Great Expectations for Christmas

Christmas is loaded with expectations, isn't it? Christmas shopping, decorating and entertaining. Typically we knock ourselves out trying to make it the "perfect" Christmas. And year after year we end up with the same empty feeling, like Christmas wasn't as personally fulfilling as we'd hoped. Why is that? Let's look at a few of our expectations. ...

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2009’s Top Grossing Holiday Movies
2009's Top Grossing Holiday Movies

The holiday season is a popular time for big-budget blockbuster movie releases. Here are the top movies from holiday week 2009: #1)  Avatar ($75 million) #2)  Sherlock Holmes ($65.4 million) #3)  Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel ($50.2 million) #4)  It's Complicated ($22.1 million) #5)  Up in the Air ($11.8 million) (Source: MTV...

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USA & Canada: What’s the difference, eh?
USA & Canada: What's the difference, eh?

Although the two countries have nearly identical land area, the population of the USA is nearly 10 times that of Canada. Some quick math: Dividing the population of Canada by the total area (in square miles) gives us a ratio of nearly 10:1 ... so if the land in Canada were divided evenly, each person in Canada would have 10 square miles to themselves!...

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