Saint Mary Magdalene

Written by Darren Hewer

The Da Vinci Code paints a terrible picture of the church’s treatment of Mary Magdalene. According to Teabing, she was falsely called a prostitute as a result of a smear campaign launched by the early Church. The Church needed to defame Mary Magdalene in order to cover up her dangerous secret her role as the Holy Grail  (Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code, Chapter 58). Is it accurate to suggest a “smear campaign”? Brown goes even further, suggesting that the Church outlawed speaking of the shunned Mary Magdalene! (Chapter 61)

This supposed “smear campaign” never occurred. Pope Gregory I, in 591AD, apparently confused the story of a reformed prostitute given in the Gospel of Luke chapter 7 with Mary Magdalene, whose name is mentioned soon afterward in chapter 8. From study of the text, this interpretation is very unlikely. It’s unfortunate that this late tradition persisted for so long before being corrected, but it’s important to remember that historically Mary Magdalene was praised by the church!

Was Mary a sinner? Yes, but in the sense that we are all sinners, and the church never ‘shunned’ the ‘sinner’ Mary Magdalene. Mary is mentioned in positive terms many times throughout the Gospels. Consider that “she followed Jesus from Galilee, ministered to Him, beheld the crucifixion from afar, stood by the cross, located and watched the tomb, came early to the tomb with spices, was first to see the risen Lord, and reported the resurrection to the disciples” (Chuck Missler). She was also named as a saint by the church. That’s right, Saint Mary Magdalene. The early Christians named churches after her and prayed at her purported tombs (Amy Weber, De-Coding Da Vinci, 68). Christianity focuses more on repentance than sin, and as Weber points out, in the Medieval and early Renaissance period Mary was “held up as a model for all Christians, male and female.

In the first century, women in society had poor status. For example, a woman’s testimony was not considered valid in court, and teachers never accepted women as their students. But Jesus honored and taught people equally, both men and women, including Mary. Although no credible evidence exists that suggests Mary was Jesus’ wife, she was certainly not ‘shunned’ by early Christians.

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  • Andrew says:

    @Brittney Stonewall,
    Your statement that you believe that Mary Magdalene was not a sinner is not based on scripture as we all are sinners. Mary Magdalene accepted Jesus and was forgiven by Jesus and when God sent the Holy Spirit she was filled with the Holy Spirit and walked a spirit filled life. She was forgiven however often the secular society will try to discredit and pervert the Bible to cast doubt. The Bible stands on its own and if people researched the scriptures they would be able to dispute what others say. Unlike other religions who protect their faith through violence.

    Recently thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan rioted as a result of someone burning the Koran and have been killing others. I find it pretty sad that people kill in the name of religion and the public justifies it however when the Bible is unjustly perverted by others it is acceptable in the media and world. This proves that Christianity is a peaceful religion as our actions speak louder than words. If the same producer would have produced a documentary on the perversion of prophet Mohammad I wonder how long he would be alive…. All this movie was is an opportunity to make money as they were pretty cowardly to make up a fable about Christianity because they did not have the courage to produce the weaknesses of Muslims!
    God Bless

  • Brittney Stonewall says:

    I honestly believe that this is something positive we should all know regarding the lord. However, I want to let you know that there are more spiritual avenues to pursue in France: it depends on where you’d like to go. I don’t believe Mary was a sinner, but I do believe that she worked well with Jesus and that he was her teacher. Jesus believed that every man shall be created equally and I think what we have here is something that is going to open up your eyes to word of the God. There’s so much power in the words that you use and say, “One word can evoke an intangible emotion which cannot be altered.” We must think of this when certain words come to mind, because what you say has the power to change things. With that said, I speak on behalf ot the company with which I associate for traveling matters at hand. The name of company is New York Habitat; they are a licenseed brokerage firm that works with exempt properties from the law. Although with the strength and forces that ignite in the Universe, never under-minding the power of the lord, this company has th abaility to deliver an amazing customer service background without failure to exceed the clients needs. They are there for you and the human touch is vital.

  • Vincent Onkoba says:

    Dear pastor ,
    Greetings, i am a Kenyan fellowship leader of 17 members fellowship under a shade.I am 35 years of age married with one wife and blessed with four children .
    I am also blessed to be a caretaker and offering shelter to 11 needy children in a compassionate center. I operate out of good will of well-wishers,to enable give the children a hope for the future.
    Having been touched and moved by your statement of faith and your focus to make the gospel reach all corners of the world,i have taken a step of faith to partner with you to enable us learn more from you so as God`s word may reach all corners including Kenya.
    Having faith that you may want to connect me with all other contacts of yours from Kenya ,i will appreciate if you do so for fellowship purposes,be blessed,and hopes to hear from you.
    Yours brother Vincent

  • sharonb says:

    thank you

  • sharonb says:


  • Dave says:

    I don’t think there is a word “passed” use “past” instead.

