Why did China ban The Da Vinci Code?

Written by Darren Hewer

The government of China has decided to put a halt to the runaway success of The DaVinci Code, pulling the high-grossing thriller from all of the country’s movie theaters, according to the film’s distributor, Sony Pictures.” (CNN, June 8 2006)

Jesus' Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?Why would the Chinese government decide to ban The Da Vinci Code? Some news stories suggest it was due to pressure from Catholics and other Christian groups within China. But Christians comprise only a tiny portion of China’s population (3-4% according to the CIA Factbook), and China is officially an atheist country. Could the real reason China banned the movie is to try to prevent discussion of the movie like we do on this blog? Persecution.org reports that “Foreigners are not allowed to proselytize … Illegal materials (any unapproved foreign religious material) cannot be sold, distributed, copied, or shipped.”

Perhaps the Chinese government was worried that discussion of the movie would lead to opportunities to proselytize (share the gospel) and banned the movie for that reason? (Thanks to ChristianCADRE for the idea for this article)

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  • Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Hi ?????? So you have caught up with this site late in the day It’s been going at least 8 years! You didn’t say why you think it is a good site. How do you mean and what about your ha!ha! Please write again so that we can understand what you think is good and/or why it is amusing. Do you have some opinions about the subject matter? let us know if and when you have time. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Jamie Jamie says:

    I don’t think I have ever heard that about DaVinci Sandra. What evidence is there that he did that?

  • Sandra says:

    He may have murdered more than two people, but only one pregnant woman.
    The “mystery” of his obsession with the Mona Lisa is in that the painting is of the pregnant woman. Her hands are positioned not only on a chair arm, but on her bulging belly. And the landscape backdrop is the view he saw just outside the cave. He couldn’t part with Mona Lisa, and it took him a long, painstaking, time to get the painting to look exactly like her. The “her” he had seen before he took her life!
    DaVinci did many portraits, after his two year absence, of odd looking people. These “people” didn’t exist at all. They were the images of the ugly he saw of himself after his hideous actions. One portrait is even of a devil with testicles hanging from his face. A likeness of the devil he had fathered (become) within that cave

  • Sandra says:

    DaVinci was a murderer. During the two years he went missing, he killed a man and woman.
    First was the man, which he took a cave and carefully dissected. The cool of the cave slowing the deterioration of the body.
    Then he killed a pregnant woman and did the same to her and her fetal child. That is how he knew so much about the anatomy of both sexes, and how an unborn child is positioned in the womb. …There were no x-rays or cat scans providing him such 3-dimensional views!

  • kevin says:

    I believe in the code of Da Vinci’s paintings!!!

  • james says:

    do you really believe that there are Da vinci code in Da vinci paintings? i do !!!

  • Darren says:

    Clare, thank you for taking the time to post your comments!

    When you say you are “amazed at the lies that i see on this website”, what lies are you referring to? I ask honestly because if there are any errors of fact, we want to fix them immediately.

    Anyways, I wonder why you would feel offended by this website? Why is it wrong for a person (or group) to believe that they are right about a certain issue? You believe that you are right, and we believe that we are right. There’s nothing wrong with that. After all, tolerance means that we respectfully disagree, not pretend that we agree when we really don’t.

    I should admit that yes, indeed Christians often unfortunately do bad things, and sadly even can be hypocrites. I probably fit into that group sometimes myself. But if I may ask, have you ever done something that is hypocritical? Most of us have. Thus it seems somewhat (if you’ll allow me to say so) hypocritical to complain about certain Christians who are hypocrites.

    Is it right for Christians to judge? You seem to suggest that it is not okay for Christians to judge; otherwise Christians would be hypocritical. I assume that you say this because Jesus tells us not to judge. But what does that really mean? Surely if we see great moral atrocities being committed (ie. murder, rape, etc) we may judge those actions to be deplorable. Jesus himself was not afraid to speak out about unjust treatment of others. So in those cases at least we seem to be able to judge.

    But if we are using the Bible as our standard for “when can we judge” (the same standard by which we find admonishment not to judge, remember) we note how Jesus warned to be on guard against false teachers: “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” So surely too we may judge such teachers who misrepresent God. The type of judgment that we should not engage in, then, seems to be the sort of judgment that is false, speculative, unhelpful or frivolous.

    I also believe, as you do, that there is no need to throw anything into anyone’s face. That doesn’t mean we should not have opinions, nor that we shouldn’t be willing to respectfully share these opinions with those who are willing to listen.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Clare says:

    wow, i am amazed at the lies that i see on this website, by people that claim to be christians. I was raised in a christian home and although what i was raised with and what i actually heard and felt in my heart, rarely joined! Because they kept saying that Jesus gave us free will and freedom to choose his way and give him our life! however they scared me with what they called his love and forgiveness that i choose to believe that there is a greater being, and i certainly did not find it from christianity as they call it today! just like now they want to tell the world how to live and what all people should not accept. they come across as their way of believing in a greater being is the one and only way to receive what this greater being has to offer. i see and hear more judgement from the people who say not to judge or be judged. i feel a hug from one and a knife in my back at the same time. they offer to pray for me and constantly ask that demons be gone, i feel that i must be very horrible and a killer for just being, when they pray for such things. i believe that all these can be done with great faith without forcing or throwing it in everyones face. that if believed in this great being that this being was capable of taking care of one self, and would not require a whole bunch of people who claim to be that of christianity and carry on as they do. i am offended! this is not the greater love that is to be shared, however i thank you for showing me what i do not want to be a part of, but to thank you and have just said a pray of thanks for you, that my greater being has shown me another lesson in love. that dispite this request goes to show how much faith you have in what u believe. people are going to make the choices they make with or without what you believe is help.

  • aileen says:

    i am from China. it wasn’t banned in China,i got to know this book when i was in middle school(i am sophomore now).

  • ethan says:

    umm… I teach at a university in Beijing, and went to see the Da Vinci Code in a theater there with a Chinese student. Many of my students have read the book and love to discuss it, and there were millions of pirated copies available on the street long before it came out in theaters.

    Might want to update this entry – it’s definitely NOT banned in China, and to my knowledge never was. It was delayed approval for showing in theaters in part because the government limits the number of foreign films shown to protect their fledgling film industry from competition, and there were a lot of big films this year to choose from.

  • sheldon says:

    The “Catholic Church” in China is allowed as long as the bishops are hand picked by the government officials I believe.

    I think the Catholic Church asked for the ban.

  • Jan says:

    I think it is because they do not “get it” and just see it as a movie about Christianity and therefore suppress it. I do not think that they discriminate that this is not true christian message.

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