Nurturing New Believers

Written by Loralyn Lorch

nurturenewMy new computer arrived. I was so excited, I eagerly opened the box. Then I suddenly felt overwhelmed and confused.  I glanced at the manual and realized it only complicated my confusion. At that point I knew the answer was to call an expert.

Many new believers have experienced the joy of receiving Christ but are left feeling overwhelmed and confused. Discipleship is the key, but how does one know where to begin?

Many don’t know who to call, so if you know of someone who has recently received Christ, here are some ways you can help them.

  • Share the basics with a new believer
    Philippians 1:6 tells us that God is committed to keep on working in our lives until He has completed what He set out to do.  You can have a significant role in His ‘work’ in the lives of new believers, informally, one to one or in a group. Successful nurturing is taking the initiative to share the basics of the Christian life in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.
  • Teach them about three key relationships
    Each Christian can nurture new believers by teaching the importance of three relationships.  Communication is vital to any relationship, as is quality time.
  1. New believers need a vital relationship with God.  It will enable them to stand firm and take action (Daniel 11:32).  Knowing Jesus Christ can become the most exciting relationship a new believer has.
    • They need the security of assurance of salvation (I John 5:11-13) and that they have been completely forgiven and accepted by God.
    • They need to know God by studying the Bible (the vehicle through which God communicates with us).  Our goal is to teach them to become self feeders, discovering God’s plans and provisions in the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).  This will make them dependent on God, not us.
    • They need to communicate with God through prayer – sharing their thoughts, needs and desires to do His will (Philippians 4:6,7).
    • They need to know how to maintain their fellowship with God by dealing with sin (I John 1:9) and appropriating the filling of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18; I John 5:14,15).
  2. New believers need relationships with other Christians(Hebrews 10:25). Teach them these truths as you develop a warm, encouraging relationship with them.  You will model for them how they can give and receive with other Christians.
    • Provide opportunities for study, worship, prayer and sharing.
    • Underline the importance of attending a local Christ-honoring, Bible-teaching church.
    • Introduce them to other Christians and encourage them to form friendships.
  3. New believers need relationships with pre-Christians:  family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
    • They should be encouraged to maintain most current friendships, but on neutral ground and in uncompromising situations.
    • Have them write out their personal testimony.  Underline potential ‘points of identification’ which they could use as transitions when sharing their faith with these pre-Christians.
    • Train them how to use a simple tool to communicate the Gospel.

Nurturing new believers is a rewarding first step to launching them on their lifelong process of becoming spiritually mature.

What does God want you to do with this information?  Do you know how you would like to use this in your area of interest and influence?  Pray that God will enable you to fulfill your plan of action.

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17 Responses to “Nurturing New Believers”

  • Sharon says:

    to lucky I am wondering on what you are meaning on that. I am praying for you.– sharon

  • lucky says:

    I pray for all hardened religious radicals in the world that they may change and stop painting the world red with innocent blood

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Father I pray for Nwoke and ask that You would open the way for him to work as a pastor in Moldove. Guide him to the right people who will help him with the process. Use him to build your kingdom in that country. Amen.

  • i am a nigeria in moldova, i want GOD to tohelp me pastor pray for me.i would like to serve GOD.i have problim in moldova, i dot have document to worck pray for me to have document pastor.

  • Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up my friends to You at this time as they seek a relationship with you oh Lord. I pray and plant a seed of salvation to anyone who dose not know You as there lord and saviour.Amen

  • rebecca says:

    newinfaith I am sorry I have only just read your post…I had the same experience and god made me aware of the deceit that is all around but did you not know the good news!! if you don’t then please know jesus died for this..and the power of sin we have been SET FREE from…we are no longer in bondage so yes you are aware but now you can live your life making good choices and following jesus thanking him praying for others and loving others..all with wisdom that comes and are a baby in Christ and your journey is just starting but u beleong to jesus and shall have life in full ;-)

  • i have the desire to share the good news.

  • i wish i had this chance to encourage and preach this gospel to them that are desparate and have lost hope in life. I love preaching and that is the call that i have. I hope that one of this days God will bless me financially so that i may spraed this gospel. Am a student and i encourage my fellow students as well.

