Irrigation of the Soul

Written by John Grant

But the land you are crossing the Jordan to take possession of is a land of mountains and valleys that drinks rain from heaven. (Deuteronomy 11:11)

Recently I was driving through a rural area with farmlands on both sides of the road.  Both were planted with corn ready to be harvested, but I noticed a distinct difference.  On one side was a field of lush green tall corn, while on the other side the corn was half as tall and partially browned from the lack of rain.

Why the difference? The answer was simple. One side had an irrigation system and the other did not.  The difference was obvious.  Crops need water to grow and more water to prosper.

There is a spiritual parallel here. As the roots of agricultural crops need to be irrigated with water, so too do the roots of our being need to be irrigated with the Word of God.

Joy is what we experience when our longing for eternity is satisfied by an encounter with the Lord. When we meet with God through His Word and draw close to Him through righteous living, we enter into fellowship with Him and get a taste of eternity.  Psalm 1 reveals that those who take pleasure in and preoccupy themselves with God’s law will prosper and experience true joy.  In other words, meditation on God’s Word irrigates our souls and makes us grow.

An encounter with God irrigates our soul. The Bible equates spiritual growth with natural growth.  Just like a person is born a baby, so we are born again a spiritual baby.  For you have been born again (1 Pet 1:23).  Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation (1 Pet 2:2).

No one is born a full grown adult. The same is true spiritually: no one is born again as a mature Christian.  It takes time to grow.  The way you grow is through the spiritual milk (irrigation) of God’s Word.  The more you feed on it the more you will grow.

Two very important ways of cultivating our walk with God are through daily time spent with Him and developing meaningful relationships with other Christians.  We should carve out time with God through study in His Word and spend adequate time in prayer, and we should spend time with other people who do likewise.  Corporate worship is essential to spiritual maturity and development, but so is involvement in small groups and one on one discipleship. So often we learn best as we teach and disciple others.

Question: Do you want to flourish and prosper spiritually? Then take time each day to irrigate your soul.

9 Responses to “Irrigation of the Soul”

  • Brother T says:

    It has been a long time and I put in a search and this sight came up. Ironically and with no coincidence it happened to be something from past I wrote. since then a lot has happened for the good. God has shown me what a mess I still can be emotionally and my need for Him . He has shown me what humility means and how pride and emotions really can also be a horrible thing when we are not plugged into The Holy Spirit. I must ask forgiveness for my totally messed up thinking regarding my ex fiancé and insecurities regarding my old church. God has shown me just how blessed I was to have her and the home Church I once was part of. He has shown me that the church I was part of is as good of a church as one could find. Imperfect people like myself but a wonderful Bible believing and teaching church with awesome verse to verse teachings . I miss that church greatly and also the woman who God truly once wanted for me who now I know was a better Christian than me. She lived the walk and was more Christian like before saved than I was saved. She was the greatest blessing of my life and I let all the pressures of the enemy using certain people to complicate my relationship and new life to cause such stress that it effected my judgement with her and the church. I owe a public apology to both her and the church for my negative emotions. My ex was the most wonderful person ever in my life and dearly loved me. She was a committed stand by her man woman who had I been able to deal better with the mental games of the oppressor ,she would still be with me no matter what the enemy tried to do to me. Satan could of set me up in the worst most evil way and she would of still been by my side. I thought I had it together spiritually then and see now how I lacked compassion and Christ like love having been very tough on her spiritually and for that I have repented. She was anything but a Jezebel and God showed me that. I said very hurtful things to and about the person who was better to me than I was to myself. She adored me and I did not know how to be a good leader in her life. Yes I loved her and still do deeply but she may never be able to love me again giving me a chance. I have been out on a wilderness journey since then and fell into Great Depression not wanting to really live any,ore on this earth begging God to finish up with me so I could go Home to Heaven. After having had my job stripped from me where I was honoring God and working toward goals for us I felt as if I post my manhood back then. I’m still kept imprisoned by my past intentionally by agents of the enemy constantly playing mind games with me and holding me back from the fullness of Christ and my potential for much more good. I have been hard on my brothers and sisters and pray their forgiveness for that. I must heal from the still current oppressors in my life and pray a miracle to be set free from them so I can be my best for Christ! Truth is I’m really a soft hearted man bitter about such cruel and unusual extended punishment in my life for years from a system that is filled with poison toward me. I must let God fight my battles because on my salvation and daughters before His face I can tell you that He knows I have lived right for many years according to what the worlds standards would be. Yet in ways before God I still fall short at times if you know what I mean. I’m conservative at heart and love The Word of God above everything else. I do love God most and His Word is perfect. I have been involved with an extreme charismatic woman who loves The Lord much. I love my charismatic brothers and sisters and they have strengths we could all use. Yet other things freak me out like a sense of some new age involved. Myself would rather go to The Word to see if things line up with Scripture. My girlfriend now puts much trust in word of man and this new knowledge spiritual realm stuff with signs and wonders. In these last days even the enemy shows sign and wonders. We must be discerning and walk by faith not by sight. She is a flag dancer and I pray if I can make it with her and end up married that she will make our relationship in Christ together a priority and be able to respect me and give me some affirmation sometimes. I treat her well but we need work together. I’m getting some from her of what I did and put my ex through. I do not know what tomorrow holds but do know God holds tomorrow in His hands. Please pray I be removed from a hindering people that hold me back from full potential In Christ ,and that humility stay so I may continue to grow learning better how to love the brethren where people do not think I do not because I do very much ! Thank you and may God bless you all. Perhaps if it be His will one day again you will hear from me. Blessing to all. brother T!

