World Cup Soccer in Lego

Written by Claire Colvin

It’s pretty hard to ignore that the World Cup is happening right now. But for those of us who aren’t huge fans, a month long competition feels like a LOT of soccer. Just tell me when we get to the final!

If you’re looking for a small dose of World Cup action, vuvuzelas included, check out this video from . The creator Fabian Moritz has done a brilliant job capturing the key moments form the England vs the United States game which resulted in a tie (I’m told this was very surprising.)

Watch the clip, you’ll be glad you did! (And tomorrow at the office you can sagely nod when someone mentions how FIFA should have banned vuvuzelas. They’re totally ruining the game!)

An entire World Cup game reduced to just a couple of minutes – perfect. Do you ever wish you could zip through parts of your life in fast forward? Try our free life lesson Finding Contentment. You might already be living your dream life.

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