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Shades of Spring and Summer

The onset of the spring and summer season welcomes the introduction of several distinctive palettes of color for the home. Color groups offer homeowners unique options that reinforce the reoccurring desire for comfort, strength and energy; as well as the ability to instill beauty and renewal within the home. At the forefront of spring and summer’s... >Full Story

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Maximize Media Space

As consumers remain closer to home (a concept which has remained steady throughout 2003), continued hectic lifestyles result in homeowners aspiring to spend an increasing amount of time enjoying the warmth and familiarity of their own surroundings. The desire to incorporate a media space within the home interior indicates one specific example of...... >Read More

"Decking Out" Your Outdoor Areas

The key to designing a successful outdoor living space is to create an area that reflects the architectural character of the home as well as the personality of the homeowners who inhabit the space. Decks may be constructed to add appeal to plain homes that simply need a 'pick me up'. For porch, patio and deck design Contemplate the activities...... >Read More

Back to School: Dynamic Desks

Today's student desks can be both playful and practical! From whimsical locker style shapes to classic student desk styles, up-to-the-minute work stations for students are available to coordinate with any style of decor and eagerly please both parents and children. Regardless of the student desk style that is selected, painted touches can be added...... >Read More

The Right Sheen for Your Paint Project

One of the basic considerations prior to the start of an impending paint project is to determine the ideal sheen, or gloss level for the paint job. Selection of the ideal sheen for the paint need not be a daunting process! Determining the optimum sheen level requires a thoughtful review of both function and aesthetics within the project space. As...... >Read More

Selling Your Dwelling in a Jiffy

As the school year winds down and homeowners enjoy the solace contained within the framework of their individual homes, there is no time like the present to benefit from “all-time low” interest rates and upgrade the family’s number one investment: the home. However, before you place the “for sale” sign in front of your existing residence,...... >Read More

Creating a Romantic Outdoor Living Space

Fashioning one or more exterior living areas has been enjoyed by growing numbers of homeowners in recent years. Versatile outdoor spaces can be used for dining and relaxing with family members, as well as entertaining guests within the peaceful confines of home. With today’s increased emphasis on comfort and relaxation, celebrating the home during...... >Read More

Hallways for Thanksgiving

Traditionally, Thanksgiving marks the onset of winter holiday festivities. A wonderful way to highlight a designated theme using today's "hottest" contemporary color schemes, a carefully executed display of hallway and landing color often provides the visual thread that can link together the entire Thanksgiving holiday home. Part of the joy of...... >Read More

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