What Do You Fear?

What do you fear, and why? Is it holding you back from realizing your full potential?
Written By Power to Change Ministries

What do you fear, and why? Is it holding you back from realizing your full potential? The childish fears of our youth are usually replaced by new fears, or sometimes they just morph into more socially acceptable versions of those same childish fears. Watch this short film and then take a look at the related online study to think a bit more deeply about the themes explored in this brief story of Levi and a guy named Trick up a tree.

Watch “What Do You Fear?”

22 thoughts on “What Do You Fear?

  1. Starla Lowry

    I guess it would be a good video if it would play on Microsoft Explorer,XP Professional computer.

  2. Cat

    What I fear is that this site is coming to rely far too heavily on video. I don’t mind the option being available, but so many of the links on the front page are to videos, and even when I’m in a position to be able to watch, it’s a huge hassle.

  3. Power to Change

    Cat, we made a transition to being more video-centric, however, text will not go away. We are just making a few more changes in the next week and you will notice more text again. The “we recommend” area will usually be half articles and half video. There is also a “latest articles” section and you will be able to click on “more articles” as soon as that piece is finished (should be in the next couple of days). We also will feature videos and text articles in the main spot – but needing to finish a bit of work so the text articles can go into that top spot. Hang in there .. we will get you access to our awesome articles. We appreciate the feedback. We will be featuring more videos – but it will be together with articles. Each video will also have related reading and links to articles along with it.

  4. Alice

    Me too I enjoyed alot reading the texts stories they were easy to access…since u started the videos it hard to get them. Thank you so much for what you are doing it is so much enriching my life. I would gladly suggest that if it is possible you provide us with both videos and texts as u used to. God bless you and all the work u are doing.

  5. daina

    Greetings: Could you please point me to the article, What Do You Fear? I notice it’s mentioned in the “articles” section on the homepage, but the headline under “articles” takes me to video! Thanks and blessings!

  6. Power To Change

    Hi Daina

    We must apologize because the video was built so that we can send it out as a newsletter so unfortunately, it shows up in the latest articles. There isn’t an article attached to the video but we do have an related article that deals with Overcoming your fears, you can view it here: http://powertochange.com/discover/life/fear/. I hope this will help, please let us know if you have any questions or need prayer.

  7. blue j

    I fear alot of things now. Even God at times. But i fear going to sleep mostly i guess and going out and being around people. Sleep cause of the night mares and night terrors and panic attacks. People and being around them ..is/are difficult for me to say or even think about now. The thought of being around people terrifys me and i thought that was what God wanted me to do! Turns out God really doesnt care as long as im with Him. I mean just cause im by myself doesnt mean im alone …see?? Nightmares and night terros panic attacks keep me from sleeping and going out pretty much. I had a question the other day about some of these wicked horrific religious nightmares…seems everyone has an opinion but someone told me in the chat room that maybe God was trying to show me something through the nightmares and all. she said “maybe God is trying to show you how much you need HIm” I never looked at it that way before but it sure got me thinking !!! Fear can be a good thing but i guess it can be pretty bad too. Ditto o the videos i can t down load any of em on my computer but its cool just in case someone needs to see something other than the writing or written word :)


  8. bluer-jayy

    not sure why you sent me an email about this….but i will try to answer you all . Actually im not afraid of much these days…Sure i have the major anxiety bout leaving the house but thats nothing like ….FEAR. real FEAR. I do have nightmares which are fear and evil encarnate. but now they are even a blessing something im familiar with ….so i dont really mind that much i just dont sleep. We as human beings dont have to do anythig at all…breath eat nothing. Not saying there arnt consequeces to all that but. it is about choices right …NOT and yes . sometimes we really dont get a choice we just have to accept or not accept. We all go through this at one time or another. Heck i have many many times :).

    But the question is what do we fear right ??? I dontfear being murdered i look forward to that … and i could go on and on . NOT important at all. Only one thing that i fear now is …..im going to end this life sooner than later but i do fear that God and Jesus will reject me for what i do. But i have taken Jesus and God into my heart and soul many times now and truely believe that Jesus died for me on the cross and that his blood….set me free…..My question is then …is that enough???

