Grief Myths

Please open your Bible and read:
(Psalm 23)

Abby had just lost her mom.? She cried secretly for days, not wanting anyone to notice her tears.?

Well – meaning friends gave her advice.? Some told her to stop talking about her mom because it only made her sad.? Others quoted the old line, “Time heals all wounds.???? But both are myths.

Margaret Brownley, author of Grieving God’s Way, says talking about a loved one helps you heal.? If it makes you sad, that’s okay.? Feelings of sadness speak to the depth of your love.? And it’s not the passing of time that heals, but what you do with the time that counts.?

Friend, work through the anger and depression, and pray often. Trust God to bring you through the valley of the shadow of death.? God will carry you through.? I know!

Grieving God’s Way by Margaret Brownley:


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