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I Thought It Was My Fault

On a motorcycle, Laura Klock is fearlessly in control. She and her daughters are record-holding motorcyclists. However, her journey towards the finish line had not always been a smooth ride. As a young adult, Laura's devastating feelings of being rejected, unappreciated and unloved were wrapped in a mantle of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy relationships....

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Forgiving People Who Don't Deserve It

It’s hard to forgive someone when you have the resources to get even.  But being able to forgive people who don’t deserve it is a key success factor for any leader.  For Leonard Buhler, it’s his faith in Jesus that gives him the strength to forgive. Related Take this online study to learn how forgiveness can bring freedom

Taking A Risk
Taking A Risk

You are hanging on to the side of a mountain by a rope and a harness. Your hands are firmly gripping the mountain crevices, your heart is beating rapidly and sweat is forming on your brow. Then you hear those fearful words " Now let go" What do you do? Do you keeping holding on or do you let go?  Often in life we are faced with this dilema, unsure...

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