Does cutting your hair frequently, make it grow healthy and long?

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I am sure you have heard that if you cut your hair frequently, your hair will grow in faster, longer, and healthier.

Gobbledygook! This myth came from the observation of men’s facial hair. As they shaved, the facial hair would indeed grow in thicker. Its called, ‘puberty.’ This is because certain male hormones affect facial hair in that manner. They do not affect the hair on your head in the same way.

To the contrary. Male hormonal activity is what leads to hair thinning and loss on certain parts of the head, but not all. Hence the familiar balding pattern known as ‘male pattern baldness.’ This same hormonal activity also affects women, but not until much later in life, and in a different pattern.

Cutting your hair only makes it shorter, does not affect the growth rate one iota, and cannot determine the length that your hair will grow to. Maximum hair length is determined by the shape and width of the hair shaft, and that is determined genetically and is not alterable with current technology.

Lastly, hair is neither healthy or unhealthy. It is in fact, dead. Else, it would really hurt to cut it. It is the health of the hair follicle below the outer skin that requires nutrients for good health, and no adverse hormonal activity.

So, unless you have split ends or chemically damaged hair, the only need to cut the hair is for the look that you want. A few things that you can do to ensure that your hair follicle remains healthy and your hair is undamaged, are:

  1. Take an inexpensive daily multi vitamin such as ‘One-A-Day’ or even ‘Flintstones.’ Your hair likes zinc and biotin and both of the above mentioned vitmins contain ample amounts of these. Don’t waste your hard earned money on ‘super vitamins.’ Your body only requires so many vitamins per day and simply discharges the excess. You can’t put twenty gallons in a ten gallon tank. In some instances, over dosing on supplements can actually be fatal.
  2. Do not over brush your hair. With every stroke you damage your hair more. Brush only as much as you need to style the hair, then stop.
  3. Buy a good quality brush or comb without sharp plastic or metal ridges. This is one of the common factors leading to split ends, as is over brushing.
  4. Don’t be penny foolish. Buy good quality salon products. The chemicals used in many if not most over the counter shampoos and conditioners, contain very harsh ingredients such as ‘ammonium laurel sulfate’ which can actually dry your hair out and cause breakage and split ends. Even worse, many contain a form of silicon, and that can be very bad for your hair. ‘Pantene’ is the worst of these in our opinion.
  5. Don’t constrict your hair with tight bands, hats, braids and the like. These also lead to split ends and hair breakage.

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48 Responses to “Does cutting your hair frequently, make it grow healthy and long?”

  • Chris Chris Landwerlen says:

    sophie….lord bless you for your kind thoughts! may they all come back to you too! blessings!

  • Sophie says:

    Brash washed by god/Jesus. I hope you get better soon. You will be in my thoughts (I don’t pray)

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    thanks for the information

  • sage says:

    if u cut ur hair alot times is it true that it can stop growing any longer cuz i cut my hair many times and now i want them big and longer but its not growing fast as it should its been a year and half or more since i got my hair done and now its not greoing it like very little so what should i do can someone tell me plz

  • hira says:

    Hey. I just want you to solve this big tangle in my mind. I used to have nice long hair. But then I got them rebonded / straigtned temporarily for 3 months. Now that I have done that my hair are all dead and kind of thin. They are no more lively, please advise me if I should cut them off and start right on so my natural hair grow back? Or should I let them grow on their own? Please guide me. I ‘m mentally disturbed! :(

  • Abi says:

    if you don’t trim your hair, how do you deal with split ends before they break off more hair or prevent it in the first place? sulfate free shampoo? argan oil? i heard about the benefits of not cutting your hair, but mine breaks so easily that i currently must… if i can find out how not to, that’d be great!

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Hi Mags,

    It doesn’t apply to hair simply because hair doesn’t branch. When you prune a tree or a shrub or a rose bush you are controlling when and where the branches divide and create new branches. With hair there’s only a single shaft and the only thing cutting will do is make it shorter.

    What regular trims CAN do is make sure you don’t get split ends which can damage your hair. Also, if your hair is getting thin at the ends, a good trim can make it appear a little thicker, but overall the thickness of your hair is defined by the size and number of your follicles. There’s nothing you can do to change your follicles.

  • mags says:

    You prune trees, roses and other shrubs to make them thicker and stronger. Does this not apply to hair?

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    I agree Antome that a lot of emotional energy is spent on trying to gain acceptance from others. There is value in looking your best and caring for yourself, inside and out, but not to allow that become a consuming effort over many other more important endeavours in life.