  • Brenda says:

    Brother T, it is wonderful that you are on fire for the Lord and that you are serving Christ in whatever way He leads you by His Holy Spirit. I do agree that it is important not to compromise our beliefs and our faith in order to please man. Paul states in Galatians 1:10:

    10 Now am I trying to win the favor of men, or of God? Do I seek to please men? If I were still seeking popularity with men, I should not be a bond servant of Christ (the Messiah)[Amplified Bible].

    However, I do understand what Andrew is saying in that it is so important to listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him speak through us when we share our faith. It is so vital to do this in humility, and so often, it is not with our words that we lead others to a strong desire to follow Christ, but through our walking His agape Love walk. In my own life, I have made the mistake on more than one occasion of trying to convince others that Jesus is the One they need in their lives. Though I know this to be true, I went about it in all the wrong way, and I am learning now that no one wants to hear what I have to say if I am not living it in THEIR life.

    In no way am I saying that you are not walking your talk, Brother T. Sometimes the most difficult people for us to get through to are those closest to us. That is when I have turned to prayer and asked God to send someone into that loved one’s life who could hear what I was not able to communicate, perhaps because I was too close, perhaps because of past hurts, I do not know. What I do know is that the Lord was faithful, especially in the case of my fiance, who is now my husband and a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian who was able to receive from another male what he was unable to hear from me at that time. I am just thankful that he heard the voice of the God calling his name and responded!

    It would be great to see you join our team of mentors, Brother T. May God richly bless you in your journey, and your fiancee also. I will be praying for both of you, as well as for Carlos and his wife.

  • Brother T says:

    Brother Andrew!
    I thank you for sharing your personal feelings and am sorry if i offended you or sounded harsh and or came off as boasting. With Christ in me coram deo before the face of God i will say this. If i come across boasting it is not of myself but only of Christ and what He has done in my life. By no means has He yet completed in me what He has had started 14 years ago.
    Andrew i like Paul consider myself a chief sinner and stay humble before the Lord always. It is our duty as Christians to share the strength of Christ in us with people. Without the strength of Christ i’m nothing at all but a weak lost case insecure loser that would of been inching closer to hell everyday. My life is not my own and i will not compromise how the Holy Spirit leads in my life. I drop seeds a certain way as led. God is Soveriegn and others may water them,and God ultimately is the one to help us grow. We all are called to the same thing just sometimes in different ways. My Love for people is equal on earth as it is in Heaven. If i appear confident at times it is only that my confidence is In Christ! I’m not ashamed to say that. If you knew the life i lived and what i have gone through and still do daily,perhaps you would have more understanding. We are to edify,ecourage and keep building each other up. Serving Christ means to help others grow too as we grow. It does nobody any good for me as a Christian to remain passive with people Spiritually when it is a fact that at any time Christ could return. My greatest concern on earth is for souls and where people will spend eternity. What is funny is how different people see things in different ways. Lauren had just sent me an email from “TRUTH Media” saying quite the opposite and asking me if i would consider mentoring. It is true that i too need correction with things at times and am open to it always when needed. I’m still a work in progress as well. It is also true that often it can be hard to hear the still small whisper of God when there is clutter from the people of this world who are used by the enemy to hold us back that cause things to be tougher on us. I’m learning that in Christ i’m more than a conqueror and i’m standing on His promises. I do not preach fire and brimstone,but at the same time i’m not going to enable people either to stay milk fed babes. Although i still and always will learn from them too. You are also very correct that the woman at the well giving a penny means allot more than a rich man giving because he can and wants to be noticed. I serve and do because of what Christ did for me and no other reason. It is because i want to,not for any other reason. I’m saved like you by Grace through faith alone in Christ! Sola fide! I do not boast of the things i have done and it is what we do in secret that matters the most to God! For an example if someone writes Christian Lyrics and sends to friends ,brothers & sisters of the faith,and others, not to be somebody and recognized. But for God and His Glory alone. It does not matter that they make money or get credit.The person who quitely behind the scenes who stays humble will gain greater rewards in Heaven than some artists who are infront of everyone doing things. Even though they help much to promote the Kingdom. I do allot that only God knows of as i’m sure you do as well.I do things because i like to share what God puts on my heart. If it only changes and helps a handful then it is woth it. I know it also helps me to grow.One thing i for sure was wrong with and ask forgiveness is ever letting my emotions get to me with what i have said in the past regarding the Holy Spirit. You are very correct that as soon as one accepts Christ and repents they recieve the Holy Spirit. That is without a doubt and if i have misled at all with what i’ve said in the past with that i ask forgiveness and will repent for sure.Sometimes, just as i once did often,we can have the Holy Spirit but shut Him out. It is different timing for each of us before we let Him work more in our lives to bring conviction to the heart. Nomatter what none of us will be perfected ontil we are Home.The last thing i would like to say is you probably thought when i mentioned to carlo that there was not much love shown to me in the church,that it automatically had to do with arrogance or something. No,it has to do with being so humble and truthful that i laid my life out to many and am looked at as worse and a leper of sort to many. Truth is i was quite sad feeling a bit sorry for myself then when i wrote that. I do have a handful of God loving people there that truly love me equally as anyone they love,who have a reverance for the Lord.. I’m a beloved brother in Christ to more and more i’m being told. Especially lately. I’m doing my part with what i’m called to do to make a positive impact for Christ and bring revival. I do believe you are Holy Spirit filled brother Andrew and that you allow Him to direct and guide your life. I thank God for you. I hope you understand brother and i will pray for you. Please pray for me. Forever In Christ!Brother T (Tom).

