Snatches of Time

Written by M. Larson

70x70interacticon-1Would you like to start memorizing scripture but find it frustrating? To do you feel guilty because you don’t always find time to study the Scriptures Let us pray with you.

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Jessica sat in the dentists’ office and fumed inside.  She had been on time for her appointment and had been waiting now for half an hour.  Glaring at the receptionist, she muttered under her breath, “I hate going to the dentist anyway!”

Sitting across the room, Sarah had been waiting even longer; but it hadn’t bothered her a bit.  The wait had given her a chance to review the Scripture cards in her hand, and she was saying the Scripture verses over and over in her mind.  By the time she was called to see the dentist, she had memorized several fortifying verses.

Going to school or going to work

At one time I worked in a place that was only a mile from my home, so I walked to work every day.  Each day I assigned myself one or two more Bible verses to memorize and went over those I had already learned while I walked.  I added several hundred Scriptures to my memory bank that way.

Not only that, I soon discovered that the world of nature that the Lord created was never so beautiful as when I was thinking about His Word.  Roses looked lovelier.  The birds sang sweeter.  The air smelled fresher.  And I always seemed to get to work before I knew it!

These were just some side benefits from memorizing God’s Word.  I know the Lord used those Scriptures to draw me closer to Himself and grow in Him then. He also has spoken to my heart through them, and during some rough times they have come to my rescue.

More Side Benefits

Another important benefit came in my witnessing to non-Christians and encouraging fellow Christians.  Ever since that time I have had Scriptures for every opportunity.  (The Word of God does the work of God.) Those Scriptures stored in my memory bank have been invaluable in my email counseling for TruthMedia during these past eight years.

The Lord uses His word to convict me, too, to make me a better Christian.  For instance, if I get angry with someone, I sense the withdrawal of God’s peace from my heart.  Then the Spirit reminds me of what Jesus said: “But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins” (Matthew 6:15, NIV).  Believe me, I get right fast!

Time wasted or well spent?

Think back–how much time have you spent waiting in lines, in offices, and for other things during the past year?  Might those waits have added up to perhaps twenty hours?  Well, if Jessica and Sarah are typical persons, then Jessica will spend twenty hours a year ruining her disposition with angry frustration, and Sarah will spend twenty hours a year memorizing God’s Word so that she will be a better servant of Jesus Christ.

Christians are God’s chosen representatives.  So let’s make use of our waiting or walking time to learn His Word.  It’s scriptural.  Ephesians 5:16 encourages us to make the most of our time “because the days are evil.”

Questions: How are you using your snatches of time?   Name some benefits of memorizing scripture that have been helpful for you? Tell us about some of your creative ways that you have used to learn scripture.

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6 Responses to “Snatches of Time”

  • kanj says:

    I have been reading Scripture since the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. In two and a half years, I have read the Bible cover to cover through study daily. So I have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation twice. I know Scripture when someone else is speaking about a particular Book in the Bible. But for the life of me I have yet been able to ‘memorize’ with the exception of the Lord’s Prayer. And that I had learnt as a child in school. I accept the reason to be—im-maturity. I have to realize that maturity may take a life time. God willing, I am as well.

  • Cathy says:

    Good ideas about how to incorporate reading scriptures. I so enjoy reading the bible, but often think I don’t have enough time. Will have to check where I can get scripture cards.

  • Dr. Muriel Larson says:

    I appreciate the remarks you ladies have been making about my article. And oh, how I wish all Christians would feel as you do about the best use of our time!

  • kaddee says:

    A few years ago I went through a long and difficult divorce and child custody battle. At times because of money issues my case seemed futile – even my attorney was doubtful. During that time I was given a set of prayer cards and each day going to work and coming home while I sat in over an hours worth of traffic, I would recite each of those cards over and over again until one day I actually started to believe them. Then my case was settled, my childs custody reached a compromise and his father and I could begin concentrating on what was best for him instead of spending so much time, energy and money in the legal battle. Since then, I don’t use the cards as often and I find myself getting caught up in the trials and stuggles of everyday life. This reminded me that I know where to find the strength I need and I have vowed to myself to use those “snatches of time” to improve my spiritual self. Thank you.

  • Susan Olson says:

    It is so easy to just exist and not be wise of our time. Thanks for the reminder to memorize the Word and how easy and actually more fulfilling than being frustrated in lines or waiting at appointments.

  • Milly says:

    Thank you. I just prayed a portion of Psalm 51 this morning when the words wouldn’t come, the scripture spoke for me.

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