  • Antome says:

    “How do you know that no one knows? You really know for sure that no one in the world actually knows who/what this “higher power” is?”
    The perfectly rational response would be, how do you know for sure both that there are higher power and that no one knows?
    About God and religion, I always redirect to the indian tale about the blinds and the elephant, the blind are the religious of the various partial religions. which claim that the elephant (the wholeness, the higher power, the global knowledge of the secrets of the nature) is the little part of the whole they are feeling. It’s not wrong to not understand everything, but the humility, given the multiple religions in the world, to undertand theirs is not the only right way and they need to learn more, by themselves and by opening to other religions.
    @Just me: Cool, hair and looks is not everything, but then it’s everything again, and you overestimate their importance to the point of mentioning “If it didnt matter then people with hair problem would simply walk around with patches missing and so forth. Picture going to a job interview looking like that or trying to get a husband. ” as if it should be relevant to our jobs and as if it is their fault if some women have bad hair, as if it is good that it is necessary because God made us this way. I know partial religions trigger all type of inductive thoughts about “god made this and that this way so…” even to the point of saying it blesses the rich people, but that’s more the protestants, catholics and evangelic have different views. But no, we should only care for our hair for ourselves, the other have the right to shorn bad hair, *only* if someone didn’t make all the possible to save it and treat it well and in armony with the nature. I’m a man, losing my hair, I’m trying to care for them, but if I lose them, people, especially if they say themselves christians, should accept me.

  • laura says:

    I havnt cut my hair in over three years not even a trim. It has grown from my chin all the way down my back. It’s getting really long and looks great. I don’t believe you need to cut it for it to grow. Grow it a little longer then you want it then trim it. That’s the way I have maintained long hair for ten years.

  • Ann Marie says:

    Hilarious how crazy people are and start ranting and raving about whether they believe in God, Jesus etc when the article is about hair care…lol really funny!!!

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Hi Bruce, You had to scroll down a ways to see those comments. I think if you read through them that you’ll see from our responses that we agree with you insofar as this is not an article about faith, but rather one about cutting your hair. You had to go back months to find those comments, which makes me wonder if maybe you were looking for a fight in the first place? “Folks like us” certainly do talk about Jesus, but we haven’t done it here, you’re the one doing that.

    You seem confused about why “religious people” insist on telling other people about God. That’s a pretty simple answer. We believe that God exists, that Heaven and Hell are real and that the choices we make in life have real consequences on where a person spends eternity. We’d have to be sadistic and cruel to believe that Heaven is real but refuse to tell anyone how to get there.

    I can see from your comment that you have some pretty passionate beliefs about religion as a whole. Maybe you didn’t notice that you’re on a website called CHRISTIAN Women Today? Obviously this is a religious website, a place where you would expect people to talk about God. We’re not “FORCING THIS STUFF ONTO EVERYONE AROUND” us, you came here. Out of the whole internet (Google tells me that there are 429 000 results for “does cutting your hair make it grow longer?”) you chose to come to a Christian site and now you’re upset to find people talking about Christian things. There’s no logic in that.

  • Bruce says:

    [I am sorry Bruce but I have removed your comments. This site is intended for people to be honest about their views but not free to malign the charatcer of others. I think you have an intersteing point of view and welcome you to repost your comment minus the personal attacks on others here. -editor]

  • Andreea R says:

    Great article. Indeed Cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t affect the follicles in your scalp. But in my opinion is very important to get rid of split ends since it reduces hair breakage, and breakage is what makes hair look thinner at the end.(and shorter)
    I eliminate my split ends every 3 months and I have a great hair.

  • Sharon Sharon says:

    good article i keep my hair short i like it better and i find it better to manage

  • derin says:

    [editor's note--Hi Derin, I appreciate your views about God but they really don't fit in this page's conversation. Let me invite you to post your comments on one of our other sites like "Did Jesus Really Claim To Be God?" Thank you!]

  • Lindsay Hawk says:

    I was told to never use hair products with alchohol of any kind, as it dries out your hair! So stay away from over processing and go every other day with out washing so your natural oil on the cuticle root will not be totally dried out. ;)
    As for tips on better hair on a motorcycle, I need all the hair help I can get! Messy bike hair leaves me with tangles and I always use hair ties…but after reading this I will stop and see if my hair gets better. Just chopped another inch off and it feels a lot better!
    Maria, good for you for posting about Jesus Christ! God gave us a crown of nice hair so let’s do our best to keep it healthy and vibrant! :)

    Cheers to good, beautiful and healthy hair!!

  • Julie Thomas says:

    Nice Post…Cutting your hair will not make it grow faster, However it will prevent further Damage and split ends of hairs. Please avoid chemical based shampoo and conditioner because it can damage your hair.