  • Spiderwoman says:

    Sorry Laurie, I’m stuck in the dark ages (no CD burner)
    I bought Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Anthology “through the years” at the store. His lyrics speak to my heart, which is why I love him.

  • Tova says:

    Laurie…you can download this song from

  • Laurie says:

    MJ, I’ve never heard the song before. Is it a fast or slow song and what’s it about? Maybe I can see if I can get a sample of it online. I think of the Fugees (y’know, the group with Lauren Hill) when I think of refugees. haha.. and it’s so funny how things remind us of other things. For instance, MJ reminds me of Michael Jackson, but then you said it was Mary-Jane, which totally reminded me of Spider-Man. hahaha, speakin’ of, isn’t Spider-Man 3 comin’ out soon? Wait, Superman Returns is first, eh?

  • Mary-Jane; formerly known as MJ says:

    Laurie, when I read that you were born in a refugee camp in Thailand, I immediately thought of the song “Refugee” sung by a sweet soul, Tom Petty. Just a thought.
    Continue to let love surround you…

  • Des Emery says:

    Laurie – Oh, I knew you were joking about the ‘hottest man’ all right, and I laughed then, but I meant it about him not making the best mate. Gary has it right and right on. Your postings since then are illuminating and I think you read your brother correctly when you said he was ‘spiritually thirsty.’ And that is my response to what made me look to Jesus for light. I am intellectually convinced, emotionally accepting, and spiritually happy. For a good, though difficult, read, I suggest Phenomenon Of Man, by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a biologist, archeologist, writer, and Jesuit priest. The quote I most remember is that we (mankind) are like a rising bubble in a downward flowing stream, and his firm belief that evolution takes us closer and closer to each other and to G-d.

    That got a bit offtrack,didn’t it, Laurie? In the previous blog I explained as best I could the various themes we were talking about, but I never got to say I believe in jesus, I hope in Jesus, and I love Jesus. He satisfies my thirst, living bread and wine.

  • Mary-Jane; formerly known as MJ says:

    Hey there Laurie,
    Thanks for being open with your experiences. Most people do not like to be transparent with their lives. But it is needed to understand each other better.

    You guessed it! Born in Manitoba. Summers are great but the winters are way too looooong.

    Like you, I also struggled with an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. It was bad. But I’m over it now, thank God!

    About the Christ encounter… or whatever you call it… happened in high school in 97-ish. Basically I read Jesus’ words and, spiritually, the words jumped out of the pages. I went to church and felt a presense during the praise and worship and just cry. I cried and cried and cried… not for myself, I was simply sensing a presense of Love and it was good. Every night for about a year and a half, I’d go to bed and a spirit of Love would fall on my body and I soaked in it. I also remember feeling like I was on fire. Something like swords of fire were priecing me. Sorry, it’s hard to explain. I kinda got freaked out about the whole situation and wondered if my high school principle knew what was happening to me. (I went to a Christian High School). I forget what he said. Anywho, that was that.
    I appreciate that experience. But it is what it is. What it was, I don’t know.
    All I know is that I am a Seeker of Truth. I sense that I have a sword-like spirit within me. It cuts the crap out of me and I cut out other peoples crap with it too. Ha! What on earth am I saying? I must be crazy. Maybe I’m crazy? Maybe just a little nutz, like everyone else on this planet. HA!
    have a good one, people.

  • Jan says:

    Thanks for sharing Laurie, yes the gnostics were into secret revelation a lot. Totally oppposite from the true Christian gospel which is open to all and so simple it can be understoon by a little child. I think a little controversy once in awhile is good for us though as it gets us thinking and digging for truth. It is easy to get complacent and just believe because…..well because. Early in my Christian life I was approached by a lot of people who believed differently.(cults) They used a lot of the same terminology that I did but as I studied I realized that the actual heart of their messages were quite different than the one that changed my life. God wants us to be rooted and grounded in love and that comes by knowing who God said he was not just what othjes have told us about him. I have no trouble believing the Bible as my source for information (because I have checked it out for its historical accuracy and how it stacks up with other writings of antiquity) but I am not against checking out other sources. (Hence my interest in the Gnostic and apochryphal gospels). Now I kind of know a bit more what other people are talking about when they discuss these and I can feel confident that I have honestly checked it out with an open heart. So far nothing I have read has influenced me to become a gnostic tho. Your right God’s love cannot be beat.

