What Men Want in a Relationship

Written by Rinatta Paries

How’s your love life? If you have questions and you’re not sure who to ask, talk to a mentor.

I have discovered a stark contrast between what each sex thinks the opposite sex wants from them, and what the opposite sex really does want.

What women think men want from them causes women to have resentment and anger toward men, and feel hopeless about ever developing a wonderful, warm, romantic partnership. What men think women want from them causes them much of the same feelings and frustration.

The sad part is that it does not have to be this way, if only we would realize that both men and women are human beings first and pretty much want the same thing. But, you don’t have to take my word for this.

I asked a number of men and women who are actively involved in personal growth and development what they want from a partner in order to build a great relationship. You will find their answers unexpected. Discover what men said they want from women as contrasted with what women think men want. You’ll also find tips for women to give men what they want, attract a great man, and create a wonderful relationship.

Honest communication is top priority for men. They want a woman who answers questions honestly, and perhaps even volunteers information. They want a woman who confidently asks for her wants and needs to be met. They want a woman who can see the truth and tell it like it is while communicating with kindness. Men want a woman who can communicate without being too critical, who cares about preserving his and her dignity.

Women think men want them to be superficial, to keep quiet about their needs or wants, and never to ask for anything. Women think men believe them to be too needy and too sensitive, and that men simply want women to get over it. Some women believe they do not have the permission to tell it like it is, that they will be rejected for speaking up.

A tip for women
Great men want and need straightforward, courageous communication without anger or criticism. One way to attract a great man and build a satisfying relationship is to learn how to communicate your truth and needs effectively.

2. Men want self-sufficient, secure, confident women.

Men want a woman to choose them out of want rather than out of desperation — either materially or emotionally. Men need to be wanted and needed by their partners, but they want their partners to have a separate identity. Men want a woman to be active and independent, to have her own friends and interests.
On the other hand, men treasure time spent with a loving partner.

Women think men don’t want women to need them. Women think men do not need or appreciate time spent together as a couple. Women believe that showing a man he is needed will turn him off and
possibly make him run away.

A tip for women
Men want what women want — a whole partner. One powerful way to attract a great man and build a vibrant relationship is to create a full, rewarding life for your own fulfillment.

3. Men want a manipulation-free relationship.

Men want no manipulation of any kind. They do not want to read their partner’s mind or try to interpret signals. They do not want to be forced to move faster in a relationship than they are ready. They do not want to be manipulated into taking all the blame for things gone wrong. They do not want to be on the receiving end of game playing.

Women think men want little or no communication, and the only way to get needs met is through manipulation. Women think men either need or want to be reminded that the relationship needs to move forward. Women think men don’t want or value praise and acknowledgment, and so tend to only verbalize criticism.

A tip for women
Men will not tolerate manipulation of any kind for any significant length of time. To attract a great man and build a wonderful relationship learn to ask without hesitation for what you want and need in every area of your life. Learn to be aware of his timing and his time-line. Learn how to acknowledge and bestow praise.

4. Men want growth, personal responsibility, and ownership.

Men want a partner who can laugh at herself and who has courage and strength. They want a woman who can see her part in relationship dynamics and own it. She has to be emotionally stable. Men want a woman who is developing herself personally, and who takes responsibility for her emotional experience.

Women think men only want to have a good time. Women think men have no interest in developing and growing a relationship or developing and growing themselves. Women think men want women who are super models, and that they never consider whether a
woman is emotionally mature, kind, supportive, or loving.

A tip for women
Men want women who are emotionally mature. Maturity does not mean lack of emotions. It does mean the ability to handle emotions responsibly. To attract a great man and build a long-term relationship, learn to take responsibility for your emotional experience and expression.

5. Men want fidelity and a commitment to the relationship.

Fidelity is an absolute must. In fact, men want a woman who does not have a “roaming eye” and who can wholeheartedly commit to the relationship. Many may define commitment as fidelity plus the willingness to work on the relationship — even when the going gets tough.

Women think that all men want is sex, and that men will leave a relationship for the next prettier face. Women think men cannot be trusted to be faithful. Women believe men do not want to work on a relationship; that when the going gets tough, they run.

A tip for women
Here is great news for those women who are resigned to the myth that all men cheat: infidelity and “a roaming eye” are as distasteful to men as they are to women. Great men know how to build a wonderful relationship, and they know fidelity is the main ingredient.

6. Men want women who know how men need to be treated.

Many women treat men in ways that diminish their egos, making them feel inadequate. Men would rather have more praise, more acknowledgment of what they do right, more acknowledgment that they are great guys who are loved and appreciated.

