A Rusty Nail

Written by Eric Reynolds

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“Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.” (Luke 11:14)

Imagine you’re doing work on a deck and you fall on a rusty nail. It’s a small puncture but you keep working. Meanwhile, anaerobic bacteria begin to metabolize and cause infection. You don’t treat it and soon you have lockjaw, facial spasms, difficulty swallowing, and muscle rigidity. You start to get full body spasms and they continue for weeks until one day you die… if you don’t treat it.

Sin is the same way. It loves to fester in a grudge. The puss and poison of bitterness will eat away at your soul and enslave you… if you don’t treat it.

But treating it is hard. It’s open-heart surgery. We feel justified in our grudges! We think our bitterness is warranted and our rage is necessary for justice. Justice? Consider our Lord Jesus Christ:

He was crushed for our iniquities.

He took up our pain.

He bore our suffering.

He was stabbed for our sin.

His punishment brings us peace.

His wounds heal us.

We receive unwarranted forgiveness every day. We must also give it. The giving and receiving are two in one. Love God and your neighbor by accepting forgiveness and also forgiving.

Recall the people who have hurt you. Have you forgiven them? Reach back in your memory to your childhood and ask, “Does hate still linger there?”

Don’t listen to the voice that tells you, “Things are fine, let’s move on.” Search your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to search you as well. Uproot and kill the weeds of hate in your soul and humble yourself before God and man. Ask for forgiveness and be made new right now.

Lord, I understand that my salvation is not fair. You forgave me when I did not deserve it. And so, as I have been forgiven, so I must forgive. Holy Spirit, help me give up my grudge. Draw out the poison from my heart. In Jesus’ name I rebuke the unclean spirits in my heart and confess I have allowed them to fester. I repent and ask that you Lord Jesus to make me new. Cleanse me oh God from all unrighteousness. I trust you to heal and cleanse me and praise you for being the Great Physician. Amen.

2 Responses to “A Rusty Nail”

  • Chaman Nadeem says:

    Thank you Lord for you forgave me and saved me and using for your Glory. But still I feel hard some time to forgive others. Grant me the power of the HOly Spirt to forgive otere. Thank you fror reminding ma againg through PTC ministry.
    Bless this ministry and encourage many.

  • Brother T says:

    Nope i hold no grudges against others ar all. As i have said in the past it is now pretty easy for me to be quick to forgive others even when hurt or spitefully used by them. My only reason for what God puts on my heart to do and say is so i can do my part in fulfilling the great comission. That is why we are here. We were created to worship God and do our individual parts in leading others to the Cross with the hope that more people will repent,beleive and receive Jesus as Savior. In the simple salvation prayer what i had missed years ago and i beleive others do too,is that repentance of sin is part of receiving Christ! It is part of true Salvation. That is a strong conviction of my heart and others can beleive it or not,but i beleive that. I also believe Jesus when in the Bible He tells us that even the demons beleive. The combination to true Salvation is believing in Christ,repenting of sin and then receiving Him in our heart. After that we must continue to work out our own Salvation with fear and trembling right to the end. That the Bible tells us too. At that point we are saved and eternally secure after having first beleived,repented and recieved Christ. Yet we must not continue taking advantage of the Grace of God. God forbid! How will we be living when Christ returns? Being saved by Grace through faith in Christ involves repentance as well. After Christ we must ask the Holy Spirit to convict our hearts and stay true to God when conviction to heart comes. If we hold a grudge against somebody the Lord chooses to bring to us for conviction to heart, and we do not receive it in our heart, and resent it,well that is not a good sign and we would do wise to forgive our brethern quickly and take heed to what The Holy Spirit of God is doing because of the Great Love that Jesus has for you and me. Many are called and few are chosen. God wishes that all would repent of their sin so that when we beleive, we too would receive the Grace of God!That none would perish. The fear of God is the start of true wisdom. A fear that is not to be looked at as God being a tyrant in the sky,but rather a loving Father who we respect that knows what is best and needed. Forget following the world and the wisdom of the world. That just leads to the grave, then hell. we are loved so much by our Abba (daddy) Father! We are to extend that love to others.There is no greater way to love another more than to be concerned for souls. Let us all be more concerned for this dying world and others rather than our selfish stupid earthly desires of the selfish flesh and get to handling the business of our Father God! Time here is short on earth but again i say Eternity is forever. Keep your minds on the things of God! My prayer in Jesus Name is that we all start to Love others enough so that we begin caring about souls more than any selfish cares of our own . Let us not follow a dying world into the chambers of eternal hell.Let us all instead follow Christ at whatever the cost. Consider the cost to be a true follower and then follow even when persecuted for our rewards in Heaven will be great. Hang on,remain faithful and carry the Cross! God bless you all. Forever In Christ Brother T (Tom)

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