I can’t be happy no matter what I do

cannotbehappyI can’t be happy whatever I do. I try everything, but all the things that were making me happy aren’t making me happy anymore. I get angry too much and sometimes I don’t want to see anybody. Also, when I look at the mirror, I can’t like myself. I’ve been feeling like this for 3 months.

Advice: Usually at the onset of depression there is an identifiable event that either triggered the unhappiness, or caused it. Can you think of what that event was three months ago? If this onslaught was at a certain point in time and you can’t pinpoint it, then you need to make an appointment with your doctor. Something is causing the seratonin level in your brain to drop. Let us know what you come up with.


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  • Kate Kate says:

    Dear Reena,

    I am so sorry to hear about your unhappiness. It does sound like you are going through a difficult period in life. Your longings for love, acceptance, friendship and intimacy are completely normal and valid. Do you think you could connect with people in a local church or join another kind of support group? It would be great to realize you are not alone in your struggles, and also I am so SURE that with your helping nature, you would be a great asset to the group. Maybe there is somewhere you can volunteer?

    Working on your temper and feelings of hate is important. How about reviewing this website about anger? http://powertochange.com/discover/life/enemy/

    Also, you can definitely connect with one of our mentors who will support you. Go to this link to fill in the form: http://powertochange.com/discover/talk-to-a-mentor/

    Let me pray for you now: Father God, thank You for caring for Reena. I hope that she will learn to lean on You as she deals with many difficulties, and that You will lead her to a group of supportive people where she can feel accepted. I pray she will grow everyday, grow more patient, more understanding, and also that she will grow in faith to trust You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Reena, all the best to you. You can post your feelings here anytime. This is a place for sharing.


  • Reena says:

    I m so unhappy due to the people around me. thy dnt like my helping nature and talking and making friends. they offen find fault in me. i dont want to hate others or hurt others everyone use well to get their works and through me like a waste paper. and more over i have no boy friend to share and safe guard me from any issues. i m so short temper and feels no one likes me . everyone and everything around me disturb me a lot.. i feel restless. no one to share my feeling. I m looking for a person who can see me like baby, love me lik mom, teach me like dad fight like sibblings. but i never get such a person. i cannot even smile .

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Hi unhappysadperson, I’m so sorry to hear of the death of your friend. What an awful road to walk. As I read through the symptoms you listed I wondered if you might be suffering from depression? Take a look at this list, does it sound familiar? http://www.depressionhurts.ca/en/depression/ If you think that you might be depressed it’s a good idea to see your family doctor. Depression is a medical condition, it’s not something you just have to “get over”. There are therapies and medications that can help. If you’d like to talk to a mentor you can use this form and you’ll hear back, usually within a couple of days. Mentoring is a free and private service.

    Death is a pretty scary thing to have to face. I know in my own life that my faith in God really helps me deal with death. Do you have a faith perspective?

  • unhappysadperson says:

    i feel so unhappy sice the unexpected death of my ex boyfried/friend , nothing seems to make me happy anymore , not my family , not my friends … not even the things i used to enjoy more than anything !! i started to get worried because i tend to cry t a lot every night before i sleep , i always feel sad and i’m loosing weight like a

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