  • Laurie says:

    Hey everyone,

    wow, so much discussion since I was last here! Gary, congratulations on your 32nd anniversary! That’s so awesome… I think it’s so beautiful when I see people who are married for a long, long time. I even took what you said “When we were first married we had to spend every spare second with our arms wrapped around each other. As our relationship matured, we needed less physical contact but that doesn?t mean we loved each other less” and shared it with my boyfriend. I totally agree with you… we have much more to learn about love, but we’re being taught again and again that love is not just words and being with each other all the time, we love in word and in deed as it says in I John. Maybe one day I will understand more though. :)

    MJ, are you in Manitoba or something? I’m thinkin’ the Jets here for some reason.. haha…

    As for who Jesus is to me… well, He’s my saviour and my God. Yes, I’ve had a number of encounters with the Spirit. MJ, care to share the encounter in 1997/1998? No, it doesn’t sound weird to me.

    I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. My parents are traditionally and religiously Chinese Buddhist, however, I went to church when I was 6 because I went to Chinese school at a church building. This was when we came to Canada.

    My parents thought a kid who went to church would turn out to be a good kid so they let me go. So I went to Sunday school, got the stickers for memorizing verses, learned about Moses, Noah and of course, Jesus, but never really understood how important Jesus was to my life.

    Later, our church had to split up because our pastor was called to Vancouver and we were very small. So, in high school, I tried out some other churches, but felt left out by the people there. In high school, I thought I knew everything I was doing. I had a lot of friends, I got good marks, and people liked me. So, being left out by Christians at that church really hurt me and I remember saying to myself, “if these are God’s people, then I definitely don’t need them or want to be like them. I can find so much more acceptance outside of church.”

    So I sought the worldly things in life, thought I would be a success and found my worth in my friends and what people thought of me. This was only temporary, of course, because these things do not last. I remember in grade 11, I felt so lost with nobody to turn to. I had many friends, but I didn’t feel like I could really talk to them about the emptiness I felt inside. There must be more to life than intelligence, popularity and a successful career, I realized. But I didn’t know what would fill the emptiness I felt. I began to get depressed and started cutting myself. I also had an eating disorder that I’ve been fighting even until my 3rd year of university. I overcame it by God’s grace and the freedom that is only found in Jesus.

    In grade 12, my brother decided to start going to church. I think he was spiritually thirsty, and he ended up at a church and loved it. He told me to go but I made many excuses at first. Finally, I decided to go and it was just so different. People really seemed to genuinely love others there. Something about the love that these people had intrigued me and made me want to know more about church and God. After a sermon by the pastor, I went home and prayed the prayer to accept Jesus.

    But of course, after that, I still had to discover why I believed on my own. I looked into Buddhism and briefly learned about other religions. I found that Jesus is the only, way, truth and life and He died for me. I don’t need to do anything anymore in order to earn love from Him. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, just the way we are. We don’t need to worry about what God thinks, because He thinks we’re so beautiful and precious. Jesus’ offer of grace, salvation and an intimate relationship with God is far too awesome to ever imagine, or come to fully comprehend. But it is there, and I’ve accepted it.

    haha, sorry so long.. just thought I’d share since you asked and I wanted to be real about it. It’s been a long time since I was in high school. haha

    Jan, as for Mary Mags and the Gnostics… I know a lot of it is in code, but I found this from the Gosp of Thomas: 114 Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.” Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.”

    I gotta say, personally, I’m glad this isn’t who Jesus truly is according to the new testament. :)

  • emmzee says:

    Gary, I have heard of the Dark Night of the Soul, but I similarly haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I did a quick search, and its available to read online here (or download as a PDF, txt, etc):
    The CCEL has hundreds of Christian works that are not protected by Copyright (ie because they are old). I’ll get to it eventually … my list of “eventual” reads seems to be continually growing, I doubt I’ll ever catch up :)

  • Gary J Sibio says:

    Hi Jan & others,

    Sorry to take so long to respond. It’s going to be like that for a little bit as my mother had to (unexpectedly) go back into the hospital and has had her surgery moved up to this Tuesday. Please pray for her. (I don’t remember if I ever said what the problem was. She has a couple of large growths in her colon that have to be removed.)

    “The Diary of Sr. Faustina” is just that, a diary. She was a nun in Poland in the late 1920s and 1930s who was given many special graces including being visited by Jesus who appeared to her as a beggar at the convent door. Jesus spoke to her in a special way and told her about His Divine Mercy for each of us. She was canonized by Pope John Paul II and the Sunday after Easter is now commemorated as Divine Mercy Sunday, something which Jesus asked for in one of His talks with her.

