We are Christians and this fact makes me feel even guiltier about this! I want to break through this struggle. Please help.

Advice: It is not unusual to clearly remember a first love relationship years later. I am sure many people struggle with past memories as they begin a new marriage. This is only human.
However, to continue in those memories and to fantasize about that old relationship is not healthy or honoring to you or your wife. It is also not honoring to the old girlfriend. The reason you feel guilty about it is that it is wrong to share your covenant of marriage with any other person, and God is reminding you of that. You are right and wise to confess this problem. So many people try to ignore or hide this kind of struggle. Thank you for talking about it. As humans we all struggle with our thoughts and actions; you are no more unworthy of God’s love than anyone else.

The Bible is clear that God loves you and desires to bless and strengthen you. Yes, God will help you overcome this struggle. In the Old Testament, the Bible is clear about adultery. “You shall not commit adultery” (Deuteronomy 5:18). It is one of the ten commandments.

Jesus raised the standard, warning, “You have heard that it was said, `Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:27). Jesus is not saying that God is a hard Master, or that God’s rules are unfair or impossible. He is saying that our human hearts are weak, our bodies are weaker, and we desperately need God to show us healthy boundaries for our thought lives in addition to the physical. God is good, and He wants the very best for you, for your wife and marriage, and even for the other woman.

I suggest you bring this to God just like you brought it to me. Confess it. Read the scriptures aloud with Him. Tell Him how it troubles you, makes you feel guilty, how you know it is wrong. Ask Him to help you “break through,” and to help you cleanse your thoughts of the other person so you are free to love only your wife, and think of her only. Ask Him to protect you from any thought or deed that would break the holy covenant of marriage. Ask Him to increase your devotion and commitment to your wife. The Bible promises, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

You must also avoid this other woman. Never call her, be alone with her, write her, or think of her. Put her away from your mind, your life, your marriage. That other woman does not belong to you. When thoughts of her come to mind, rebuke yourself declaring that she is not yours; you belong to your wife now. And pray and ask God again to protect you from thoughts of her.

You might want to attend a Bible-believing church with your wife if you haven’t already. Friends there can encourage and support you as you fight this battle.

Human love is imperfect. This love is Way Better.


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  • Faye says:

    It says it in the best book ever written…..****EVERY GOOD & PERFECT GIFT COMES FROM ABOVE, AND COMETH DOWN FROM THE FATHER OF LIGHTS****

    Once we experience a divine gift (true love), that seems to be all we long for! It’s hard to settle for anything less. This is why we cannot forget about someone we truly love. They’re not just a part of us, but became one with us through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. It’s always mutual when it’s true love…these people are our soul mates, along with Jesus Himself! Nothing can separate a bond made between two souls in Christ Jesus… temporal life circumstance & no physical distance. True love is eternal!

  • Tom Tom says:

    It reminds me of my years playing slow-pitch softball, but I appreciate your thoughts also “remember”!!

  • Remember says:

    Youth, hope, dreams, excitement, springtime, warm sunshine, summer nights, energy, embraces, fun, romance ~ all remind me of my first love ~ although gone and anchored in the past ~ still bring a smile ~ NEVER forgotten!

  • Rose says:

    I love my x boyfriend and planned to marry him if my marriage did not work out. As I was getting divorced, he’s gf became pregnant and he eventually married her. He did but in a phone call to me before she got pregnant to let me know they had broken up, it was my window. I though was married. We have amazing chemistry and for the last 20 years we have an ongoing attraction for each other. I know work with him but its unbearable. We are like to magnets. So, I stay home to avoid the temptation from being in the office with him. Since working with him, I told him that I had planned to marry him if my marriage broke apart and he was shocked to know… and upset that I never told him. He said we could have been married for 20 years now. I love everything about him and was instantly smitten when I saw him for the first time, he said he felt the same. He is married with little children and we have talked about our feelings, and I have been very firm in that we must never cross the line and put his family and children first. It’s a tuff call but its the position I have taken and I have avoided developing an improper relationship with him. I regret not having stayed with him when we were younger.

  • Susan says:

    Hi Yogesh,

    According to the Bible, marriage is holy. God want us to be faithful to our partner. You cannot do this. You are also not faithful to your wife and even your girlfriend is not faithful to her husband. God hates sin. I encourage you to be faithful to your wife and leave all unwanted relationship. This can lead to destruction. Please commit your life to Jesus and live the way He expects. You can log on to or click talk to a mentor above.