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Hi Newinfaith,

    If you’re feeling, “extremely depressed and restricted, and afraid to live” and convinced that you need to give up everything in your life and only eat once a day etc etc then I can assure you that you have not heard the Gospel correctly. God does not say that “everything you do is bad”. There are some things that God asks us not to do – don’t have sex before marriage, don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t lie – but he does not say that music is evil or that having dreams or getting an education is less spiritual. If someone has told you that this is what God requires then they have lied to you.

    The message of the Gospel is a message of grace. God tells us that yes, we did a lot of things we shouldn’t do and there is a price for that, but he sent his son, Jesus, to bear that burden and when we place our faith and trust in Jesus, when we agree that he did what we could never do, then God does not count our guilt against us. We will still do things we shouldn’t and when that happens we can confess that sin to God and know that we are forgiven. You can eat three times a day, you can have a second serving of cake at dessert if you like. You can enjoy music and stay in school and keep loving your family – especially the homosexual relative who has probably already faced enough rejection in his or her life.

    The point of being a Christian is not that we sit quietly in a room focussing our thoughts only on God and never doing or touching anything else. The point is that we invite God into everything we’re doing. We ask, “God is there someone you want me to talk to?” we ask him to use us, to be a part of the things we are doing. If God has given you a talent for music it would be wrong to squander that and stop playing. Take that talent, take all the years of practice and learning and make music, make excellent music.

    The Gospel is a message of hope and freedom. If that’s not the message you heard then I would strongly encourage you to hear it again. You can read the Gospel here, or here or watch it here.

    If you would like to talk about this with someone one on one, our email mentors are happy to do that. You can use this form to request a mentor and you’ll get an email back, usually within a couple of days. You can ask your mentor anything, and you can write back as often as you like. (Mentoring is a free and private service.)

    Can I pray for You?

    God in Heaven, I’m here today to pray for Newinfaith. I do not know what she has been told, or what she truly believes but I pray that you would reveal yourself to her. Cut away the ropes and ties that are trying to restrict her. Show her that your Gospel is a message of peace and hope and restoration and redemption. Show her how much you love her. Help her to find answers to her questions. In your name I pray, Amen.

  • Newinfaith says:

    I feel very overwhelmed as a new Christian because I now realize that everything I do is bad. I feel horrible for celebrating all the popular holidays because they supposedly have less than Christian origins, will no longer read or write fiction because I see it is a lie, will no longer listen to music I enjoyed (classical, R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz, Funk, ’70’s and ’80’s pop, etc.) because they aren’t Christian, will no longer watch movies or TV, will not read any book other than the Bible, feel obligated to give away all of my clothes, shoes, money, leave my church because the pastor is a woman, drop out of college and give up my dream of having a career in music education to stay at home until I get married, and raise kids and not work outside the home, cut a relative I love and who has supported me out of my life because they are homosexual, feel guilty if my thoughts turn from God being front and center even for a second, feel guilty for desiring anything for myself (especially nice things like a new instrument, which I would need if I for sure were going to stay in college), afraid to eat more than once a day because I don’t want to be a glutton…I’ve basically realized that almost anything I do can bar me from getting into Heaven. I hate being alive because I don’t want to be “of the world”, and feel extremely depressed and restricted, and afraid to live. Please tell me it gets better?

  • Sharon says:

    to imran– prayer–father God i pray for this man’s faith for him to grow closer to you surround him and let jhim know that you love him and you know his needs and are with him always also i do pray for good jobs for his fami;ly lead them to jobs that are according to your will and give them favor with employers i pray all of this in JESUS name amen i am praying for you all love sharon

  • imrankhan says:

    hey lesedi
    i hope you you well thro our savior jesus christ
    sir is it posAbel bib sch give addmision

  • imran says:

    plearse pray for my faith and my family need good job

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Imran, That is great news that you would like to serve God in Pakistan. Are you a part of a church where you live? There may be people there in your church who would know about educational opportunities near you.

  • imran says:

    Dear sir


    my name Mohammad imran khan , sir i needf more understing bible and i want serve in mission in pakistan
    i want more underting bible i was come in lord in 1992 i was muslim background i want education because i want start mission in pakistan
    my people and my family , need more understanding i want need bible education do you help me for education
    sir my english is poor , But i know Holy sprit help me and my massage convey my massage

    Love in christ

  • Loralyn says:

    I am passionate about helping new believers become grounded in their faith and will go almost anywhere anytime to help them begin the process.

  • lesedi says:

    I’m impressed about the way the new believer can be encouraged. I thank God for the you and the wisdom you applied in explaining the Good news. Regards. LESEDI

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