Michael Horner

Michael Horner serves with Power to Change in the ministry of Campus for Christ. As an apologetics expert, he debates the existence of God and the divinity of Christ on university campuses. His vision and calling is to equip students to be well prepared to share their faith. Watch Michael’s videos to see how he’s clearing up misconceptions about Christianity.

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Ministry Update

Tuition costs thousands of dollars. Papers take hours of study and preparation. But when students leave university, will their deepest questions about life go unanswered? Campus for Christ seeks to help students discover the answer in relationship with Jesus. Active on 30 university campuses across Canada, Campus for Christ engages students in one-on-one and campus-wide evangelism, and in discipleship through purposeful community. Activities on campus include events, debates, speakers, films, discussion groups, one-to-one dialogue, small group Bible studies, prayer meetings and national or international summer projects.
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