    I read “The Hiding Place” many years ago. In fact it was so long ago that she was still alive. It is an incredible story about an incredible woman. I think my favorite story about her is where she is speaking in a church and, after her talk, a man approaches her who turns out to be the man responsible for the death of her family. This would be an excellent book for those here who have doubts about Christianity.

    BTW, I think you got the idea of what I was talking about regarding marriage perfectly correct. Thanks for helping to clear that up.



    Your comment about your relationship with your future husband never becoming dull or unsatisfying was exactly what I was saying. The relationship just gets better and better although the external signs may decrease. You’ve heard the jokes about how couples have sex less often the longer they’ve been married. It’s not that sex becomes unenjoyable or anything like that.

    You said: So, you no longer have to tell your wife that she’s rocks your world… or that she’s an inspiration to your mind, body and soul? I may be an idealist. But I imgaine marriage to be a union of two connected souls, so intune with each other, that it’s hard to see where one starts and the other begins.

    That’s not what I mean. I think you have it right, above. I guess it’s just difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t been married a few years. (My wife and I just celebrated our 32dn anniversary last week.)

    re: marriage designed by God, Jesus as example

    The way I see it, Jesus is our example in marriage without being married. The marriage union is similar in nature to the relationship between the persons in the Trinity which, of course, includes Jesus. In the Nicene Creed it says that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son which corresponds to procreation.

    In addition, Jesus shows us the true way to love by laying down His life for us. That is perfect love. If Jesus had been married, He might not have been able to provide that example since to do so would have separated Him from His wife and family.

    I know that, for some reason, you desperately want Jesus to have married Mary Magdalene but there in absolutely no evidence that it happened. Even the Gnostic Gospels don’t say He did. Brown made it up because he knew that a cheesy book slandering the Catholic Church would make a fortune. It is also very unlikely that Mary Magdalene was ever in France. There are two traditions about what happened to her. The belief that she went to France does not appear until almost 1000 AD. The belief that she went to Ephesus and lived with St. John the Apostle and the Blessed Virgin Mary appears much earlier (still only 6th century) and is even supported by Gregory of Tours, a early French bishop.



    Have you ever read “Dark Night of the Soul” by St. John of the Cross? It talks about our relationship with God and how, although He never leaves us, He sometimes withdraws the feeling of His presence so that we learn to grow in faith. It’s one of the books I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t had a chance to yet.

  • Jan says:

    Hey what’s up? Do you guys think Sunday is a day of rest or something? We need some more entries here. What do you all think about Mary M. What do we actually know about her. I have to admit I was surprised by the revelations that she was actually a wealthy woman from Magdala. I always thot she was a bit of a loose women cause of the demon activity but I realize now that was a dumb assumption on my part. I did not associate her with the story of the woman saved from the stoning for committing adultery though as that women is unnamed. That is an interesting story because the religious leaders said they caught her in the very act. HMMMMM! Was she committing adultery alone? Where’s the guy. What a double standard eh? Remember this is the kind of religious chauvinism that Jesus was up against.(And the early church too) I wonder just what he wrote in the sand. Was he privately exposing each man’s sin to him? It says they all left one by one quietly after that without any further accusations. The fact that he even talked to women and later allowed an unclean women (she was mensturating and had been for several years) touch him unchallenged and even healed her was pretty radical. Then there was the women at Jacob’s well in Samaria (hated by ‘true’ Jews) who apparently had 5 husbands and was on potential number 6. He seemed to treat men and women pretty equally.

  • emmzee says:

    Marriage was designed by God, but it is also not required by God. Paul speaks at great length about this topic in 1 Corinthians 7.

    It was common at Jesus’ time for great religious leaders to remain celibate to focus entirely on their ministry, so it makes sense that Jesus would have not married. Personally I may get married, I may not.

    Re Gary’s comment, those of us who aren’t married like myself should be wary of commenting on how marriage really works! :) But I think that the point Gary is trying to make is not that he never tells his wife she “rocks his world” but instead that over time as two people become more and more “intune” with eachother (which, lets face it, does not happen immediately just because people fall in love and get married) that saying certain things explicitly becomes unnecessary; that as two people grow closer in a marriage relationship, it is not by words that they express their feeling/devotion, but instead by their everyday meaningful relationship itself. (Of course take this with a grain of salt from someone who is not married :D)

    And so, it can be the same with God. Early on we may constantly feel God near us; but as we mature, maybe it’s like the training wheels coming off a bike, and while God never leaves us nor does His love ever lessen in the slightest, we still can start to learn to become more self-sufficient.

