When the Rooster Crows

Written by M. Larson

Do you feel discouraged and totally hopeless regarding the future? Let us help you walk this path.

Have you ever wondered about that rooster that crowed right after Peter denied his Lord?  How did it happen that the rooster crowed just then?  Why didn’t he crow sooner?  Or why not later?  Why was it immediately after Peter had denied Christ three times?

Our immediate reaction to these questions might be to answer: “For one thing, Christ predicted that would happen.  For another, by the cock crowing just at that particular time, Peter realized the awful sin he had committed and went out and wept bitterly in repentance.”

We know the Lord loved Peter.  We know also that He dearly loves each one of His followers. Thus Christians can be assured that if He had a rooster crow at the right time for Peter, then He is ready to alert us when we stray off the path of righteousness!

Could it be that our downward path toward disobedience and sin starts in the same way as Peter’s?  When Jesus predicted that His disciples would desert Him, Peter declared, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will” (Matthew 26:33)!

Oh, how sure we get of ourselves sometimes!  We get so sure that we find ourselves relying on our own instead of the Lord’s strength.  The longer and stronger we go with the Lord, the more prone we seem to do this, for we may become proud of our own Christian strength!

Then we go to sleep, as Peter did in the Garden of Gethsemane.  “Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour?” Jesus asked Peter (Matthew 26:40).  We may get so wrapped up in our ritual of “serving the church” that we go to sleep; we lose our vision for winning lost souls to Christ.  We are in a nice, restful rut.  We tell the Lord we would never deny Him, but we fall asleep when He needs us most.

Ah, but we still have some spurts of zeal!  See, as the soldiers come to arrest Jesus, Peter leaps up with his sword and lops off an ear!  On the surface, this looks pretty brave, but if we look closely we find that Peter had not stopped to pray about it, even when he had been told by Jesus what would happen.  In the flesh, Peter lopped off an ear; in the Spirit Jesus restored it (Luke 22:51).  Sometimes in our spurts of zeal for the Lord our efforts might drive lost souls further from Him.  How careful we must be in all His work to be led by His Spirit!

Now Peter’s faith was low.  His Lord had been arrested and led away for trial.  In the darkest hour before dawn, temptation struck and Peter fell.  He cursed and lied, but worst of all, he denied three times the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Similarly, temptation strikes us at the darkest hour when we are totally unprepared..  After we have relied upon ourselves, gone to sleep, worked in the flesh, then temptation strikes!  And like Peter, we may fall.

Then God has a rooster crow for us.  It may be a sermon, a devotional message, a Bible lesson.  Or a difficult circumstance may cause us to awaken from our sleep.  When God confronts us and we realize how we have sinned against Him, then like Peter, let us repent with tears of sorrow.  Then forgiven, we can lift up our heads, and living in the Spirit we can go forth to make our lives count for Him in His power.

Father God, I do work hard, often with zeal of my own, neglecting to spend time in prayer listening to Your still small voice of guidance. Thank you that You keep my heart on course by the nudging of Your Holy Spirit to reveal the sin in my life. Help me to respond quickly and willingly and allow You to fill me with fresh joy and zeal that comes from You. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Questions: Tell us of a situation where you served the Lord with much zeal but forgot to pray about it. Why do we need to pray and listen to what the Lord tells us?

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4 Responses to “When the Rooster Crows”

  • sharon b says:

    thank you

  • Marilyn says:

    Precious sister, Arlette, we ALL are sinners, even after accepting Christ as our Savior! We don’t stop sinning, for we will never be completely free of sin until the return of Jesus, when we will be transformed, and made whole! Until then, we remain sinners, saved by grace! As His seal stamped upon us, God has given us His Holy Spirit to indwell our hearts and sanctify us (grow us spiritually to become more like Jesus), tenderizing our hearts to the things of God and helping us to resist temptation to sin. As for being ‘sick with sin,’ Jesus died on the cross to set us free from a life of sin. If we are professing Christians, our lives should not be characterized as ‘sinful living.’ This is not to say that we don’t sin, but that we are not living in perpetual contradiction of biblical standards. This may be what the writer means when he/she says “if you are sick with sin you cannot hear His voice.” As God is holy, and He will not be mocked, we cannot expect His blessings and grace to cover our willful resistance to His call for holy living! God knows our hearts, and when we sincerely desire to live lives pleasing to Him, His Holy Spirit empowers us accordingly! I would encourage you, Arlette, to seek the fellowship of Christian sisters, who are mature believers, who can pray with you and encourage you in your faithwalk! The Lord will use them to speak to You in His love, and will help you to discover the spiritual gifts He has appointed in you! Time in God’s Word and with His people will correct any ‘hearing’ problems you may have had! God bless, dear one! :)

    Precious Lord, we thank You for forgiving us while we were yet sinners, knowing that we would continue to struggle with our sin natures until our last breath! We praise You for giving us Your Holy Spirit, Who grants us the power to change the areas in our lives that dishonor You and betray our witness for You! As we confess our weaknesses to You, Lord, we ask that You exchange them for Your strength in our lives, and lead us to Your fount of Living Water! Bless Arlette, Lord, with a renewed spirit, and encourage her in her faithwalk! Reassure her of Your Presence, and lovingly disclose any obstacles that might be obscuring Your voice. Surround her, we pray, with Christian sisters who would minister to her in love, and restore her joy of salvation! In Your most holy Name, Amen!

  • Arlette says:

    How can I better hear that small voice you wrote of? I truly want to serve my Lord but often don’t know how. I try to love everyone as He loves us and to be kind. I ask forgiveness daily and often. I remember a verse saying that if you are sick with sin you cannot hear His voice. Is that me?

  • Marilyn says:

    Wonderful devotion, Muriel! This account of Peter’s denial of Christ is one of my favorites, for it is a sober reminder of how pride can infect even the most passionate followers of the Lord, and how none of us are exempt from denying Him! Pride can prompt us to ‘serve’ with personal motives (self-glorification), and fear confronts our faith. It is only by His power, and in His power, that we can serve our Lord with a humble heart, seeking to glorify Jesus alone, and not fear what God wills! Praying to God, and then waiting upon His prompting, keeps our hearts soft and open to his will. When we act according to our knowledge, without the benefit of divine knowledge, we are not His ‘followers,’ but instead self-appointed leaders!

    Thank You, Lord, for using Peter’s denial of You as a gut-wrenching reminder that fear and pride have no purpose in serving You! Help us to know when our hearts are divided, Lord, and grant us Your grace that permits us to serve You in humility and courage! May we seek Your Holy Spirit inspiration for all that we do in Your Name! Deepen our faith, Lord, that Your perfect Will would be our most treasured pursuit! In Your glorious Name, Amen!

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