Sticking Together

Written by M. Larson


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The new missionary heard a strange sound in the distance.  For some reason he felt afraid.  “What is that noise coming toward us?” he asked.  His native guides paused to listen.  Then their faces showed great fear.

Another native came running up and cried, “Army ants!  They’re coming!  Hurry, turn off at the fork up ahead!”

A little later they stood on a hill and looked down.  They saw a huge army of the stinging ants moving through the forest and eating.  Nothing seemed able to stand before them.  The missionary even saw a small animal disappear, the fast dinner of many ants!

Not far ahead was the river.  “Surely the river will stop them, won’t it?” the missionary asked.

His guide shook his head.  “No, nothing stops them–just watch!”

As the ants reached the river, they came together into groups.  Forming themselves into balls, they rolled into the river.  Then they rode with the current to the other side.  There they parted from one another and continued their march.

Standing Together

“There’s something to be learned from this,” the missionary said.  And so there was!  What would happen if those who love Jesus would stand together like that?  Well, people would really take notice–even as the natives do when the army ants surge by.  It would impress them to see those who stand for what they believe sticking together.

It would also help the work of our Lord Jesus to go forward.  People said of the first Christians that they “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6).  They marveled at their unity and love for one another.  Many came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior because of the Christians’ unity, kindness, and good lives.

Working Together

When the army ants come to a river, they form themselves into balls to help one another cross safely to the other side.  Now, they do it because God put that in them to do it.  And if we love and follow the Lord Jesus, He puts it into our hearts to work together for Him.  He also causes us to want to help others.  That is one way we can know that we are truly His followers.

Army ants are also called ‘driver ants,” for they are always moving on.  When their march comes to a halt, they come together.  They settle down for a short while to become parents.

So the Lord wants us to move on to become better Christians.  We can do that by coming together regularly at our church to hear and learn God’s Word.  As we learn more, we can help others to become God’s children, too.  At God’s house we also learn to help others with their burdens.

One sign that we know God is the love we show toward God and others.  If we have this love, then we want to put it into action.  We want to help others who need help.  We will stick together with other Christians and work with them for God’s glory.

How can others know that we are followers of Jesus?  What are some things that we can do so that others will want to follow Jesus, too?

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4 Responses to “Sticking Together”

  • Em says:

    Thanks for this message. The last part about loving others, and how that is how we can show God’s love.. is truly hard. I am not exempt from that, as God has chosen to love me first. It is so tempting and easy to ‘hate’ certain people, especially in this world. People can be so ‘unlovable.’ However, I know that is the way the world does things. We all need God’s grace, mercy & faith to help us to love.. I pray God helps each of us (including myself!) to be able to love with His love. pray also for me & my work environment – I am trying my best. Thanks.

  • Andi says:

    Wow…….what an amazing story. Nothing can stop them. Today is a day when the Lord is sending me a message re: standing. Thru this devotional, a gal pal and other sources including past days daily devotional comments. Alone yet united w/online gal pals it is possible ‘to STAND.’
    Thanking God for all of you this day. Again, blessings.

  • Robin says:

    VERY beautiful devotional today. And, oh, SO true! Having been a Christian for almost 22 years now, I have often felt The Holy Spirit showing my heart the way to DEEPLY love others. I am fully convinced that we have not yet plummeted NEARLY the depths of the kind of unity, forgiveness and care that God would want, that links us together in LOVE. May He have HIS way, in each of us, all through our days and all through our lives!

  • Tammy R. Thompson says:

    Please add me to the list to receive the devotional.

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