  • Jan says:

    I don’t think Gary is saying we don’t need or give physical and emotional encouragement to our spouses as our relationship matures. However we do trust that they love us even when they are silent. If an infants mother leaves the room there is a time in their develoopment where they absolutely freak out. It is like she has vanished never to return. Sometimes as baby christians we are like that and God is gracious to meet our needs for tangible senses of his presence. I love the physical sense of Gods nearness to me and it does happen often in times of worship but I do not doubt he is there and working in my life just because I do not feel it emotionally. (By the way I have been married 36 1/2 years so I am an old fogie).

  • Jan says:

    Marriage was designed by God but I do not believe that showing what true temporal marriage should be like was Jesus’ mission on earth. He is described as a bridegroom but only in connection with his bride the church.

  • MJ says:

    Gary, I’m not married. I hope, when finally tie the knot, I will grow more and more in love with that man. In regards to your statement, “As we matured, we needed less physical contact but that doesn’t mean we loved each other less”. I believe that my physical relationship with my future husband will never become dull or unsatisfying.

    I’m also a little confused about your statement… “as we get to know God better and better, we need fewer and fewer signs that He loves us and cares for us. In a way it’s like marriage.”
    So, you no longer have to tell your wife that she’s rocks your world… or that she’s an inspiration to your mind, body and soul? I may be an idealist. But I imgaine marriage to be a union of two connected souls, so intune with each other, that it’s hard to see where one starts and the other begins. Time has no bearing on when the two shall meet. The trick is not to compromise… but rather wait until you both acknowledge you’re spiritually, physically, mentally connected.

    Gary, was marriage designed by God? If it was, wouldn’t He send his Son to set the perfect example? Jesus and Mary Magdalene… Lovers and friends.

  • Jan says:

    If Googling to find reference to the book I mention be sure to include the author’s name Paul Chamberlain as there is another “Can We be Good without God” book by Robert Buckman. I have not read that one so cannot comment on it.

  • Jan says:

    There is a book called “Can we be good without God-A Converstaion about Truth Morality Culture and a Few other Things that Matter”. It is by a fellow called Paul Chamberlain and it arose out of a debate he held with another university professor about philosophy. It asks two of the most basic questions of life and human existence. First, is there any real right and wrong (objective moral standard), the kind that does not depend on anyone’s view or opinion? Second, if there are such standards, why? How can there be and what is their foundation. In a dramatic intraction we hear from the Atheist, the moral relativist the evolutionist the secular humanist and the christian.
    No I didn’t become a believer through this type of formal debate it was a much more personal need I felt and that was only satisfied by a spiritual encounter with Christ. I did not see a vision but I felt the light of his presence and heard his voice in my spirit and my life has never been the same again. MY story is long and I would hate to bore everyone with it but I needed God to restore my soul which had been broken as a child by abuse. I have always been a doer even when it came to spirituality. I thot you could learn how to be a better Christian but you can’t. I know I have said in other entries that I believe we are saved and being saved and that disciplined study and fellowship is important. It is but that is not what heals us. The healing part is totally a gift and is only wrought supernatually by the Holy spirit.
    Many nice christian church people know nothing of the supernatural power and ministry of the Holy Spirit and they live out their Christian lives in dryness and sheer determination.
    I liked reading some of the entries of the Polish nun that Gary mentioned. She really knew the ministry of the Holy Spirit in her life.

  • Tova says:

    Another good read for a summer book list if any of us writing here has one is: The Templars and Ark of the Covenant…authored by Graham Phillips. A non fictional tome that reads like a novel. Mr. Phillips went to Israel to research the beginnings of the christian church. After meeting with David Deissmann, an archaeologist from the Hebrew University, and then taken on an interesting tour the author changed the direction of his book. I do not know how many of us here have ever been to Israel but I can say that I have been there. It is a beautiful country replete with old history and modern cities. Streets that some can only dream of walking on, I did. Be advised if you do go take walking shoes that are broken in. No need to worry about buying bottled water as the tour buses have plenty on hand. For my memory book I shot over 36 rolls of film. Oh, I used to be a professional photogher, that is why so many pictures were taken. Some time google “Safed” pronounced Svat….a very interesting city, one that most christens do not know about. I highly recommend checking it out in everyones copious spare time.

    Good night.

  • Gary J Sibio says:

    re: Why believe

    That’s an excellent question, Laurie, because it made me sit back and think about something that I hadn’t thought about for a while.

