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Effectively Sharing the Gospel

How can the "average" Christian share their faith in a way that's winsome, not awkward, and in a way that's easily understandable to those who have little church background? "Bursting Your Bubble" is a DVD course that Tracy was able to use to use at her church to train people to be more effective in sharing the gospel. Would you like to learn how...

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Small Group Ministry

How can you small group help those that are less fortunate? Not only do small groups have the power to nourish the body and help those that need it but they have the power to nourish the soul with the message of Jesus Christ. Are you prepared for the good things that the Lord wants to do through you and your small group? Related Inspire leaders...

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Do Your Neighbors Know God?

Angie’s neighbor, Harry, was 90 years old and clearly on his own. Her family decided to become part of Harry’s life.  They  brought him dinner from time to time, listened to his stories and one day over tea Angie shared the Gospel with him.  Friendship can be a wonderful way to minister to those around you. Do your neighbors know that God...

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