  • Carol Klemm says:

    Just a reply to Marias’ post. Its good to express your thoughts. I think that the content is important as it is about life or death and our purpose in life.
    It has not much to do with the subject hair cutting frequently.

    Buy a good quality brush with soft tips at the ends and remember to brush hair gently and not when wet. Thick hair use a detangle basin wide tooth comb when wet not a brush.

  • Kisha says:

    Funny how everyone has to put in there I respect Maria for wanting to tell others of Jesus Christ, it is clearly important to her. I think so many people just live in the here and now and dont want to think about having to be accountable to God for their life and actions. However, I think everyone in there heart knows that there is a creator, this world is to beautiful not to. I have asked Jesus Christ into my heart and I know if i were to die today that i would go to heaven, not doubt in my mind! I wont take the time on this blog to explain. But i can show you how you can, if you’d like. Its very clear from the Bible and itsnt based on you. When i heard that its not based off of my works i was so delighted because i mess up all the time and we all do. anyway please anyone that does want to be saved and ask the Lord in their heart, dont hesitate to ask. The Bible says “Whosever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”
    My email is [it is our policy not to publish personal contact information]

  • beckyelee says:

    Biotin Vitamins Promote healthy hairgrowth :)

  • beckyelee says:

    I just got my hair cut not to long ago, my hair was pretty long and I got it chopped off to my shoulders. Im not missing it all due to it was over processed and dried out, due to using a flat iron everyday, since I have a natural weird wave in my hair. I thought getting it cut I could start over with some nice fresh hair, since I had my old hair forever and it seemed to be getting shorter and not longer and falling out. My cue for a nice cut, even though the hairstylist did a poor job of cutting it in style wise, I manage anyways. Since Ive got the cut my hair seems to be growing faster, even though this is not true so to speak, but for my experience it seems to be working for me so I would have to differ a little, if you are experiencing no hair growth and dry hair and tried everything else, maybe a good nice cut will start you off right. I am back to flat ironing again so I know Im not starting my hair off great, and I chemically process my hair alot, so cutting for me is strengthening when you constantly using heating products. This is the case for most people who have that annoying wave or frizz or thing that just has to be treated before going out in public, other than that agree with the rest for those with perfect hair.

  • Doris Beck Doris says:

    Thanks so much for those helpful hints Carol!

  • Nina says:

    thanks so much for helping me out because i wanted long hair so i would cut the ends monthly. It so didnt help!

  • Carol Klemm says:

    Damage and split ends are caused by too much wind, sun and the most common is brushing hair when wet.

    Wet hair is at its weakest. So gently use a wide comb if thick and tangled.

    NEVER BRUSH HAIR WHEN WET!!! This causes damage and split ends. Good brushes found at web site.

    Brushing hair gently from the scalp with a good quality brush when dry stimulateing the scalp and follicles. Never brush when wet. Can massage the scalp when wet.

  • B. Miller Brenda says:

    Thank you and God bless you for your helpful input, Carol.

  • Carol Klemm says:

    If hair is cut with blunt scissors the hair will grow back unevenly. When the hair (hair shaft) is cut with sharp scissors the style cut when growing out will look better and will be consistent.

  • Doris Beck Doris says:

    Sounds like you know what you are talking about Kennedy! Thanks for taking the time to post and reminding us what hair is and isn’t!

  • Kennedy Bell says:

    I don’t know what any of you guys are babbling about, but this article is half right (and uninviting to say the least)…

    No, cutting your hair will NOT make it grow faster, HOWEVER it will prevent further breakage by removing already damaged hair, making it stronger, which will result with healthier and longer hair.
    The hair outside of your scalp is psychologically dead, it has no blood, nerves or muscles.
    However, for a dead fiber, it is quite remarkable. Healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of its length, can absorb it own weight in water, and can increase its diameter by 20%.
    Meaning TAKE CARE OF IT. Eat good, wash as recommended by specialist, exercise (if you’re into that) and most of all REMOVE DAMAGED ENDS! The ONLY way to remove bad ends are by cutting them. Sorry. But trust, it will sooooo be worth it!

    If you’re worried about losing length, trim your hair in increments. You don’t have to chomp it all off in one sitting. Let your hair grow as normal, and TRIM your hair every so often (Maybe once a week, or twice a month depending on how fast your hair grows). But dead ends must go. You will not get the full effect of fuller, stronger, and longer hair with damaged ends consistently breaking off, making your hairs progress harder to see.

    Hope this helps

  • Jamie Lauren says:

    Well Mallory, I am no expert in hair care (my bald head is proof of that) and have no valuable input to the comments you made. But I think you and the writer of this articel are saying the same thing. Cutting your hair does not make it longer it just makes it healthier by stopping slit ends.

