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Preparing Your Family Budget

If your family is floundering financially, it may be time to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and make up a family financial plan. Consumer Credit Counseling Service suggests keeping the following tips in mind when developing your family budget: 1. Your budget should be tailored to your needs, values and priorities, with special consideration... >Full Story

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How Can I be Sold out to God if I Can’t Pay my Bills?

You know how it feels – at one point or another, most people have been in some kind of debt. Maybe it is a mortgage, a car note, or credit card bills; sometimes these things add up into a seemingly invincible beast. When you also take into account today’s fluctuating economy and soaring unemployment rate, the potential for personal... >Read More

Avoiding Credit Card Traps

We were offered a one-year 2.99% interest rate on an existing Visa account that we didn't use very much. We wanted to use the card to make a very large purchase with the intent of paying it off within one year. Luckily we checked the "fine print". The original purchase will be at 2.99%. But any  subsequent purchases on that... >Read More

Payday Loans

I have several payday loans that I cannot get paid off. I've be trying for several years and I only have enough money to renew. If I cash out my 401k to pay these loans off I will have plenty of money each month to put back in my 401k plan. Will I still face the extra 20% penalty... >Read More

Inheriting Debts

My children's real father is an alcoholic. He has some very old medical bills that he has only been paying like $10 a month - just to keep them off his back.   If he dies are the children responsible for the leftover? He doesn't have any assets and doesn't even have insurance to pay for his funeral. He is... >Read More

Escaping Credit Card Debt

Not too long ago they had $30,000 in credit-card debts. This month they paid off the last remaining balance. But, how did they do it? Cara and Michael's story is an inspiration for anyone trying to get out of debt. Recently, Cara shared their experience. We began by discussing how they started. "Stop spending. We just said, OK, no more.... >Read More

Reducing Your Mortgage

Can you cut a mortgage in half by simply making one extra payment per year. Does this work with any loans like... car, personal and student loans? ~ Tanya P. Like many of us, Tanya would like to get the mortgage paid off in something less than 30 years. And, she's willing to pay a little more than promised to... >Read More

Handling a Mountain of Bills

My husband has been out of work for 5 months. His income was double what I currently bring in. Needless to say, my checks and the unemployment insurance are not paying the bills. I am starting to panic because bill collectors are calling daily. I am making sure that my house payment, utilities, and car insurance are paid, but... >Read More

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