Women think men do not need them, do not value their opinion, their support, their praise. Women also think men do not care about many things important to women, which is why they criticize. Criticism is a way to verbalize resentment.

A tip for women
Most men want acknowledgment and appreciation from women. Learning to acknowledge instead of making your partner wrong is one of the most powerful relationship survival tools available to you.

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Now that you know what men want, what about what you want? The desire to love and be loved is the most basic human need.  You you realize how deeply God loves you? You are a human being who is loved by God. You are intelligent, beautiful, loved, and not alone. Take a minute to think about that – God loves you, and not because of what you do. He loves you for who you are and will never leave you because of anything you’ve done. Isn’t that just the kind of love you’ve always dreamed about?

You might not think of yourself as exceptional, but you are. You are a hand-crafted original. God made you on purpose, no accidents of fate or chance. The Bible says that when God created man and woman He “saw everything that He had made, indeed it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31) God created you and He is interested in the details of your life. The Bible tells us that Gods knows each of us better than we know ourselves – he even knows how many hairs are on your head! (Matthew 10:30)

It’s pretty incredible to think about. The same God who created the stars and turns the colors of the leaves in Fall, created you. You are His masterpiece and He loves you. God created you to have a relationship with Him.

>> Here’s how you can start that relationship with God right now.


794 Responses to “What Men Want in a Relationship”

  • Rashid says:

    Jamie thank you for pray for me I wish my wife was a person who will not have temper and anger but it did hurt but now God will put my love on right path and I happy so many things has happen within three year. HOLY SPIRIT I PRAY FOR JAMIE SHE IS WONDER FULL WOMAN WITH KIND HEART PLEASE GOD REWARD HE WHATEVER SHE HAS IN HERE HEART TO FULL HERE DREAM.I ASK YOU JESUS NAME AMEN.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Rashid, I agree. We all make mistakes and act selfishly at different times. It is so good to know that by following Jesus we can avoid falling into those same hurtful patterns and trust that He will lead us to treat others with love.

    Dear Jesus I pray for Rashid and ask that You help her to follow Your leading and to love others as You want her to. Protect her from getting hurt by others. Amen

  • Rashid says:


    I request to all pray for me for everything.
    I believe no men are women are bad both are good it just we make mistake that hurt other that’s all

  • Doris Beck Doris Beck says:

    Interesting Celeste….I guess there are always two sides to everything aren’t there. We need to take care of ourselves as well, and I’m not saying to just make him happy at the risk of not taking care of yourself. There is a balance….which is why people say that marriage isn’t really 50/50 but 100/100…if both partners are really concerned about the other person then it works great. However the problem comes when one partner like yourself is that way and the other isn’t at all.

    I think you are right too about Mia’s situation…he does sound very manipulative and controlling!

  • Celeste65 says:

    What Michael said applied to my marriage. I did all I could to make my husband happy, to Meet his needs and anticipate what he wanted.
    He didn’t do the same things for me not once. All he could think about was his selfish needs.
    I suffered from depression during my marriage and thought that his treatment of me was because I wasn’t good enough.
    I should have taken care of myself.
    @Mia : I think you should stay away from that man. He seems to be manipulative and controlling. You don’t need that in your life.

  • Doris Beck Doris Beck says:

    My son once said something to his sister and I am going to pass it on. ‘Don’t ever date potential’!!! In other words, when you are in a dating relationship, that man should be on his best behavior, trying to ‘woo’ you and show his best side. However from what you have said there are a lot of red flags with this man, flags that to an outsider like myself point to an abusive relationship……RUN!!! Get out of that relationship because if it is like this now, it is only going to get worse. Don’t stay with someone that is emotionally abusive to you now already before there is any commitment to one another.

  • Doris Beck Doris Beck says:

    It’s not so much about obsessively thinking about what my husband wants or what makes him happy, but more about being aware of what his thought processes are and what does or doesn’t relate to him. How I treat my husband has a huge impact on our relationship and after almost 40 years of marriage I am thankful that I have learned some of these things over the years. Only caring about myself and making myself happy would definitely not lead to a good marriage because that is a sign of being selfish.

