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When one partner in a marriage feels unloved, it can be devastating. When a marriage is sexless because one partner simply does not want sex, it can lead to deep hurt for the other partner. They can feel unattractive, unwanted, and ultimately unloved. “Does they still love me?” they might wonder. Are you in a sexless marriage? Where can people go to look for help for a problem that can be socially taboo?

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  • Aldo says:

    Callie, those are some stories you are telling both back in January, and now in March.

    What I suggest that you do is spend lots of time reading the Bible and praying.

    It sounds like no human being is able to change the situation as it is, but as the Bible says in Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

    By the way, if either you or your husband would like to chat one on one with a mentor, click on the Talk to a mentor button at the top right of this page. A mentor will be happy to discuss your issues with you.

  • Callie says:

    Last night my mother hieloed up and took our son for a few weeks, to play with other kids, Its left my husband a I alone up here, He said the hot spring is within the raidius of my ankle tracer. He suggested we go for a swim in it in nothing this morning, I am still pretty angry about Christmas and its aftermath, when he got my tracker put on for home detention in what has to be the one place in the world where other people might come by every three or four years, all because he says I interfered with his civil rights on Christmas, when all I was doing was try and keep guests that had traveled 1230 miles from where we used to live. More than a few have had past run ins with my husband over jobs, vacations, and holidays.
    Many of the feelings about my husbands defiance to them and their was offspring was offensive over the last 33 years. One of the guest even said to his father how disappointed he must be in having a son who did not stand for true conservative and Christian ideals, So to stop my now angry husband from opening his mouth and insulting this man about being as my husband puts it a bottom feeding fish that’s so discusting he would not even make a decent meal, being lower than whale scat. I did not want confrontation from my husband on Christmas, We could not get him to leave that day even after his father offered 4000 to go any where he wanted just not be at home. My husband as usual was going to only defy his father and stayed. So to have a tension free meal, I handed my husband his first holiday dinner in 33 years and asked him not to be offended but please go to the pole barn to eat out of the wind. I got the plate back in my face. The only way they finally forced him out on the porch was using pistols to force him out on the porch. My husbands cane coat and Stetson followed with the words stay gone until he developed manners in a 1000 years, My husband said nobody had the right to force him out of his house or tell him to eat sitting in a pole barn on Christmas, his nose and one ear was bloody and there were injuries in the house. Then my mother in law rushed in and said we cant find his Rifle, I saw my husband saddling Bart. Put his riffle in the saddle holster and I was thinking OMG he’s going to go find an ambush sight to take out the men that produced pistols. I went running out to the kitchen to put another plate together and tell him to come in and eat. I heard the front door crash and Bart was halfway in the house. He was trained as a calf roping horse when he felt the loop from my husband lariat land he automatically pulled back. The loop was around his fathers neck, my husband noticed another man reaching for his belt and pistol, My husband said go ahead be stupid, before you can clear an unsafty that weapon he would have a .30 hole in his head. He then made everyone that helped throw him out leave including his father. That’s how I broke my probation over my husbands civil rights, by asking him to eat in the pole barn.
    I have contacted a lawyer but she says that I did not have the right to ask my husband to leave his home to keep his fathers and my friends from being offended by his presence. He has the right to defy any society he wish’s or doesn’t like in his home. She said that as far as the courts are concer5ned we are still trying to deny my husband rights. Which was something I had agreed not to do in 2014 to be put on probation.

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