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Making Memories: Life Without My Mother

My mom passed away when I was in my third year of university. She missed my college graduation, my wedding, and she’s going to miss the births of my children. This is one of the most painful realities of being the one left behind. You can’t make any new memories with the people you love. From now on, they’re going to miss every birthday, every...

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First Date Flops (and Other Disappointments)

video by Elevation Church A friend once told me, “If you expect to be disappointed--you’ll never be disappointed!” While totally pessimistic, that expression holds some truth. Have you ever been on a blind date? I went on one a few years ago. It wasn’t totally blind. I noticed a guy I thought was attractive and pointed him out to a friend...... > more

Being Single in a Couples Culture

When I was in high school it seemed like most of my friends had boyfriends. Relationships were something I thought about a lot and I was always on the lookout for “potentials” in my classes. When I entered university, my goal was to get a boyfriend. I wanted someone I could connect with, relate to, and be with. I... > more

God, If You’re Out There I Need Some Help

It started with a trip to a walk-in clinic. Then there was the phone call, “You need to come to the hospital right now.” Then came more tests and an uncomfortable conversation with a nurse who had the tough job of saying the words, “We think you have leukemia.” Mike is a creative guy, he’s into music and photography. Years... > more

The Last Christmas Before The Divorce

I will never forget the Christmas party where I witnessed a family being torn apart. Everything appeared fun and festive until my friend’s mom asked me to go grab something from the fridge in the garage. When I opened the interior garage door, I saw my friend’s stepdad weeping uncontrollably. He was utterly broken and vulnerable, no longer the... > more

Jesus is for Everyone

"Before you write Him off as a good teacher, or an outstanding man; before you attempt to rob His name of its power, consider that Jesus might just be a name worth remembering." -Joshua Spence Jesus Christ.  Whether those are the first words on your lips when you step on a piece of lego or if Jesus is a name you are... > more

The Right Tool for the Job

All I needed was a screwdriver. I’d like to think I know some things. Perhaps not a lot of things, but enough to at least get me by in basketball games, horse barns, and hardware stores: anticipate the pass, approach from an angle, and always have a screwdriver. I recently moved, and since I had been using my roommate’s dresser as... > more

A Seat at the Family Table

There’s something about fall that brings people together. Maybe the cooler weather makes us desperate for warmth, maybe it’s the history of the harvest and people working together to prepare for the winter ahead, or maybe it’s as simple as needing 16 people to finish that Costco-sized pumpkin pie! At least for my family, autumn has always been the... > more

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