  • mia says:

    Around april a handsome talkative confident man approached me while I was on my way to the shops, he accompanied me to the shops giving me enough time to decide whether or not I’ll give him my number when he eventually asks, he did and so on that day I awaited his text. But there was nothing, till the following day.Now before I go on any further I must ask why ask for my number when you won’t bother texting or calling same day? Any way that weekend we went out and he introduced me to his friends he was very protective not leaving my side without informing me of his next move. I was so shocked when he introduced me to one of his friends as ‘wifey’, can’t lie it felt good I had no words, in my mind he prophesised our future in that introduction, but I still hadn’t let my guard down. The night we first went out he promised to take me back to my place and I agreed, but when the time came I was hooked I couldn’t say goodbye, he made a joke that he’s going to some club to pick up a girl and as he said this I steered the car out of the road almost crashed on the side buildings. I was suprised at myself, he scolded as he obviously was shaken by what happened I apologized nevertheless. I sincerely regretted having done that. But I had this crazy thought in mind that after that he’ll never forget me. We went out to the parking lot and we chilled out, I asked him to take me back and he slid his hand down my tights and advanced to kissing me I didn’t stop him so one thing led to another(don’t judge me). The way it happened was bizarre he dropped me off at my place I couldn’t look at him, I was in tears. The next day he called and somehow I wasn’t upset instead I felt happy.and I vowed to see where this goes, we went out a couple of times, he was so sweet till at somepoint he thought I was cheating then he changed, he became really silly and saying stupid things so I deleted him everywhere but he called asking why he hasn’t gotten though to me, and I told him iv blocked him he laughed saying his reason for luaghing was he did not expect that. After much talking me telling him what I expect and him sort of letting up he asked me to unblock him and I did. I welcomed the man back in to my life. He’s been acting like a child since. Saying disrespectful things and discarding me and the likes. These feelings I have for him just can’t seem to get over them, I say I’m leaving him but I end up coming back. I wonder if the same happens to him. He gives me reason to believe he is with somebody else and I do the same. It seems easier to hurt him than love him, however I have recently decided that however he decides this to go I’ll accept. I really want this man to be my forever, not because I’m deluded but rather ’cause I have faith that all good things are worth waiting for, I’m a betterperson for it, the change is undeniable ever since he came into my life, I have a new zest for life, and even though its not the ideal relationship setup possible, it makes me want to improve myself and strive to be my best self. What do you guys think? Iv prayed for us and I’m faithful

  • Celeste65 says:

    I think that most of the brain dead posts that you
    are referring to are made by trolls.

  • Celeste 65 says:

    Words to live by.

  • Michael says:

    This article sounds like dependency. As adults we are only responsible for taking care of ourselves not another adult. The last thing in the world that sounds healthy to me is to be so enmeshed in someone else that I have to obsessively think about what they want and need to make them happy. Talk about a formula for failure and misery for yourself. Who cares about them, make yourself happy. If they do the same then you can come together as two happy and healthy people and actually enjoy yourselves instead of thinking about all of this.

  • Thank you very much for your tips. They are very useful.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    Hi Celeste, I found two of your comments had been automatically filtered by our system. I am not sure what triggered that but I have been able to post them for you. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Celeste65 says:

    Where are my recent posts?

  • Celeste65 says:

    I believe that Jenny is speaking from her own experience with men.
    Its easy for her to say that all men are fickle, because that is how she feels in her current relationship and past relationships.
    I have seen healthy relationships, and often wish that I could have one also.
    To love a man who gives as good as he gets would be amazing.
    At 49, I have decided to put my energy into something worthwhile….getting a college degree, improving my financial situation, finding a better place to live.
    Also, I have two children that I adore and they love me unconditionally. They are a blessing and I am grateful for them.
    That “once in a lifetime love” is not in the cards for me.
    I made a choice years ago to stay with a man who was abusive instead of getting out.

  • Celeste65 says:

    In Jenny’s defense….
    She is speaking from experience. (Unfortunately.)
    I have witnessed great Love, and have seen strong, healthy marriages and relationships
    between men and women. There are good men out there!

    For me, at 49 years old I am learning to be happy with myself and my two children.
    (With or without a man.)
    The time for “the love of my life” has passed I think.

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:


    I have to disagree with what you’ve written here. Not all men are fickle. It’s simply untrue to take one characteristic and say that everyone in that gender behaves the same way. I am sorry to hear that you have had some experiences with men that have left you disappointed but I can promise you that love between men and women is not a fantasy. I know dozens of couples who have been married for 30 or 40 years. It takes work – communication, and honesty and compromise and choosing but it is possible. Great marriages exist.