    Clearly, there has to be a God in the sense that there has to have been a person or a force or a whatever (beyond our comprehension) that created the universe and started it working. It’s just too absurd to think this all just popped into existence. I know this doesn’t explain where God came from and it’s not much of an answer to say He’s eternal. There are just some things we have to accept on faith. They cannot be proven.

    However, since I took that step, it has been made clear to me that I made the right choice. I have seen many big changes for the better in myself. I understand that that’s a very subjective statement but I’ve seen others change also. I’ve also seen various miracles. Things like instant healings. I know all of the objections about the power of suggestion and all that but some of the things I’ve seen involve inanimate objects and, in one case, the healing of a severely retarded girl who had a bottle of lye poured down her throat because she bumped her bike against some guy’s car.

    These kind of things are more important when we first make that commitment of ourselves to God but, as we get to know God better and better, we need fewer and fewer signs that He loves us and cares for us. In a way it’s like marriage. My wife and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary today. When we were first married we had to spend every spare second with our arms wrapped around each other. As our relationship matured, we needed less physical contact but that doesn’t mean we loved each other less.

    I think I’m starting to ramble so I’m going to stoop here. I’m not quite satisfied with my answer so I doubt you will be but feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

  • Jan says:

    Thanks for the recommendation of the book Gary. What is it about. I love reading real stories of christians living their lives in trying times and allowing God to make it work. Have you ever read the book by Corrie Ten boom called “The Hiding Place” it is a true story about the Second World War in Holland. I think she is a person who learned meekness by the things she suffered.

  • MJ says:

    I’m more interested in who you think Jesus is, Laurie. Have you had an encounter with the Spirit of Christ? Does that sound kinda freaky to you? Or new age-ish? It doesn’t to me. I had an encounter back in 1997/98.
    I kinda touched on my own experience on the blog “New Reports Shows Code confirms religious views.” Care to share your story?

    I brought up the whole “scare ’em to heaven” theme, cause it seems like that’s what some Christians do… if you don’t accept Jesus into your heart, you won’t go to heaven. Let people figure it out on their own. Christ will visit their hearts when they’re ready to listen.

    p.s. My province no longer has an NHL team. We couldn’t “show them the money”, so they left. Those bastards! lol.

  • Leah says:

    Hey Tova

    Leah is a great name! I am always excited to meet other Leahs :-)

  • Laurie says:

    Hey Des, thanks for the response. I was asking the hottest guy thing as a joke, by the way. Just wondering what those who believe in fate think of what’s behind the power of fate.

    MJ, hahaha, I love that song from the musical! (thanks also TOVA!) yes, Go Canada! You from Edmonton? Is that why you’re cheerin’ for the Oil? Yesterday’s game was pretty brutal, but I believe they’ll do better on home ice! I missed getting an answer about your background. What do you believe when it comes to Jesus?

    I don’t believe scaring people into heaven is best… I agree with you there. Why did you bring that one up again?

    Jan, Gary, Des and everyone else… all the witchcraft, divine mercy and second coming stuff aside, why do you believe in Jesus, if you do? Why believe in Him? What makes you believe in Him? And if you don’t, why don’t you?

  • Gary J Sibio says:

    Jan, I recommend that you pick up a copy of the diary of St. Faustina. She was a Polish nun in the late 1920s and 1930s who was canonized by the late Pope John Paul II. She writes a lot about what she calls Divine Mercy. When she was canonized, the pope declared that the Sunday after Easter would be celebrated as the Feast of Divine Mercy.

    If you don’t want to buy the book, I believe it is available on-line. Try googling ‘Faustina’ and ‘diary’.

  • Jan says:

    Its not that I can’t believe it I just don’t think that history has born out the possiblility of such a thing although Joy to the world the hymn sort of preaches the idea. In fact the church is stronger under persecution, as it is forced to totally depend of God for help. The western church and society is depending on the government, the economy and culture for fulfillment and supply not God. When disaster strikes we sit up and take notice that we need help beyond ourselves. Of course it can happen but we all have free will and I do not see that people want to be aligned with a God that they feel limits their free will. I of course don’t believe he does. I believe he gives me a terrific life and I want everyone to believe as well. So….I am labled a bible thumper and narrow minded because i do not believe Buddha was divine or holds the keys of death and hell like Jesus does. Jesus himself talks about the ‘narrow way” being “the way the truth and the life” not a way to truth and life.
    I think the reason that Jesus has not come back yet and why he refused to set a date, is that He isn’t willing for anyone to be left in the clutches of the enemy of their souls. He is in the process of coming and the fulfilllment of all things will happen until then Christians should be doing the work that they were given by Jesus to do. (Yes I believe in a personal being called Lucifer, satan or the devil) Jesus doesn’t want anyone to be lost for eternity and so he waits for people to respond to his humble messasge of love.

