How to Pray God’s Promises

Written by Sikelelwa Venfolo

I have learned that the power of prayer is amazing. A prayer can break strongholds. When you pray earnestly, everything you ask that is according to God’s will comes to pass. I have broken chains of evil through prayer and I believe with all my heart that no evil shall follow me but goodness and mercy. Prayer is my communication with God.

Psalm 124 paints a beautiful picture of the power of prayer:

“If the Lord had not been on our side—let Israel say—if the Lord had not been on our side when men attacked us, when their anger flared against us, they would have swallowed us alive; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away. Praise be to the Lord, who has not let us be torn by their teeth. We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped. Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

I cannot stress enough how important is prayer in a person’s life.

Prayer and God’s promise

One powerful way to pray is to find a scripture in the Bible and remind God what He said about you. You can pray, “God you said I am blessed and cannot be cursed, God you said your favor is not for a season but for a life time.” When you can say, “God you said” all heaven comes to attention. God is faithful to His Word.

The scripture does not say put God in remembrance of our problems but in remembrance of His promise. (Isaiah 62:6) Sometimes we use prayer to complain.  I do not have to tell God my problems, as He already knows what I am going through. He knows every need, every concern. Do not turn a prayer into a pity party.

Praying for change

If you want to see things change, if you want God to turn things around, find a promise you can stand on. Instead of complaining say, “God you said when the enemy comes in my way you will defeat them. You said you would supply all of my needs according to your riches. You said you are Jehovah and the Lord my provider. You said you would fight my battles, you said what is meant for my harm you will use and turn it for my advantage.” Put God in His remembrance of His promise to bring it to pass.

When you pray the promises instead of the problems not only will it change your attitude from a victim to a victor, but also God’s Word coming out of your mouth is powerful. When God hears His Word coming out of you He dispatches angels with the answers, He sets miracles into motion and He will begin to change things.

It may not happen overnight but stay in faith and keep reminding God what He promised you day in and day out. Instead of complaining say, “God you said”. Instead of begging say, “God you said”. Instead of describing the circumstances say, “God you said”. If you get in a habit of praying God’s promises back to Him, you will see God at work in your life. His Word and all of His promises are yes and Amen.

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493 Responses to “How to Pray God’s Promises”

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    to Remona- prayers– father God I do lift up Isabella- whatever is going on with her I pray if she is away from God. you will open her eyes to see that you are the only one to come to. surround her with your Glory and let her know that you love her you love her with an everlasting love an wrap your loving arms around her and protect her. also I do pray for all mothers who have wayward children I pray that like the parable of the prodigal son that they will see the light and come home to you God I pray for salvation for them. I am praying for you and your children I feel for you I have a brother that he says is an atheist he doesn’t believe in God anymore we grew up in Christian home with good parents. I pray that your children will come back or come to God soon. thank you for your lovely greeting to me much appreciated. love and HUGS Sharon

  • remona says:

    Many christian hugs, kisses and blessings to you Sharon for your advice and encouragement :) anyone reading who is spiritually deeper than me i welcome your prayers for my daughter ISABELLA …and for mothers who are praying and believing for there children. Amen

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    to Remona– in psalm 91 you can put Christine who dwells in the secret place of the most high and Christine will abide in the shadows of the mighty psalm 23 the lord is \Christine’s shepherd she will not want. prayer–father God I pray for Remona and her children. give her wisdom for her children and I do pray for this mother for her not to worry and to keep her eyes on you God, in the bible too it says cast all my cares on me for I care for you and also my burden is light and my yoke is easy we are to give our cares to JESUS I know that is easier said than done. I feel for her. also in the bible it says greater is HE that is in us than the one in the world we are mighty conquers also God didn’t give is a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind. also all of this is in the bible also it says finally brothers what ever is true. honest honorable just, pure and lovely think on these things. I feel for you my mind goes negative too I pray I give my mind to you God I pray all of this in JESUS name amen. I am praying for you. from Sharon

  • Remona says:

    Please help me to know how to pray scriptures over my children and how to place my child’s name there, I had posted in June God bless Sharon for her advice and encouragement Im worn out from going around this mountain!! Please help with me I’m a mother I want faith and strong belief that God will take cAre of my daughter socially and overcome a learning struggle. I’ get told by my mother to stop focusing on the issue and trust in the God almighty but I seem to slip up I don’t even like to talk negative about it so I don’t bring it into existence anymore or to give the enemy a playground in my mind with fear and doubt :(

  • kavunda benny says:

    God thank for having people in my life praying for me and help me to no how to pray and ask you us you promise thanks Jesus smen I pray for those who pass in same problm with me God show us yo way to yo pray amen.

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.
    Thank you also for my friend, that you will provide for them, in Jesus Name Amen

  • ashish says:

    Thank u i am now studing for my next paper with a the knowledge that GOD wants me to do it.

