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Is It Possible?

Sometimes things hide in plain sight. When I was a kid, I never paid much attention to bus stop signs.  I was totally oblivious to their existence. But when I decided to start taking the bus I saw bus stop signs everywhere! When I actually started looking for them, I saw them on the same streets that I walked every day.  They did not suddenly appear. ... >Full Story

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Gadgets on a Plane (10 of 'em!)

The edges of the screen are fuzzy and peaceful looking. The seats are appropriately spaced. People tilt their seats back with a smile (and with plenty of room on both sides). Children are sitting cross-legged in their seats with their safety belt fastened perfectly around their little waists. The airplane swooshes gently into a sky... >Read More

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This Mother's Day, why not try one or more of these ideas as gifts for the special women in your life – whether they be your mother, wife, daughter or friend. Flowers Either potted plants or cut flowers, there are so many lovely arrangements you can buy at this time of year. There are hanging baskets, potted mums, hydrangeas or bedding plants....... >Read More

Plants for Containers

Outdoor culture of ornamental trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials has shown a marked increase in recent years. Container culture Gardeners find that by using planters, tubs, pots and good cultural practices, they can overcome the problems of poor soil found in many local gardens. The limitations imposed by paved surfaces and restricted...... >Read More

Planting Trees and Shrubs

If you're planting new trees and shrubs this spring, don't spoil them by enriching the soil with organic matter. A hole full of compost and soft organic matter is a comfortable area for the roots and they aren't likely to spread into the surrounding soil. If the roots don't anchor themselves firmly by spreading, the plant is likely to... >Read More

Attracting Birds to the Garden

A gardener's relationship with birds is one of mutual benefit. The gardener provides for a few of the birds basic needs, and the birds help to keep down the insect population while treating us to an unending source of entertainment. Birds take their role as insect predator seriously. A single bird will gulp down 500 to 1,000 insects in... >Read More

Guidelines to Using Manure in the Garden

Animal manure is not only a good fertilizer but it also helps to condition the soil. Here are some guidelines for using manure in the garden: Don't use dog or cat manure. These manures often carry diseases that can be spread to children. Never use fresh manure, since it contains soluble nitrogen compounds and ammonia that can burn plants...... >Read More

Six Card Cribbage

Introduction Six Card Cribbage is basically a game for two players, but adapts easily for three players, and for four players in fixed partnerships - a very useful feature. It is now the standard form of Cribbage and widely played in English speaking parts of the world. See also the page on Five Card Cribbage, an older form of the game... >Read More

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