    I was surprised to hear that you were upset that your boyfriend looked at a pretty woman on the train. Did he stare at her? Did he go over and talk to her or try to touch her or slip her his phone number? Just looking at her isn’t an act of betrayal. If he started talking to you about her and making comparisons (why can’t you look like that? etc) then I could see how THAT would be upsetting, but it sounds like maybe that isn’t what happened here. Can you explain a little more about what you mean that you don’t see love reciprocated in his eyes? Is there something specific that you feel he’s not doing?

    Be careful not to over-generalize about men and women and sex and love. I can assure you that there are plenty of women who really enjoy sex and there are a lot of men, most men I’d say, who are capable of great love. Has something happened that caused you to have such a low opinion of men? Were you perhaps hurt in the past so now you’re on the lookout for hurt, trying to keep yourself safe?

  • Jenny says:

    I have realised that I am right, there is no man who truly can love, it makes more sense for god to be a female not male! We are truly caring. Actions speak louder than words, men are FICKLE. I just had weekend with my boyfriend and felt I had fallen in love and hugged him in such a way to let him know. He is sensitive and loving I think, but when I look in his eyes there doesn’t seem to be love reciprocated. He looked at really pretty woman on train on our way home, and I just thought, great… Another one. Am I ever going to meet a man capable of love? Don’t think so, so I’m just going to continue to appreciate me and my son. My son is the most important male.in my life. This guy I thought he was different. He touches me with

    care,and says he loves me, I just think it’s blocks though! Men are wired for SEX women are wired for LOVE. I just have to realise this. Why are women sold a dream? Love between men and women is a fantasy.

  • Alfred Alfred says:

    Hi Aldeen, It seems that you were gradually appreciating this man more and more; yet now it sounds as if he’s letting you go; right? I’m wondering whether this love of your life knows how you feel about him. Have you texted or phoned him recently? I’m praying that he will have the opportunity to know how much you care. On the other hand, if he’s already gone then I’m praying with you that God help you to let go also!
    Now a word for Zinne: Sex is a very strong “bonding” experience but is not really a commitment like a marriage covenant is. If you can continue seeing him (talking with him) often, it should soon be revealed whether or not he is interested in being your husband. Has he suggested having you meet his parents? It can be quite revealing to see what kind of a home he comes from. Do you know whether he’s a Christian? If you love Jesus, then it will be important to you that he also does. I pray for wisdom and for God’s guidance for both of you.

  • zinne says:

    He still gives me attention even after whatever happen btw us. However i still am unsure… i do like him alot now.. i and he knows that too.. but he did mention that lets hold our feelings first.. i have went thru a bad ex relationship and now he gives me concern yet i still feel soo unsure.

  • Celeste 65 says:

    I don’t think you should worry about only being an option in his life.

    It sounds like things moved very quickly.
    You’ve already slept with him, and men don’t view sex the same way women do. You haven’t known him long enough to Determine whether or not he wanted a relationship or just sex.

  • zinne says:

    Hi… i need some advise. I got to know a guy some months back. I started meetin him last somewhere around the last month or previous then that. I felt comfortable ard him.. he went on telling abt himself whole night. 2nd meeting was a few weeks ago and again the same thing.. i listen to him talkin about himself and i gave him attention to speech. He did inform me through msges that he like me. However i was not sure about it. 3rd meetin came two weeks ago and we had our first kiss. 4th meeting was last week and we ended sleeping with one another. The question is how do i know that i am not a option in his life.. we have never spoken trough the phone before and only msg after our kiss that we like each other.

  • Aldeen says:

    Please pray for me, When i was in my early twenties. This fellow likes me and always stop to talk to me, whenever he sees me.I didnt felt the same way, but i was polite enough and talk with him. One day i gave him my number and we kept in touch on and off. As times goes, i went out with other guys and and he still hang around. Now i am single and he is with someone. I wants him back. He told me that God has help him to forgive me of what i did to him and that he has forgiven me of his hurt and saddness. In my heart loved him and not another. The love i have for him doesnot hurt. I am worries that he is in a committed relationship with someone else but i love him and want him. I donot want to be selfish, i would rather not having so much love for him so that we could just be friends. I praying and will be stilling praying that God will let me have the man im inlove with for my husband. I dont want another woman loving and caring for the man that my heart desire. I want God’s will to be done in my heart and life.

  • Terry says:

    To Amy with the “hermit/loaner” husband: Your husband’s behavior is due to his own problems, not you. From what you describe, he has serious social skills problems. I would venture to give an educated guess that he is on the autism spectrum or Asperger’s, and if not that, then he has some other problem that manifests itself in anti-social behavior.