  • Andrew says:

    @ Brother T & Carlos,

    When a person has committed his life to Christ and lives his life according to the Bible and is spirit filled one of the dangers is that in our zeal we try to force others to live the Holy Spirit filled life. I am a dedicated strong spirit filled Christian however one of the areas that I guard myself against is to not force others to be a spirit filled Christian as Brother T when you suggest that some does not have the Holy Spirit who is a Christian then you are mistaken. We all receive the Holy Spirit but it is our choice if we live a Holy Spirit filled life.

    For many Christians & non Christians we turn others away from Christ when we stand on the mountain top and shout our beliefs as a Christian. It is awesome that you are walking a spirit filled life however often in life if our method of delivery is not done in humility it can be a turn off. I don’t know you however my own personal view from reading your posts Brother T is that you are shouting so loud that people are unable to hear you as the zeal is coming through loud and clear. Don’t get me wrong I am not judging you it is an observation that I sense and I might be wrong but it appears from your posts that you are fairly aggressive towards your expression of living a Holy Spirit filled life. When you hear the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit then it might be that you need to be still as well?

    Christ in the Bible always pointed towards the people who lived their beliefs in humility. Jesus observed two people praying in the temple one man was very boisterous and arrogant in his prayers saying in his prayer that he was glad he was not like some of the other people however their was a man that was praying in a very humble broken spirit in the same temple. Christ pointed to the humble man as the right attitude. The same with giving as in the temple when people presented their offerings it was in public so every one could hear and see how much was given. The greater the offering the louder the noise. When Jesus was observing the people giving the offering they saw one man giving a large sum of money into the offering and then they observed a widow giving her pennies into the plate. Christ told the disciples the woman gave more than the rich man did because the pennies she gave was more then the rich man gave because she gave everything and he only gave a small portion.

    It is much better to do things in humility as I would much rather have someone look at my life and see that I am living a spirit filled life instead of telling others that I am different and living a spirit filled life. God will bring people for me to minister and I don’t have to look for them. God Bless

  • Brother T says:

