Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?

At Easter, some might wonder what all the fuss is about. Who cares? What difference does it make if Jesus rose from the dead? It makes all the difference in the world. If Christ did not rise, then thousands of believers have died as martyrs for a hoax. If he did rise, then he is still alive and can offer peace to troubled, hurting lives. Countless...

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Lies Women Believe: Truth…Or Consequences
Lies Women Believe: Truth…Or Consequences

“Become a World-Class Violinist Instantaneously.” “How to Play the Piano…Instantly!” “‘Instant Health’ at the Flip of a Switch!” (Ad for a kitchen appliance) “Melt 10 lbs. in 10 minutes!...a workout so easy, you do it in your pajamas!” “Delivers so much peace of mind it should be covered under your health plan.” (Ad...