    I am curious, though, as to why you haven’t divorced him if you have been unhappy for 46 years!

  • RoyInNC says:

    Your story is so bizarre and touching that it makes me feel an almost overwhelming degree of loneliness for you. I can’t help but believe something went wrong in his mind, long ago and he slid down a long solitary path to where he is today. I pray for you both.

  • Amy says:

    All my husband wanted in our marriage is a person to occupy the main level in our house. Married 46 years and had sex, love, intimacy once on our wedding night. Since then nothing, he wouldn’t have any kids and told me if I wanted kids go find some one else. And have him support the kids. He lives in our basement or out in his new garage. We never interact in any way! Its been a lonely life for me, while he was working he never came home, has no friends TV phone computer radio he is a loner and a hermit. I’m just a nobody

  • Christine says:

    I was once cheated on. My ex decided that i was not good enough and that all he wanted was sex. He knew i wouldn’t give him that opportunity, so he decided to cheat on me and have sex and go out partying and drinking with half naked girls. Well, he made the final decision and had sex with 4 other girls while he was dating me. He finally felt guilty of what he did and dumped me and never told me why he did until a year later when he randomly found my number and we talked for the first time in a year.

  • Ann Turrentine says:

    I just met a man on-line who lives out of town probably 200 miles and works a lot. What should I expect regarding how long to wait before we met without
    coming on too strong. He says he wants a woman his own. He seems very nice,
    accomplished as I am also. Should I expect to hear from him everyday since we
    are only emailing and texting. I assume that I should let him know what I want
    in a relationship also, a man to call my own.

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I lift up anyone who is struggling with there relationship in marriage that they will seek You for guidance in this are of there marriage. In Jesus Mighty Name amen

  • Celeste65 says:


    You aren’t trapped, although it may seem that way to you.
    Thankfully you haven’t married him! My husband was verbally and emotionally abusive. He disrespected me and wouldn’t
    listen when I spoke . I thought I was trapped. I thought I was losing my mind.
    It took me 10 years to leave him. I gave my heart, body, soul to a man who treated me
    like crap. Wasted my youth. Its not too late for you.

  • Marcipan says:

    I am into a long distance relationship. I live south of the globe while my boyfriend lives up north. He travels around the world because of his job. Good there is skype that makes the miles of distance short. We keep each other posted any time of the day and see each other at least once a year when the chance to travel to him is possible (all expense he pays). He is still doing his house and keeps me posted about it. I have not seen his family yet nor have virtually met them.

    But sometimes doubt comes to my mind. It felt sometimes I am just the one who is wanting to make the relationship lasting. I have been giving him the clues that I wanted to get married as the physical absence is never easy. We are in our past 30s and we have been talking about having children of our own. But for me he is not taking action or saying things about his plans for me or for us.

    Could he be having a hard time to tell me that he is not seeing a future for the two of us? Or maybe is not ready to get me into his ”life”.

  • esther amoah says:

    Awww lucky am really sorry 4 u n am puttin maslf in ur shows.i thnk i agree wid kay’s sentiments..eventhough it hurts but just leave time will heal ur wounds n even scars

  • Kay says:

    @ Lucky

    If anything, this may be hard to do because you love him, but there really are no options to you being happy in your relationship… people do change, but not that much so it really should be a no brainer here, you need to leave. He will not understand any logic you try to apply and attempting to do so would be a waste of time. Stress and depression kills too, and that is all he is really providing you with.

    You need to leave. No more arguments, no more stress, just leave. There are places and people that are willing to help, the people here on this site are helpful too, but seriously he lies, cheats, disrespects you, does not stimulate your mind, body, or soul in any way.

    Anyone can propose, but honestly that does not mean he loves you the way he should, please do not marry him, and leave.

    please ignore the typos btw.

  • Lucky says:

    Me and my fiance have been engaged for 5 years, we fight about anything and everything,he also cheats and everytime denies it. He has a tendency of blaming me for everything. He believes because he is the man of the house I must let him control me, he wants me to stop working, ask for his permission before I do everything, jump when he says so etc. He even says I should be grateful because he is providing a place for me to stay. I’m not allowed to be angry when cheats and does me wrong, and when I don’t want to speak to him because I feel too angry, he has his way of making me the bad person. He has put me through a lot since we met but he blames everything on me. Please help. What do I do

  • Celeste65 says:

    Are you taking into account that men often have sex just to relieve stress?
    A husband can have sex with his wife and it doesn’t mean he loves or respects her.
    Sometimes he just wants to get off to relieve stress….