    You are obviously someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to hair. What tips do you have for maintaining healthy hair?

  • mallory says:

    cutting your hair DOES NOT make your hair longer. Trimming your hair RETAINS length. A split end will travel up the hair follicle and eventually causing it to break off.Hiar is dead skin cell but we can all see who uses the right embalming fluid and techniques to keep intact. *pun* This post is ridiculous and people have no clue as to what they are talking aobut, especially the producer of the blog.

  • Reverend Reeves says:

    This post helps me prove a point and it happens to be a Christian site am I right, how fitting Jesus is my best friend, saviour and king. Anyone who is living without Jesus, call his name and he’ll reveal himself to you while you pray and seek.

    Jesus Loves You!

  • D Hewer Darren Hewer says:

    TurnipTurnip, you’ve made many claims, but give no reason to believe that they are true. For example, you say “There may be a higher power, but no one knows.” How do you know that no one knows? You really know for sure that no one in the world actually knows who/what this “higher power” is? Then you complain that people interpret the Bible “literally”; how else should it be interpreted? For the record, I try to interpret the Bible seriously. That is, literally where it is meant to be literal (ex, the historical or teaching sections) and figurative where it’s meant to be figurative (ex, the poetry or apocalyptic sections). Next you compare belief in God with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Is this really a fair comparison? No adult believes in those, but many (most, actually) believe in God. Arguments like the cosmological argument, teleological argument, anthropological argument, ontological argument, and more suggest that God does exist. And if God does exist, it’s entirely appropriate to attribute blessings to Him. If your search until this point hasn’t led you to God, maybe it’s time to ask a couple questions: First, are/were you truly looking? And second, maybe your search was being done in an inappropriate way, rather like trying to find out if a banana is tasty by listening to it. Is it possible that God has been at work in your life all along and you’ve just never realized it?

  • TurnipTurnip says:

    Wow, look at all these _________. God doesnt exist in the form that you think. There may be a higher power, but no one knows. All of you interpretted the bible literally, rather than figuratively. Heaven/Hell- What you make of your own life. Same thing as Kharma (sp). Its all just morals or how to live life. Things created so that kids would grow up with good values- like santa- or the easter bunny. They ARENT real. I hate people like you who give all of the achievements that mandkind, or even yourself make to god. Grow up, and start believing in what YOU do, what YOU make of yourself. Not that “god has blessed me! Praise the lord”. Thats bull____. Rage if you must but you people overlook so much. [Comment redacted by admin]

  • Alekzander says:

    If you want to grow long hair – start by adding as much natural kelp to your diet as possible. It has a high mineral content and is filled with iodine, all of which will nourish your hair follicles.

  • the closer says:

    yes god gave us hair for a reason. yes it is important that it be well kept. however, god can help us with that! if your hair is dry or damaged (or the follicles for that matter) just lay your hand on it and say “by jesus’ stripes ye are healed!” no need for expensive products. in other words, everyone is correct, except the person who said this is not the place for christ. god wants to be in ALL parts of our lives and bless us abundantly in EVERYTHING! thats why he gave his son for us.

  • I think your blog is marvelous I found it on Yahoo. Definetely will return tomorrow! I am very exsiting about learning newknowledgeCheers, Carol

  • Assisted me a lot, just what I was looking for : D.

  • I have wanted to post about something like this on my site and you gave me an idea. Cheers.

  • Ben says:

    Just wanna give everyone a heads up. Hair IS in fact dead….hence hair. But!! Your hair roots are very much alive as we are. Hair can be healthy and unhealthy. Ask your dermatologist its all true. And rate at hair growth can most deffinetly be altered trust me on that one.

  • Just me: says:

    This is directed to the last comment. No looks arent everything, but it is important that you not only look your best to attract a mate but just in general. God gave us hair for a reason and it should be groomed and taken care of just like everything else. that is why wigs were invented. If it didnt matter then people with hair problem would simply walk around with patches missing and so forth. Picture going to a job interview looking like that or trying to get a husband. God made women to look a certain way for a reason. And like everything else we should always try to look our best. Yes user M can say what ever she wants but like everything there is a time and place.

    Just me:)

  • lance says:

    hey kura and user M why dont you guys mind your own business. If she wants to talk about Lord Jesus Christ she can! anyways it is relevant since she is trying to say that looks arent everything and you people should stop worrying about them! God Bless

  • M says:

    haha what the hell have to do Jesus with all that hair thing.

