Hosting a Business Conference

What is Involved?

You need a team who are excited and willing to work together to see the event is planned well. FamilyLife Canada will provide many tools but the team is the key element to hosting a successful event. We have a guide called “Planning a One Day Event” that provides you with help.




The team will be responsible for:


We provide many downloadable items that include posters, e-invites, brochures and invitations.

Registration form to track attendance.

A person is required who is familiar with your A/V equipment. We require an LCD projector, DVD player, microphones and two music stands. For a complete listing of our needs see our Planning a One Day Event Guide.

From experience we have learned that people really appreciate coffee, water and some snack items, such as muffins and fruit. We recommend this as it definitely adds to the enjoyment of the day.

We can provide resources for purchase that have a proven record of helping couples well beyond the conference.

Please contact us for pricing. Joe at 1.800.247.3180.