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    Do you also happen to lack the belief that God does not exist?

    I want to consider another response to the we only lack the belief in God’s existence strategy of many atheists.  Last week we considered the atheist’s allegation that they are merely lacking a belief in God’s existence, rather than believing God does not exist. We responded by saying that they are not actually answering the question of... >Full Story

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    Debate: Does A God or Gods Exist?

    [caption id="attachment_37433" align="aligncenter" width="574" caption="Photo by Pierre Metivier"][/caption] On Friday May 18, my colleague Paul Chamberlain and I participated in a debate at an Atheists’ Convention.  The debate question was Does A God or Gods Exist? and our opponents were Christopher DiCarlo and Matt Dillahunty. It drew about...... >Read More

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