Horner Video: Was Jesus Married?

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Philosopher Michael Horner took the time to answer some of the questions raised by The Da Vinci Code on camera.

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What do you think? Was he single or married?

6 Responses to “Horner Video: Was Jesus Married?”

  • telson says:

    Many syncretistic religions formed gnosticism. Gnosticism was rivaling against Christianity and gnosticism held itself better religion as Christianity was. Word gnosticism comes from Greek word gnosis, which means knowledge. Gnosticism had various effects, for instance, some Gnostics taught that divinity can be achieved through unity of the man and woman. This thought led some Gnostics to reach for divinity through sexual intercourse between the man and woman. There existed also some Gnostics, who abstained from sexual intercourse. When we know the fact that Gnostics held Christians as their enemies and that Gnostics held themselves better as Christians and that Gnostics wanted to show in every way that Gnosticism was better as Christianity, so Gnostics made so called gnostic gospels were they twisted, slandered and misrepresented the real gospels. Gnostics went so far in this misrepresent that they wrote “new gospels” by faking the real gospels. In these faked gospels Gnostics wrote that Jesus Christ was an ordinary man who has a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene.


  • […] The gist of it is that Kathleen McGown claims she is from the ’sacred bloodline’ as described in The Da Vinci Code. (Which in turn got its ideas from the lamentable Holy Blood, Holy Grail.) McGown is the “self-proclaimed descendant of a union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene” (emphasis mine). She’s making a big claim here; not only that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child (for which there is absolutely no evidence) but also that McGowan herself is part of the resulting bloodline. Of course she is using the Da Vinci Code trick in her book by writing a “fictional” story about ‘Maureen Paschal’ which McGowan acknowledges is basically herself. This allows her to have all the fun of making truth claims while hiding behind the guise of fiction. […]

  • […] Jesus being married here: http://davinci.thelife.com/2006/05/12/horner-video-was-jesus-married/ Permanent Link to ‘Was Jesus Married?’   […]

  • Deebee says:

    Thanks for this excellent video clip addressing the issue of whether or not Jesus was married to MM. Well spoken Mr. Horner!

  • Raquel says:

    The Bible is the Word of god written by the apostles but they are empowered by the Holy spirit it is our own guide for the truth about God the Father,God the Son w/c s Jesus&God the Holy Spirit Nowadays people are so confused they have different beliefs bec.they can’t accept&believe what is written in God’s Word it is very clear Jesus was born in a virgin&was never married He was pure,clean&Holy even He became a man He never commit any sin bec.He’s pure purpose s 2save mankind from their sin He became our Saviour,the Messiah Those philosopher,scientist base their beliefs&ideas from their own knowledge of understanding w/c s not the real source of authority w/c s our God so how can they write a real story instead they bring confusion Our god is not a God of confusion but will lead us to d right direction.There’s no truth&proof n thier story at all.Like the dinnosaurs story ’till now no proof.God will direct us to the right path His Word the bible s our enlightenment for the real & true story so y bother to read a book that will only bring confussion in your mind.People without proper understanding in God’s word will be brainwashed & get bother but if you’re grounded with God’s word you know where you stand you can’t be shaken.Any book or story written without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit s against God & will only tell a lie about the truth the choice is our’s as His Words say “Narrow is the road that leads to righteosness but wider is the road that leads to destruction” WE BELONG TO OUR CHOICE.The Word of God says”FATHER OF ALL LIES S D DEVIL” f u believe lies you belong to satan f you believe the truth you are blessed you’re on the rigth tract coz you belong to God w/c road you choose you choose now remember God promise a mansion in heaven for those who believe & obey Him John14:1-3.Lake of fire s waiting for those who tell a lie & blaspheme God.

  • tom says:

    Let’s change history: spend some quality time with your wife or your husband. Ask yourself if you’re married or not, really. Are you living up to the vows you made at your friend’s wedding, when the priest asked everyone if they will support the married couple. Are you supporting them?, Worshipping some old, messianic tale and not doing anything in your world? Jesus said “Who do you say I am?” The point is not who Jesus was, who Jesus was screwing. The point is who you are. Who are you?

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