  • Chris Chris says:

    ashish….as you put jesus first in your life and are sure he has called you to study the vocation you are preparing for, he will give you the discipline and desire to do well. God never calls us to do anything in a mediocre way but we must ask him for grace to invest quality time in what we do so we can have quality results too…jesus help ashish with the understanding of what it is you are calling him to do and bless him as he walks in the favor of doing your divine will in jesus name amen!

  • ashish says:

    This is ashish i want to know that is it possible to pray even when u know that u have not done enough.
    I appeared for a paper i did not do well in it can i still pray that i should pass in it.

  • Portia says:

    Please pray that my lecturer gives me a grade(at least 40%) that will allow me to sit for an exam on November 13th 2014. The subject is administration of estates, I need to write the exam and pass it so I can graduate for my Law degree on May 2015. Thank you so much!

  • Kate Kate says:

    God’s promise is that He will be with us always. He does not promise us that He will be a vending machine handing out things we want. His promise is that the Lordship of Jesus which we know only by faith will one day be made manifest and beyond dispute.

  • Chris Chris says:

    Nancy…standing with you for that Christian mate jesus planned for you before you were even born. thank you jesus!!

  • sue says:

    We need a building rent free for 1 year
    For pregnant resource center

  • Nancy says:

    God fulfill your promise in my life, you said marriage is a good thing, please do not withhold it from me.

  • Barbara Alpert Barbara Alpert says:

    Hi Sunil,

    I’m not sure what you meant by your comment, “u r watching us….” Is there anything I could help you with?

  • Sunil says:

    u r watching us….

  • Chris Chris says:

    barbara….we lift up those two special ladies to jesus today, whose heart goes out to them too just as his heart went out to the samarian women on that hot and dusty day in Israel, jesus bring refreshing to barbara and the two ladies she needs to see back with you and back with her in your name amen! John 4

  • Olando Reid says:

    Lord i want my life to be chang i know i am a son of God

  • barbara says:

    need more faith, health for my family. For the tvwo specials ladies to be returned to this family. thank you I am grateful. I am asking for the favor you promised. my heart is broken, send me a pray that I can pray that jesus promised. blessing to all Barbara

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up Michael to you at this time in ther life, that you will heal them if there situation. In Jesus name Amen

  • Michael says:

    I have a co worker that has made several negatives comments about me and others and nothing has been done. It is causing a hostile environment. He most recently made a racist comment about a person in my presence and I have reported it. I pray that God will help me in this situation and I need prayer for peace. Lastly, I need prayer so that I may be able to receive multiple streams of revenue to pay off debt , build a savings a, and give more to those in need. Thank you.

  • Doris Beck Doris Beck says:

    What a gift that we can pray God’s promises not only for ourselves but for others as well! Thank you for each person that has taken the time to both leave requests and prayers here..what an encouragement to read through all the comments and see the body of Christ in action.

  • Linda says:

    I concur. When we pray Gods promises, answers will come. We must be born again though, and no unforgivemess. The word says if we do not forgive, he won’t even hear us. I love Gods word as he makes a proomise that if we tithe, we will be blessed. The word saysthe blessings of the Lord rich, and addeth no sorrow with it.

  • Jesse says:

    Thank you for your website, I need prayer for myself and my daughter. The enemy has been attacking us relentlessly and We just need God!

  • JACOB says:

    My dear God, Thou hast given me promises and visions for some matters though direct vision to me and also through your Word and your Servants. God thy promises are my inheritance and Lord I, this humble man, hereby reminding thee thy promises to me and I, this humble man, need those things to be accomplished in my very life in thy time and season. Amen.

  • Michael Jantzen Michael Jantzen says:

    Hi Angela. Thank you for sharing. It is really difficult to not know how to fix the relationships we care about most. I would love to pray for you:

    “Lord Jesus, thank you that you see the way forward and that you know how to mend these relationships. I ask that her children would truly come to know you to find healing and reconciliation in their families because of you. Please give her compassion, wisdom and perseverance as she waits and prays. Amen.” If you’d like to team up with a confidential prayer partner, here’s the link: Take care Angela.

  • Angela says:

    I requested for reconciliation with my children. I am praying also and primarily for their salvation; for them to turn to the Lord, to be healed and know His love.

  • Angela says:

    Please agree with me in prayer for reconciliation between me and my children. They stay away because of my faith. I will go on as God wills; in His strength. I have no other family because of the faith, so I would like prayer for a family. In Jesus name. Amen

  • tisha says:

    I need someone prayer to say about poverty,money,life.I need to change my way all the way. I want to do God willand know my purpose here on earth

  • Simon says:

    Dear Father I thank you for your Word that has brought the reality of the divine life to light in me. I live a joyful, exciting, and glorious life in absolute liberty and mastery over Satan and all circumstances, in Jesus’ Name.

    I thank your for granting me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to know you more and more, with my understanding enlightened for the precision and accuracy of the Spirit at all times, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

    I function by the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus; living in the victories and triumphs of Christ! I’m superior to satan, and I’ve overcome the world; because the Greater One lives in me.