  • Chris says:

    kishan…i am sorry to hear of your struggles. without knowing all of the details involving your marriage, we do know from the bible, that marriage should be a personal choice between God and the persons involved. only you know if it was your choice to marry your wife or not or if you were obligated to do so. if you did marry under your own volition, then you should refrain from looking back and around to try and get out of your marriage but rather seek a personal relationship with jesus christ so that he can give you the peace and contentment you need to remain faithful to your own marriage vows. if you would like more information on knowing jesus as your personal lord and savior, whom we all need for this life and the next, log onto or click talk to a mentor above. i pray jesus comes into your life, gives you forgiveness and personal salvation and shows you his plans for your life for his glory and honor amen!

  • kishan says:

    i am already married 2 years. but i want to marry my girlfriend because i am already relationship in 10 years before. so today i am love always my girlfriend not my wife. I want live my girlfriend not my wife. but my wife & his family want to dowry case on me. so help me

  • Yogesh says:

    Yes Susan this is my Present Relation on Frndship Day she tied me a Band first time then i had taken her nmbr of whatsup for chating at chating time she asked do u go for Movie & i said yes but i watch it alone she asked u don’t have any partner i said No
    then she said when u get time to watch movie call me i will join with U..
    I m already a Married person & she was also a Married Person that time.
    After watching Movie with her 2 days after i was proposed her on whatsapp that “Can u b my Girlfriend” she said yes from that day v r enjoying the life going for Date, call, messaging etc spending sometime with each other till now..

    And my wife does not know about it till now she was at her Native Place.
    But I Love Both of us..

  • Susan says:

    Hi Yogesh,

    What do you mean by ‘girlfriend’? Is this your past/present relation or what? Can you explain? Does your wife know about this ‘girlfriend’?

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Yogesh, I can understand how you feel like you can’t live trying to balance your time with your wife and also time with your girlfriend. Love requires a full heart commitment and to be divided in two directions is going to cause problems. What was your commitment to your wife when you married her? Why are you ignoring that commitment to pursue a relationship with a girlfriend?

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Kirsty, I am sorry to hear about your divorce. I am sure there is a whole lot to that story. 13 is pretty young to be sure that you will marry but I know that sometimes those early feelings can be matured into a long-term love. My grandparents met at a young age and knew immediately that there was a serious connection. My grandpa was an orphan and when my grandmother first saw him around age 12 she began to pray specifically for him. God directed their paths at an early age to be together and those prayers of my grandmother continued all through their lives. I know my grandpa drew great confidence because of those prayers.

    I don’t know what God has planned for you and your first love but I know that through prayer He will direct you into the perfect plan He has for you. Have you ever felt like God is leading you?

  • Yogesh says:

    I Love my Girlfriend & my Wife also..
    So much..

  • Yogesh says:

    Can anybody give me suggestion how to give time to my girlfrnd
    and my Wife..
    I can’t live both of us..

  • Susan says:

    Hi Santhosh,

    But before everything,first ask God’s guidance and His will. If we take decision according to God’s guidance then everything go well.

  • Santosh says:

    Hi All

    I read everybody views abt Love & How they facing in their life…..
    One thing i know real love is SEE…FEEL…UNDERSTAND…. in this present world.
    If u See a Person then feel in ur Hearts & after understand him/her how he/she behave, act, thought ,bla bla…….

    In present world some of them says love means Attraction…some of them says people use this word for sex. lot of views but exactly nobody knows how what exactly is it..

    I think the person seat alone and think Himself/Herself. dont ask anybody……….
    If he/she does real love then he/she will find the solutions coz love is not mean to get something ..its for to give something ..

    if for you there a lot of people happy living then its real love..its not mean you will live happy and let it go other…You live in this world not alone think of others..

    We are not love only one person ,we love everybody in our life but we never felt inside coz we always measure the love percentage between boy/girl and father/mother

    There is no percentage in Love …LOVE IS EQUAL and SHARE IT

    Think & do it then u enjoy ur Life

  • Kristy says:

    I too miss my first love it’s hard. I was only 13 years old and I would have married him but my family moved away now I’ve got 4 beautiful children.I am divorced and live Three states away from where I grew up I looked for him on Facebook but still cannot find him. I understand how you feel.

  • Susan says:

    HI swapnil,

    No swapnil. God always help us to fall from danger. He is our good God. Just because, we don’t get out loved one that does not mean He doesn’t love us. No..Not at all. He wants to bless us and have the best. For that, we have to obey His commandments.

    God bless you!

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