  • Tova says:

    The song Aquarius comes from the Broadway musical “Hair”. It became a number one billboard hit ….Fifth Dimension. If you enjoy downloading music. like myself, check out Kazaa or Lime Wire. No doubt the song could be found there.

  • Tova says:

    Leah perhaps you would be interested in knowing my beautiful daughter is also named Leah.

  • MJ says:

    Jan, what is stopping you from believing that Christ has the power to transform the hearts of everyone on the planet? Jesus Christ already paid the price of our sins by dying on the cross. Let’s not just stay there, move on, grow, transform your hearts and minds! It’s like, “oh, well, Jesus is coming back soon, so I guess humanity is screwed. Well, at least I’m saved!”

    Faith is a powerful tool. If you believe that the end of the world will happen, it just might. If you can rally enough people to harness their energy to believe a certain way, who knows what can happen.

  • Jan says:

    I do know that transformation can only happen rightly from the inside out as Jesus stated.( He gave a scathing attack on the religious pharisees whom he called whitewashed tombs and cups only clean on the outside but filthy within because they only did things to look good for others but the truth was not in their hearts) Jesus himself talks about a visible return and says that such a teaching is going to be common as time goes on but is not correct. In Matthew’s gospel Chapter 24 Jesus answers questions regarding the end of the age, in vesrse 4 he says. “Watch out that no one decieves you , for many will come in my name claiming ‘I am the Christ” and will decieve many.”… many predictions about signs of wars earthquate etc etc. now down to verse 26. “So if anyone tells you. ‘There he is out in the desert’, do not go out, or ‘Here he is in the inner rooms’ do not believe it. For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man”…. sun darkened moon and stars out and falling etc. etc…. “At that time, the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the heavens and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory”.
    All that to say this, it will be a pretty visible thing not just a peaceful revolution of love and warm fuzzies.
    I would love to believe in the holy conversion of the entire earth to the point where we are ready to receive the Lord of Glory and live peacefully as one Holy family, but I think there will be a spiritual battle against HIm and his message of a redemptive (buying us back from the enemy) salvation (John 3:16) until the very moment he returns. I am not even sure I believe in the 200 year old teaching of The Rapture as sensationalized by the Left Behind series.

  • MJ says:

    In regards to the Age of Aquarius… “It’s only just begun…” (I know that’s a song someone sang) Ha! You’d think I speak in song all the time. What is it with me these days? Why am I so happy? What’s wrong with me? lol.
    I’ve been interested in Astrology for the past 2 years… just reading up on what people have written. There are many dates given to when some say the Age of A has started or will start. Ranging from 1898 to 2915. Figuring out the exact date is kinda like trying to pin point when Jesus is coming back on his white horse. I encourage people to read up on Aquarius and see if it lines up to what you see around you today in the world.

    Now let me tell you a true story. There was a boy who, at the tender age of 12, was told that the end of the world is coming. “Jesus is coming back to take all the Christians to heaven. You better know where you’ll spend eternity.” Scaring people into heaven is the wrong approach. Wouldn’t you agree?

    The second coming of Christ is a Spirit of Love that’ll sweep across the nations. I believe that the Spirit is touching the hearts of people all around the world and we are being transformed from the inside out. So, perhaps Christ has already arrived? Not in physical form, but rather in spiritual form. Does this make any sense to anyone?

    p.s. Laurie, wouldn’t cha know, I’m an Aquarius. I’m also a big goofball. And I’m from Canada. Goooooo Canada! I hope the Oilers win the Cup.

  • Des Emery says:

    to Laurie – I must remember not to be too mouthy and take up a lot of space, like I did in the previous blog about Mary Magdalene. However, in spite of The Witch of Endor in the Old Testament, the Church has considered aything that smacks of prediction, fortune telling, astrology, etc., to be NOT of the Church, because all of that (or anything) takes away our Free Will. If you are not with the hottest guy around, it’s your own decision that has made it so, not a god, or fate, or destiny. Besides, the hottest guy hardly ever makes the best mate.

  • Laurie says:

    Hi MJ! Good to see you again! It’s been awhile, eh? Hope you’re doing great and havin’ fun at that kool workplace you told us about! haha Hey, what country are you from anyway? (just curious!) I’m in Canada. :)

    Interesting about Age of Aquarius.. haha, I get that song “Age of Aquarius” in my head when I see that phrase. Anyone know that song? Anyway, that quote of what Teabing said totally reminded me of the Enlightenment, Modernism, Postmodernism and the like. Apparently we are in the post- Postmodernism era now, so Age of Aquarius is over I think.

