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3 Fabulous Delusions

You know, in raising our children there’s a number of, I call them fabulous delusions that we have with our kids. I want to touch on three of them. This is wrong thinking when it comes to raising a child. Fabulous Delusion #1: Quality over Quantity They not only need the quality, they need the quantity. The time in, not just the big times,...

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A Mother’s Heart
A Mother's Heart

I had always been fortunate in the past. I was a quiet girl and I kept to myself. The sharp-tongued gossips in town had always left me alone. My life was not interesting enough for a discussion in line at the market or over a cool drink in a shady café. I studied, worked hard and spent time with the other girls my age. It was hot where I grew...

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Faith of a Child
Faith of a Child

The night started out with a feeling of great excitement. I don't know if it was the electricity in the air from the approaching storm or if it was from the energy I felt at having supper out with the friends I had newly made in the cul-de-sac to which we had just moved. It was a great community. We were getting to know and love our neighborhood,...

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The Power of a Mother’s Promise
The Power of a Mother's Promise

Twenty-seven years ago this month, my mom made a promise that changed our lives forever. Now that I'm also a mother, I've come to see that promise as a kind of spiritual umbilical cord, a maternal link God used to bring new to life me and my family, and to countless others. Prayer from a mother's heart On May 30, 1975 my sister Carey was...

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