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New Baby, Distant Husband

“Ever since I had the baby, my husband has been distant.” In the midst of all the excitement of new baby, especially the first baby, you rarely hear expectant parents talking about how this child will change their marriage. Babies are wonderful, let’s be clear about that, but they are also one of the biggest changes a marriage will ever... >Full Story

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I Didn't Want a Divorce, But Could We Last?

I did not want to be another divorce statistic, but the numbers were not in our favor. My husband Rudy is a bus driver and I work in dentistry - both careers that rank high in divorce statistics. We have a severely handicapped son. We struggled financially. My husband has been fighting depression for most of his life. My life... >Read More

God Listens To Us!

Does God care about the battle for purity your husband is going through?  Here are some resources. Join us for our Daily Devotional Chat today in our Women’s Chatroom at 10:30 am EDT. "But God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer. Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me"... >Read More

The Latest Superbowl Ad Controversy

Most years, the most controversial thing about the Superbowl are the ads (or perhaps a wardrobe malfunction) so in a way this year is nothing new. But unlike most previous years, where the controversy surrounds the overt sexuality of the ads, this year it's the opposite: This year's controversial Superbowl ad advocates celebration of family and life. Tim...... >Read More

30 Second Challenge: Listening to Your Kids

At twenty-six years of age I was eight months pregnant with our fourth child. It seemed like I spent most of my time wiping counters, faces, hands, or bottoms. I often had at least one child clinging to my pant legs, either wanting my attention or just randomly tattling on the others. In the middle of this stage of my... >Read More

Dealing with the Unexpected

[flv: 320 240] Like many newly married couples, Patrick and Linda looked forward to having children and adding to their family. After two and a half years of trying, the news they longed for finally came - they were having a...... >Read More

I am having sex and always afraid of pregnancy

I am 25 years old. I am worrying about sex with my boyfriend. He doesn't like to use condoms and persuades me that it is safe if we just interrupt sex, but I am always afraid of pregnancy. Maybe I can calculate my safe days before or after menstruation? After sex I cannot get to sleep and I still... >Read More


“I’m sorry. I can’t find the heartbeat,” she said.  I stared in shock at the ultrasound machine. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  It hurt too much to think about it. “What?” my mind screamed. “What are you saying?”  But really I didn’t want to know.  I stared at the screen willing the baby to live.  A month... >Read More

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