Podcast: A Quest Fulfilled

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A Quest for Answers by Josh McDowellThis podcast based on Josh McDowell’s book, A Quest for Answers is a great way to learn about some of the controversial “facts” presented in Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code. This episode, the final one, is titled A Quest Fulfilled.
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2 Responses to “Podcast: A Quest Fulfilled”

  • fred says:

    so thanks for all

  • stephan says:

    has anyone else asked this question? So what if Teabring and his ilk found the remains of Mary Magdela – DNA testing would prove ONLY that Mary Magdela still had decendants living today – this would still NOT prove that they are also Jesus?s decendants. After seeing the movie, this rather obvious question was never addressed – it was as if proof of Mary?s kin was automatically proof of Jesus?s kin – can anyone comment on this?

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