  9. Doris BeckDoris

    Hey there bluer-jayy,
    When you commented back in March you probably checked off the box below, ‘Notify me of followup comments via email’ so when Mag commented it automatically sent off an email to you. Having said that, I’m still glad you took the time to post a comment and ask your question.

    I can understand that when you struggling with depression, that someone else ending your life would seem like a welcome thing since life becomes a daily struggle to exist. That’s really what depression is all about…the loss of hope. You said in your comment that you have taken Jesus into your heart and you truly believe that He died for you and that his blood set you free. Is that enough?

    ABSOLUTELY!!! The Bible is very clear in 1 John 5:11-13 says that ‘God has given us eternal life, and that this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life. These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, in order that you may know that you have eternal life”

    Having said that, my prayer for you is that God would give you hope today.

  10. Christine

    I fear man although God says not to! Saddly this fear prevents me from living. I do not walk around the block, I do not go to church, do not walk around at camp. Do not say hi to others do not smile but in all cases would like to! Its the fear of rejection. Abusive childhood lies I believe are I am no good and have nothing to offer anyone. I am a child of our Almighty God but still am struggling. Fear is horrible it cripples!

  11. Sharon

    to christine– i am like that, i don’t like rejection either but yesterday i had a friend’s friend pray for me because of that and other issues. she prayed fear of me and in the bible it does say cast your cares on me for i care for you, cares is also fear and also JESUS says do not fear, in the bible it says don’t have a spirit of fear but a sound mind and love i am praying for you christine that God can heal you of fear, that can’t be easy. also in the bible it says i know the plans i have for you plans not to harm but of love and a good report. also it says i love you with an everlasting love. you do have things to offer. also tell the enemy to go, you are a child of JESUS christ. i know this is easier said than done i am praying for you. sharon

  12. Andrea

    I can tell you a story about a man who fears so much that he fight’s the will of God. Because he can’t control what he thinks he should. I know him well, he’s my husband of 20 years. I believe it goes as far as back to him being a young boy, who was the “black sheep” because he was adopted. Some of the things he was made to do I believe broke the spirit a young boy should have. He was never shown the simple act of love and appreciation, and adoration a mother would show her child. So, with that being one of the many first impressions of “parenthood”, and love, it kind of explains why he is how he is. Then to top it off he was also in the military, and that did not make his heart any softer. So I get all that, plus the moments when he is so on point with me, it’s like Heaven. The good does outweigh the bad, but I hurt too. I have a 21 year old son in prison for 8 years who is also experiencing extremely difficult adversary. My youngest son just made a change in his behavior that is beneficial to him and his freedom. But these things always seem to work their way out, but KEEPING FAITH MUST be a priority during all times. Thanks for this site and all the comfort and answers they bring. HOTEP (peace)

  13. zoe

    Hi all. Almost every day I face people that takes the Lord’s name in vain while they are speaking to their friends or relatives. While waiting for my child infront of the school yard people are just swearing left and right. Small children, teens, young people, old people the lot. The thing is I feel guilty for sometimes not saying anything and sometimes I don’t know how to approach these strangers. Sometimes i worried what they might say if I do step up. Yet I can’t let the Lord down, never. Some advice would be appreciated. God bless.

  14. ling

    In China we have to be careful with confessing our faith so standing for God is what we have to do we do it and even if it means jail time.

  15. JamieJamie

    Hi Zoe, It is important to act when you feel the Lord leading you. You can be confident that He will lead you so that your words are gentle but clear. When you get that feeling say a prayer asking for God’s help and then go and approach the person confident in the leading of God.

    And don’t let their reaction determine your evaluation of what you said. You know that people did not respond well to much of what Jesus said so if you are speaking words that Jesus puts in your heart and mouth they may not respond that well to you either. Your obedience is not dependent on how other people respond to you but on how you respond to God’s direction.

  16. JamieJamie

    I am sorry Mihai, I don’t understand what your question is here. Can you try to say it in a different way?

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