    I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus, born with the life and nature of God. I manifest His glory, perfections and grace every where today. I’m the icon of the resurrected Christ, an associate of the God-kind, born to manifest His righteousness and dispense the goodness and excellence of Him who has called me into His marvelous light. Glory to God.

    Lord, I thank you for the authority you’ve given me to use your Name to cast out devils, heal the sick, and dominate this world. The circumstances of life are subject to me as I exercise my God-given authority every day, in Jesus Name.

    Thank you for the Holy Spirit, who always helps me with the right connections I need to put me over in life. I declare that I am divinely connected with all resources—human, material, financial—that are consistent with my destiny in Christ, in Jesus’ Name.

    Thank you for the Word of life in my mouth. I declare in the Name of Jesus that your Word is prevailing in my life, finances, business and health, and in all that concerns me. I walk in continual victory, in Jesus’ Name.

    Truly, I am full of power by the Spirit of the Lord; He has anointed me to proclaim His grace and truth to the ends of the earth, bringing men out of darkness into their divine heritage in Christ, in Jesus’ Name.

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    to Lisa– prayer-father God I pray right now for a job and a home and a car, you know her hearts desires God I pray for your provision over her and God also lead her to a good job and giver her favor with employers and I pray for a good car so she can drive and lead her to a good home to live in and God she is also desiring a boyfriend for your goory LORD that she can love and get love back I pray for a miracle for her I pray all of this in JESUS name amen. I am praying for you from sharon

  • lisa says:

    God, Right now I am unemployed but am seeking work, a place of my own and a car to travel around the city or even outside of my home state. I had forgotten about your promises until I came upon this site. Please keep your promises lord. I ask god for help with a car, a job, and a house of my own. Maybe even a faithful boyfriend to be a part of my life.

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    to Remona-=- prayer–father God I pray for Remona’s daughter for Christian friends for her God help Remona to have faith for this God show her on how to pray for this bring Christians to come along this daughters path for friendship. I pray all of this in JESUS name amen. I am praying for you. in the bible there is proverbs 18.24 put your daughters name in there where you can there is lots in proverbs and john 15.12-15 James 4.4 Job 16.20-21 and there is Jonathan and David in 1 Samuel 18 I hope this helps from sharon

  • Remona says:

    I have been in prayer for many years now for God to bless my daughter with friends, I keep getting told to keep believing and have faith but I go up and down with this prayer request. I don’t know where or how to pray over her with these promises that is mentioned above. Any advise or encouragement would help

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    To my friend Martina-May the Lord bless you beyond measure, as You seek is grace each day. In Jesus name amen

  • Martina says:

    God I feel u I know I haven’t been who I should be I promise u if u pull me out of this tomorrow 6/13/2014 I will turn it all around if u grace me with your incredible power ii will restore my marriage be the mother daughter sister friend stepdaughter wife person I know I am capable of just give me one more chance I know u see my soul my heart u know me I’m not a bad person I just lost my way cover me with your feathers give me strength wisdom I know you are carrying me please make evil around me go away keep my family together I thank u and praise u my father believe in miracles please bless me and everyone around me and those like me who need you I love u more than words can say u say u never leave those that need you and I need u lords..amen

  • Martina says:

    God I feel u I know I haven’t been who I should be I promise u if u pull me out of this tomorrow 6/13/2014 I will turn it all around if u grace me with your incredible power ii will restore my marriage be the mother daughter sister friend stepdaughter wife person I know I am capable of just give me one more chance I know u see my soul my heart u know me I’m not a bad person I just lost my way cover me with your feathers give me strength wisdom I know you are carrying me please make evil around me go away keep my family together I thank u and praise u my father believe in miracles please bless me and everyone around me and those like me who need you I love u more than words can say u say u never leave those that need you and I need u lord

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    to Araoye– my apologies it ended before I could end it. JESUS is LORD there HE come into their life to live, just accept HIM as your SAVIOR. I am praying for you love sharon

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    to Winifred– prayer–father God I pray for Winifred right now for a good job, I pray that you will lead her in the way she should go for your glory God and I pray for your perfect will come into her life, your promises are yes an amen show her your will and I do pray that anything she is concerned with you will perfect in her and I do pray for your promises in he life to come to past I pray all of this in ESUS name amen I am praying for you. to Araoye- father God I do pray that you will give her your words while she sleeps God for her life and I pray for other Christians to come in her life to encourage her, if you haven’t said the salvation prayer say this out loud God I come to you now I repent of all my sins come into life now and I accept you now as my LORD and SAVIOR, it says in the bible who ever confesses with their mouth that

  • Dear God, i need you to perfect all that concerns me, let your promises for me begin to come to accomplishment and give me that better job i have been trusting you for. Amen

  • God minister your word into my life

  • God I want you in my life

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