My Sins Are Too Great for God to Forgive

Written by Leah

howmanysins.jpgI’m always taken aback by people who think they have sinned too much or too frequently for God to forgive them and allow them to go to heaven. Jesus overcame death to break the bond of sin and to free us of the penalty thereof. He gives us complete freedom and forgiveness.

Jesus is bigger, greater and more powerful than sin. I accept what he teaches in the Bible that no one, nothing can pluck us from his hand. He “bought us” (redeemed us) and paid for us with the blood he shed on the cross when he died for our sins.

Now, I am not saying there are no consequences for our sin. Of course there may be and usually are. The point I am driving home is that if you claim Jesus as your savior, your sole source of redemption and access to heaven, then that is sufficient. If you sin, ask for forgiveness and “he is faithful and just and will forgive you of all unrighteousness”. As I said, forgiveness is complete. Consequences are only there for us to learn because God loves us.

Written by John Benza

Do you feel that your sins are unforgiveable? No sin is ever to big that God can’t forgive. Ask us your tough questions.

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13 Responses to “My Sins Are Too Great for God to Forgive”

  • Aldo says:

    Jamall, I agree with you that Jesus loves you, and that He will make a way for you, and that there is grace and hope and joy and happiness for you. And that He has a plan for you. I believe that plan involves ministering to others. You see, Jamall, when we busy ourselves with attending to the needs of others, it takes our attention off of ourselves. Helen Keller said, “Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.” Ministering to others also reaps the benefits for us that we are providing to them.

    So Jamall, let go, and let God use you to minister to others. You will be ministering to Jesus Himself, and be greatly blessed by the Father- Matthew 25:34-46.

    Father God, thank You for Your love for Jamall. Help him to realize that the plan You have for him includes serving others, in Jesus Name I pray, amen.

  • Jamall says:

    Just looking for a place to vent. Yes the consequences seem unbarable, it’s like sometimes I feel like I never lived. The pain I go through is so great, I get sad and depressed and angry and I want to fight and I get jealous and hurt. But there is hope. I ways remember that Jesus loves me and that he will make a way for me. That there is grace and hope and joy and happiness for me. He always reminds me that he has a plan for me and that he loves me and he is not condemning me. I’m learning to move on and let go, forgive myself and accepts the way things are. Forgive others not blame others accept my sins and realize that God has grace for me and a master plan for me. That I will be alright. That everything will be all right.

  • Humble servant of Christ says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ can and will forgive our sins. Some of the questions asked here seem to indicate a lack of remorse for the mentioned sins. When confessing our sins, we must be truly sorry, feel bad and intend never to commit that sin again. This is known as having a contrite heart.
    Jesus Himself has said he will never refuse a contrite heart. If you truly have remorse and approach Jesus in humility, He will forgive your sins. It is not a true confession if you intend to do this activity again that caused the sin.
    We are fallible and despite our best intentions, we do fall back into sin. The main thing The Lord asks of us is to genuinely try not to sin. When we do, he invites us to come to Him with true remorse for our failings and confess, asking for forgiveness.
    Sadly, many people seem to have a mistaken idea about this, feeling that their sins can be forgiven without any intention of changing on behalf of the sinner. This would be an insincere confession. God knows everything and sees clearly into our hearts. It is not possible to fool God. We must be genuine in our efforts to reconcile with Christ our Lord.
    I pray for all who come to this site and ask our Lord Jesus Christ to touch their hearts to true repentance.

  • John says:

    You don’t have to talk to a priest about this. You can do it yourself. Tell God about your sins. Regret your sins and tell him that. Say that you’ll let go of and forsake your sins and stop sinning, and accept Jesus’s payment for your sins. Than ask God to forgive your sins and change you so that you sin no more.

  • John says:
    Read this, please. Don’t be scared by the title. Read to the very bottom

  • Doris Beck Doris says:

    As Darren said so well in a previous comment, there is NO sin so large that God will not forgive you if you turn your life over to Him in humility, sincerely ask for forgiveness, and allow God to work in your life to also turn away from sin.

    This is a decision that you alone can make and you do not need a priest to experience God’s forgiveness or salvation in Christ. His sacrifice was for you and God’s offer of forgiveness is greater than all of your ins. Please check out the page

    Andre, we also have online mentors that would love to help you in your spiritual journey. Just fill out the form and someone will email you.

  • Andre says:

    Now about my sins I feel like i can’t keep them in a secret place because I know Jesus want me to to talk about them and I know that if I tell them to a priest this will give forgiveness which will lead to salvation I mean by this that forgiveness will destroy all the heavy feelings that was keeping me blind . Finally as a conclusion the choices we make in life are related to the way we live in this life and place we will be in after . I k ow now that god will not judge anyone but judgement is something we choose on ourselves . Jesus created me so I think he knows very well how to take care of me so I will trust him and I want him in my heart like the one who was searching for the biggest pearl and when he found it he threw everything just to keep this bigger treasure . My freinds make this choice the choice of Jesus of life and happiness

  • Andre says:

    My sins are so big that I feel nowadays so heavy I feel like I’m pulled down to something very black very evil and that same something who’s piling me down want me to sin more and more so that sin become a part of my life and within this although I was once a true believer I started to loose every drop of faith that existed in my heart and with it love happiness goodwill … But everything opposit started to grow so now I’m surely not the sun of god but the son of something opposite to god who want to destroy me to put me away from the road to heaven and I feel like this evil thing is living the same conditions I started to feel with time…and that lot of people are in the conditions maybe more maybe less this is not important … What is important is that Jesus died for us to make a choice in life a choice of Jesus :)

  • As noted above, Jesus’ sacrifice was for you, and God’s offer of forgiveness and grace is always open to you regardless of sin. Check this page for more: Discover Purpose

    If you’d like to talk privately & confidentially to an online mentor about your sins who will pray with you, please contact an online mentor today.

  • gopal says:

    god forgive for i have done sins

  • ajay says:

    will god forgive if i see sex pictures

  • Darren says:

    Hi David,

    There is no sin so large that God will not forgive you if you turn your life over to Him in humility, sincerely ask for forgiveness, and allow God to work in your life to also turn away from sin.

    The so-called “unforgivable sin” (Mark 3:28-29, Matthew 12:30-32) is often misunderstood. The word used in the text is not “sin”, it is “blasphemy”. Jesus here is saying that permanently rejecting His identity (rejecting the Gospel) as attested by the Holy Spirit is in a sense unforgivable, since without accepting God’s offer of grace none of a person’s sins can be forgiven. Thus, a Christian who is worried that he or she has committed the “unforgivable blasphemy” cannot possibly have committed it.

    Here’s an article about the so-called “unforgivable sin”: What is the “unforgivable sin?”

    Jesus’ sacrifice was for you, and God’s offer of forgiveness and grace is always open to you regardless of sin. Check this page for more: Discover Purpose

    Hope this helps David. Feel free to reply if you’d like.

  • david says:

    Are there any unforgivable sins

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