  • Carrie says:

    From my personal experience to scientific studies’ conclusions, I can say that men want only one thing and one thing only. Regardless of the sexuality, men want their significant other to be “compatible” with them in every imaginable way. The percentage of men who want wives or husbands inferior to themselves are so minimal, you should really ignore it. So basically, men want a self reflection in their significant others. Go, have a look around. You will clearly notice that this conclusion can not be more true. Let me put it this way, ladies and gentlemen out there who are enthusiastically looking for a matching pair, if you want a powerful man, then be powerful yourself to attract them. If you want a passionate man, then be that yourself. If you want a family more than anything, then find a man who shares same values with you. After all, that powerful or ambitious man does not want to come home to a wife/husband who gave up their career for a family. They will come home to share their work day with you and freely exchange opinions. This being said, it is probably time you should stop wondering why men commit more adultery than women.

  • Esther says:

    Derx dis guy who cant show his sentimants about me..he hardly call even after we have shared a great moment n he tells me he loves me when am around him but nothing to me really shows he does..i want to get over him and be free..how do i ?and he is a ldies man tooo..how do i handle him?

  • Alfred Alfred says:

    Hi Nancy,
    After being gone for almost half a year, I would wonder too whether he has forgotten about you. How can one know whether it is only dental work that is keeping him out there. Maybe he’s found a job and is making a home for himself there? Let’s pray: Dear Lord, our Father, I thank you that Nancy has written for help. Give her wisdom, and keep her close to you while she waits for her lover! May this man realize that he needs to keep the words of commitment that he’s given her. I pray that the union of this couple (if it is your will) be approved in heaven. If they do not both love and serve you, Lord, then help Nancy and her lover to make it right with you, or look for another person to embrace! I the name of Jesus, our ambassador; Amen.

  • Alfred Alfred says:

    Dear Lusungu,
    Congratulations on your healing! There is a saying “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” So, I thank God for you and for your circle of good friends. I believe God has a plan for your life, and it will most likely include a man of God’s choosing.
    I just re-read your letter, and praise God for working in your life. There are many reasons for difficulties and tests, but the Bible says we can count on God to see us through at all times! Let’s pray together: Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for rescuing Lusungu from a poor relationship. Thank you also for blessing her in her work-place and for making her a blessing to others! May she continue to grow in her love to you, and to be of even greater service to mankind. Bless her child, and help it to grow and to love you also. In the precious name of Jesus; Amen.

  • lusungu says:

    i was once dumped by a man whom i loved very much to the point were the pain led me into depression,he confronted me and accused me of cheating on him he even arranged for false people to come up and tell lies about me,to make matters worse i was even a month pregnant with his child,i just discovered that he was even planning a big wedding with the other woman who happened to be my friend, but i managed to heal because i was sarounded by lovely people,i gave myself time to heal and managed to get rid of the bitterness i had towards men,from the african city i come from there is this notion that pretty or beautiful slender and light skinned women are automatically put in a category of sluts,players or prostitutes people judge you even when they dont know you.But i believe that a good relationship should be based on the truth,i decided to concentrate on my career and am a happy young lady because i have managed to achieved my dreams career wise
    and i know that one day i will meet someone who will accept me just as iam because i believe that true love is unconditional the christian bible says love is pure, it keeps no record of wrongs,love is not selfish, love never fails, i let go of the past. because bitterness is like drinking deadly poison while expecting your enemy to die it kills and ruins ones self esteem and it steals joy as well.

  • Nancy says:

    My bf were getting serious. He is 72 and I’m 74. We are young for our age working and active. He went to Mexico after3 months for dental work. He has been gone 5 months. After 2 months he realized how much he loves me and says he wants to be with me forever. But I am really suffering while he gets the work done and he seems to handle it better. How do men think in these situations.

  • Kate Kate says:

    Hi Zahid,

    Thanks for your comment. Can you give an example of what you mean?


  • zahid says:

    First i must give thanks to the author Rinatta Paries for writing such a resourceful thoughts. It is clear that the above information are more authentic, reliable and practically experimented. I have a query to know. my question is how can i approach a girl and notify a girl about the things that i want from her?

  • Shelley Shelley says:

    Dear Father God.

    Lord I pray that you will be with man and woman in deciding to have a relationship together. I pray that they will lean on you for bringing them together under holy matrimony. That they will not rush into the relationship but take there time and get to know each other. in Jesus Mightyname Amen

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