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Letting Go and Moving On
Entering the empty nest for us was a benchmark in our lives. Some things changed forever. For instance, from this time on we would catalogue our lives as BC (before children) and AC (after children). Faced with so many life changes, we did what we often do – we made a list. For us, making our list was a reality check and was the first step in releasing and letting go of some unrealistic expectations – frankly, some weren’t that unrealistic, they just would not be fulfilled – not in this lifetime! Read more

Take action: What things add chains to your life? Regardless of whether we are young adults, parents, we all struggle to balance responsibility and freedom. Try our Finding Freedom online interactive life lesson to explore this important issue.

You said it: This week, Caitlin commented on College Life: Cheap Dorm Room Decorating Ideas, saying “I’m an art major, so the way i decorate my dorm room is vital to my sanity. i am going into my 3rd year, and have figured out a lot of what you have said, but one thing has stuck out that i never would have thought of …” Read the rest and add your own thoughts: Read more

Feature: Be Friendly and Live Longer?
From our first days on the playground to those tentative first days at work, everyone wants to belong. We all know that having a caring community around us better than not having one, but did you know that it can also make you live longer? Community is good for your health! Read more

Article: Easy Summer Picnics
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this version of the all-American activity, but why not play with the age-old idea? Forget plaid and Tupperware for a second and try an easy picnic catered around the people you love. Read more

Coming up next week: One of the topics of our upcoming online chats is “Beginning a Relationship With God” Join us in the chat room August 30th 2009 @ 9:00pm EST for this chat or see also our full chat calendar for other upcoming topics.

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