  • dimaszen says:

    It is said that ‘your hair is your crown’. Especially for women, having beautiful hair is a pride. It is so important to each one of us for our self esteem that we take care of it, maintain it, and make it more attractive. How important it is then to be able to give a great haircut. If you got the quality to cut hair, you can make your loved ones feel more confident about their appearance, knowing that you can help them look their best.

    You know, cutting hair techniques that each professional hairdresser uses can be learnt simply. They might not want you to know these basics because if too many people learn them, they would be out of a job. You don’t need to go to college to learn how to cut hair. It can be learned, it is a trainable skill.

    First of all, always use extremely sharp scissors. The type of shears you use is not that important as long as they are razor sharp. To test the sharpness of the shear, hold a piece of thread in one hand and let it dangle in the air. If your scissors can cut through this with ease without pulling the other end to make it taut, then they are probably sharp enough to trim hair.

    After that, you need to comb or brush the hair thoroughly. Thick hair and long hair may need to be wet first. Make sure no hairs are hidden behind the ears or nape of the neck.

    Then, this is important to remember, to cut off less hair than what you want the finished length to be. Hair will shrink after being trimmed, especially if it is wet when you trim it.

  • Kura says:

    Thanks! I shall make my parents read this. :)
    This is good info to know.
    To Maria: Your comment is useless, this isn’t the place to talk about Jesus crap like that! Jesus Christ, nuts everywhere.

  • maria says:

    sometimes people may not know when they steps in difficult trials they do not know what to do, so in the long run, it make it long and wide, but with the help of our Lord God it can solved by the advice of the mentors, pastor, and evangelist as adviser,He use this people as instrument so that this people may not go more in wrong way. so in Gods eyes He just stop in this way, to realized step by step on how it was started, and what would be the best way, that all may have peace in mind and even in our hearts.

    In our quiet time we can talk to God, we can say what is in our hearts and minds and once we give it all, there is happiness inside us because God knows what we need is understanding , love and attention and what our God doing is to give us all His best and comfort us.

    by His teaching all may realized the important of His word in all lives, with God you can have the real steps, real life, God will teach you how, in His teaching in your own self you will less those things ,that you think not good for you,you can say no , that you think it can give you best to your can buy some cd, about God, or any knowledge of understanding that can wide your thinking about life, it helps you to grow more like our hair never stop on one challenge but to walk more in this life, and you will learn this from the word of God that gives you strength , power because our God gives you understanding because you want to try to steps and He know at the right time you can be like His way.Dont be to rush
    in learning the word,start first to know God, for the spirit comes on you He is and He knows what we can carry, so He teach us all steps by steps; for He teach first how to be patience in all trials that comes in all of our way

    He teach us to be humble in every way of living and our God see this things in your life. and the next is situation of life, He is giving advice to reminds you what you are going to do. you Trust Him so even in the middle of the storm God is with you and guide you in all truth. for the word you apply is His word, that make you believe and have faith and you stand on it till the end because this word that make you save. he teach you to be on tough and have a brave heart as like He is.

    * Choose the quality of brush or comb
    the house that we built is on the rock even the storm comes our faith to God is 100%that we think the best that we can have all the right Journey because of His words gives you sign, it reminds always in your minds what steps you are going through as it said Mathew 7:24-25

    therefore everyone who hear this word of mine and put them into practice like a wise man who built His house on rock, the rain came down, the stream rose and the winds blew and beat against the house, yet it did not fall because it had it foundation on the rock. for it means what ever trial comes we trust the Lord God in all of our hearts and souls , minds and strength that He is only our savior in times of challenge and this is the word of God as are salvation in the gospel. that we may think and observe that life with God you may have a sure steps.

    for the word of God is already in us. we can say no to the people new in our eyes as it said Psalm 1:1-2 blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers but His delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night. because of his principle is like on the life of God to give light, life and love as our God do to us for He first loved us.

    Focus to the word of God, because with His law is always in your minds and even in your steps and you may know all of your day is with God because the word is in you is the Holy Spirit of God as it said 1 Cor 2:12 we have not receive the spirit of the world but the spirit who is from God that we may understand what God has given us.

    and the only way that you may have in real life is always with the law of God and your life will be fruitful,because you always want to be in the Lords steps, you always want to be with Him because only God who can understand all what is in our hearts and minds and even our dreams and plans in life but in the end God know what is the best…and here is ; He put us all in one place only in His place that we have all a big whole family with real love and understanding of everyone, that we may have cooperation and unity of minds only this place of God that we say is real life that all want to be is in Gods kingdom.

    Thank you
    Hair News Magazine
    God bless

    In Jesus name


  • tabitha says:

    this crap is no help!

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