    I lost the page carlo so i’m continuing from where i left off. It is possible to keep what we have and our families ,and fall in Love with God too. But for me God had to strip everything away to get me there. He gives and takes away,blessed be the Lord!It is good you love Him more and more and He will finish what He started. He is Faithful and His promises are true. God does not lie. As far as with your wife,All i can say is maybe she has not recieved the Holy Spirit yet and still is more excited by the things of this world then the things of God. I sometimes fall into the things of this world too at times but the difference is that i hate when that happens because it is never as satisfying or fills the voiod like Christ and the things of God. I have tested some things like we are told to do by God. Test the Spirit to see where a person is at. It seems when i used to say something of the old or do certain things that i no longer do with my fiance,she was happy. I sometimes think she is going through motions and wonder if she has been given the Holy Spirit yet. It could just be that we are at two different places in our walk. All i know is something is not right because when two are in Christ,with a relation with Christ,with Him in the center it would flourish and get better. In mine we have drifted and in the past she has even said things like i am too intense with Christ and too into the God stuff is how she put it. That was after she had said she repented and accepted Christ. The thing is carlos we must protect ourselves against the spirit of Jezzebel. Your married though and i’m not. So i really have to guard myself at times with my fiance. It is not easy. Sometimes i dabble to see if it is possible i can get back into a way of thinking and doing that she would prefer. But each time there is conviction to my heart and i fall to my knees. The enemy had years to pollute our minds and it is not easy for some people to get occasional ways of thinkig out of their minds. That is how i do my best to have empathy for others like my fiance. I have to remember she was married to a man who did things a certain way she got used too. Now all the sudden she has a man of God that once easily caved and fed into her seduction letting it grow,but who now has resisted it so long that she has come to resent me. Now i have become such a turn off to her that she doesn’t even hold my hand. I’m a pretty good looking guy too and decent shape. It has nothing to do with my appearance. I believe it is Christ in me she is turned off by,I’m up against alot of things Carlos but we can’t compromise to satisfy another if it means going backwards in our walk with Christ. I stumble at times because of the spiritual pressures that rage against me. I may never reach my potential here on earth as a Christian because of so many obstacles in my way. But i will never renounce Christ as my Savior.I will continue to do the opposite with announcing Him as Lord and Savior to all. I am not ashamed of Christ at all. That would be crazy. Jesus is not ashamed of me either. You remember that even though we are never good enough ,that God sees us as perfectly beautiful and as cleansed children of His. We are precious to Him. I guess i just want other Christians to make it all problems go away for me but that is not reality. All we can do is stay faithful to God and do the best we can ,and let Him sort it out. One step infront of the other with prayer,prayer and more prayer. God bless you Carlos. Forever In Christ! Brother T. PS-Think about joining a mens Bible study. I may try to start one up again to meet at my home.

  • Brother T says:

    None of us are good enough to serve God. We serve Him because we want to because of His first loving us and choosing us. The odd thing is that when my ex and i accepted Christ,back in the 90’s we were both becoming more attracted to each other. It was all because of the beauty of the Holy Spirit having been given to us. Unfortunately we were not equipped then to be able to stand against the enemy and we ended the relationship. I do have a few great support member i thank God for. I just wish i was more accepted by people in my Church. Alot of it is me though and my insecurities. I could stand to reach out more to the christian community too. Sometimes i guess i just expect them to automatically lavish me with love because they are Christians.Sometimes i feel loneley and confused with the torment of my adversaries that nevwer seems to end at time. The main thing is like you said,to trust God! Sometimes when we lose everything and have no9thing but God is when we finally and genuinelt fall in L

  • carlo says:

    im realy going through the same situation where i have to ask God,why just when i want to serve him my wife seems to be cold.she more interested in musique,wanting to usher concert. crying and telling me she is missing the time we used to share togather wacthing lionel richie concert,all sorts of things.i have no christian friend to spend time with.i even get bord sometime do not know what to do.also i want to cmpletetly give my life to God and serve him for ever.i feel like im not good enough to serve God.but only one thing i know is i trust God and he promise not to let me down nor forsake me. his word says is the author and the finisher of my faith. he started it and he will complete it himself.he knows what is good for us. i just wanna love him more and more.

  • Brother T says:

    So let me ask you what does one do when other christians look at you as if they are better.and less a sinner who pick and choose who they will love and talk with in the Church? When one is shunned ,avoided and looked down on? It Is very difficult. Especially when i’m so desperately in love with God. Even my fiance has grown cold to me the more on fire with the love for God that i have. The closer and more in love with God ,the more she is turned off. She shares no vision with me and if i were the way i once was she would have no problems with me. That concerns me. Why can’t she be more attracted and closer to me the more deeper i fall in love with God! She won’t go to counseling with me,and seems to be just a sunday hands in the air type of Christian. She does go to a large womens group 1 night a week but it just seems to make her colder toward me . Twenty four seven every waking hour i praise,pray and thank God. I’m always listening for His small still voice and as He leads i follow . When oppurtuinity comes i do my best to drop seed and bring Him glory. I do not know what else to do .I feel at times i’m so under attack by the enemy and held captive still at times. I’m desperate to have lovers of Christ in my life and long for my woman to truly adore God first and foremost that grows closer to me with keeping Christ in the center of the relationship. I’m certainly not fully mature in Christ yet. But i’ve been fighting the good fight 14 years and more on fire for Him now than then at the start of my walk. Forever in Christ! Brother T (Tom)

  • Brother T says:

    So let me ask you what does one do when other christians look at you as if they are better.and less a sinner who pick and choose who they will lobe and talk with in the Church? When one is shunned ,avoided and looked down on? It Is very difficult. Especially when i’m so desperately in love with God.

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