God’s Still Small Voice

Written by M. Larson

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Often when I’m singing songs of praise to the Lord, I am filled so with the thought of His great love for me that tears roll down my cheeks. This prompts me to report for duty to Him when I awake in the morning. “Lord, here I am,” I say. “If there is anyone you want to reach or help, use me.”

This one day was special. I was flying to Illinois to teach at a Christian writer’s conference. I would certainly come into contact with people!

I arrived at the airport well ahead of time, checked my bags, parked my car, and then went to the restroom. As I started to leave the lounge, I noticed a woman sitting with her feet propped up and a mop nearby. She was evidently the cleaning woman. I felt the Lord encouraging me to speak to her.

“You look tired,” I said gently.

She glanced up at me. “Oh, I am,” she sighed. “And I still have so much work to do. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. My poor feet hurt me so much! ”

I hesitated. Should I say what had come to my mind? I will, I determined. All she can think of me is that I’m crazy!

“Would you like me to pray for your feet?” I asked.

“Oh, yes!” she exclaimed. “Would you?”

I knelt by her feet and laid my hands on them. Then bowing my head over those hurting feet I prayed. “Oh, Lord,” I said, “this dear lady has worked so hard, and she still has more to do while standing on these feet. Please take the pain away right now. Remove the weariness, and help this lady to feel up to completing her tasks!”

As I stood up, I saw the woman’s face wreathed in smiles. “Oh, thank you, ma’am, for obeying the Lord!” she exclaimed. “So few people obey Him, as I know you did just now. My feet feel so much better–the pain is gone! Praise the Lord! I’m going to be able to do the rest of my work all right now! ”

Then my sister and I had the sweetest time talking about the Lord and praising Him. We also discovered that we both had served Him as counselors for the same Christian television program. As I went on my way to catch my plane, I rejoiced that the Lord had allowed me to help this dear sister in Christ.

Questions: How do you respond when you hear that still small voice knowing it is God speaking to you? Tell us about a time you heard that voice and obeyed.

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4 Responses to “God’s Still Small Voice”

  • shirley says:

    I heard the still small voice but I disobeyed and suffered the consiquences….. I was a pioneer girls leader (christian girls club) and the topic of the lesson was the still small voice. well you have to practice what you preach and I didnt. I heard this voice all day say you gotta get gas do it now . yup I will in a min. but didnt do it . I had a car load of young girls my two included. I took them to club went through the whole lesson driving home in the dark and oops ran out of gas a lonely stretch of road no houses river on one side a mountain on the other. so I though what will I do then I realized I didnt have any money with me. so I prayed oh God I am so sorry.. so I told the girls I would have to go and get a ride to town for them to sit quietly and when a car came to get down so nobody would see them it was as dark as could be. so I got out locked the car and started to walk to town I prayed God help me I saw headlights coming so I timidly stuck out my thumb never done this in my life before . the first car stopped and here it was a lady she was a pioneer girls leader who I did not know . so I told her I ran out of gas and told her my story about the still small voice. she paid for my gas and took me back to the car . here at my car was a car sitting behind my car with his lights on shining into my car . the man had seen the girls and thought they must be frightened so he told them not to worry he would stay there until I got back. he said he saw the model of my car and knew that when they run out of gas its a hard time starting it up so he helped me.it was a very big lesson on listening to the lords prompting and doing it. I had to answer to a lot of parents wanting to know about the voice I was hearing . a great chance to wittness and tell them about Jesus…….

  • Cathy says:

    Wow, such good recounts of strong faith and following the promting of the holy spirit.

  • Trisha says:

    One day i was running late to get to work yet i still had to stop at the insurance company to pay my premium.. i knew i could get in and out so i stopped. After quickly paying,i left, got in the car and was about to click my seatbelt when i felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to go back inside. i was like “NO WAY! i have like 10 min to get to work!” i continued to click the belt and when i started to put the key into the ignition, i felt it again. i said, “NO i can’t LORD i’m going to be late!” i felt it again. My heart was racing yet i knew i NEEDED to obey, it didn’t matter if i couldn’t understand why God wanted me to go back inside. i reluctantly got out of my car and slammed the door. The LORD had me ask to see the owner of the company. They all thought something was wrong or something happened outside. They got the owner and the next thing i knew i was asking him to go to his office and talk! My heart was really racing b/c i didn’t know what the heck i was doing in there with this man i didn’t even know! He invited me to sit down and asked me “What’s this all about?” i sat quietly then replied, “do you need prayer about something important?” Well, the next thing i knew this man was in tears! He said, “My wife has just been diagnosed with cancer.” i asked, “Can i pray with you?” He reached out his hands to mine across his desk. i got up off the chair, went over to him and it was the Holy Spirit who did the praying b/c i can’t ever rem what i said!! He thanked me with so much gratitude and i left in awe of what God had done through me and guess what…i wasn’t late for work! PRAISE BE THE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  • Liz G says:

    A time I remember just like it was yesterday is when I was out walking and the Lord told me to give my airline miles to my sister Kathy so she could come visit me. I did just that and was blessed by her coming to visit me from Florida to my home in Texas. My other sister Gail also came to visit and the three of us had a wonderful time together. I thank the Lord for putting that on my heart and that I followed through.

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