    As for the astrology comment, yes, I’m curious about that. For example, I realized when I used to read horoscopes (I’m a virgo, by the way), I would totally believe them, well, not completely, but I read them cuz I thought they were interesting or something would happen, you know, like, superstitious stuff. Yet I never wondered where this power was coming from exactly. For example, I know many who believe in fate and destiny. But really, what is behind it? Is it a higher power that controls fate and makes fate, fate? or is fate a God of some sort that determines whether I’m with the hottest guy or not? Can someone explain what their take is on that?

  • emmzee says:

    Hi MJ, thanks for your comments, glad to see you here :)

    Regarding the Age of Pisces/Aquarius. I admit that I don’t have much knowledge of this topic, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing a blog entry about it. I did do some research just now … there is so much contradictory information on the web that its somewhat difficult to sort it all out, but here’s what I have discovered so far.

    The Astrological Ages are said to occur ever 2100 years (approximately; I also saw #’s stated as 2150, 2160 and other variations). When the Age of Aquarius actually begins is quite up for debate … one site gives 2700AD as the definite year, another states 2060AD as the definite year (though the author states that they “sense” we have already entered the Age of Aquarius) while a third concludes that it begins in 2600AD. In the end, it seems that the consensus is that the actual YEAR is not important, but the change will be more of a gradual process anyways, but Brown’s suggestion that the passing of the millenium indicates passing into the Age of Aquarius is at best overstated. His use of the term “prophecy” here is also misleading; in context of Jesus, it makes it sound like the Astrological Ages are somehow connected to Jewish/Christian faith, but (as far as I know) they are based on the zodiac, which has no direct connection.

    I hear a lot today about postmodernism, and how the old modern age (ie that of scientific rationalism) has passed by; by that definition, the Age of Aquiarius is already over. I wonder … why are some who are so critical of the Bible so ready to become firm believers in astrology, or new age philosophy? This is NOT a comment aimed at anyone in particular! I’m just wondering aloud :)

  • MJ says:

    Hey Laurie! Nice to meet up with you again. Hope you’re feeling great!
    I know that this might be a little of topic, but the Da Vinci Code also talks about the end of the Age of Pisces and beginning of Age of Aquarius. Page 277, Teabling states, “In terms of prophecy, we are currently in an epoch of enormous change. The Millennium has recently passed, and with it has ended the two-thousand-year-long Age of Pisces – the fish, which is also the sign of Jesus. As any astrological symbologist will tell you, the Piscean ideal believes that man must be told what to do by higher powers because man is incapable of thinking for himself. Hence it has been a time of fervent religion. Now, however, we are entering the Age of Aquarius – the water bearer – whose ideals claim that man will learn the truth and be able to think for himself. The ideological shift is enormous, and it is occurring right now.” Page 278 Langdon states, “Many religions speak of the End of Days. It refers no to the end of the world, but rather the end of our current age – Pisces, which began at the time of Christ’s birth, spanned two thousand years, and waned with the passing og the millennium. Now that we’re passed into the Age of Aquarius, the End of Days has arrived.”
    Will there be a blog discussing this idea?

  • Laurie says:

    I think the whole thing about Mary Mags is interesting because if you look at the church today, isn’t it mainly dominated by females? I always see more women serving and going into overseas missions. I was even told that we need to pray for more men in the church and more men to serve overseas because there is a lack of them. So to be honest, I don’t really think women are treated any less in the church (at least the ones I’ve seen). Also, as for Mary Mags being shunned, I’ve never thought that. Actually, I’ve always seen her as an example and was taught that too. She gave up perfume, a prized-possesion, for Jesus. In the story of Mary and Martha (many believe this Mary to be Mary Mags), Mary set the example of being before the Lord in worship while Martha was serving the Lord, but very very busy. We learn that Jesus longs for us to come to Him in worship first from Mary’s example.

    Tova, lookin’ forward to hearin’ from you!

  • Leah says:

    Hey Tova

    I hope you enjoyed your chocolate cookies :-) Most of us who work on the blog are from Vancouver, Canada so depending on your time zone we might be home.

  • Tova says:

    Well it looks like I am the first one to check this site out…where is everybody else? well it is to late for me to ruminate on this topic so I will read through the text tomorrow and perhaps give a thought or two. Goodnight…going now to eat chocolate cookies

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