Do you crave destiny? (Part 2)

Written by Darren Hewer

Do you crave destiny? Destiny doesn’t mean passively entering into tomorrow, to be a victim of the cruel and unchangeable fate of the universe. Rather, it is becoming actively engaged in the creation of tomorrow, and discovering the purposes you were always meant for.

In this video (this is part 2, watch part 1 here) author Erwin McManus explores some of the ideas found in his book, Soul Cravings. Here he focuses on what destiny is all about, and how God has called you accomplish something bigger than you ever thought possible.

When God gives you a glimpse of the potential he has for you, it can be scary. You may even wonder, is God talking to the right person? Is this really me? I was born for great things? It will take courage to accept this invitation, but courage grounded on a firm foundation.

We encourage you to watch, and explore our Soul Cravings website if you’re interested in learning more.

Do you identify with longing for destiny? Have you ever considered that God created you for a purpose? If you’d like to discuss this video, please contact us by email or comment below if you’d like to share your thoughts.

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  • zoomdots says:

    being a sounding board to church goers in a community – comments like treat the church like a bank ?giving tithes with books,clothing,food & involvement noticed many many good works & fruit of my own dontations & tithes…is it in my nature to listen at no end to those who talk to me like a sounding board with complaints,critics & doubts of those who are in question…to talk,confide in me about concerns about church members ? for example..they treat the church like a bank GRRRRR gods house is for every man woman child

  • Kate says:

    Hi Alicia, God’s purpose for every Christian is confirmed. We are to be witnesses to Jesus Christ. A good bible study or course in discipleship offered might really give you a better understanding and firm ground to stand on. God’s has promised to meet with us and reveal Himself to us through His word. Maybe try

  • alicia says:

    all of the stuff this guy said in the videos is true but ive heard it all before and believe it but what does it matter if i dont know what God’s purpose for me is? i want so much to know what God’s purpose is for my life, i know its more then being a wife and stay at home mom, but ive prayed and prayed for God to show me his purpose for my life and have no clue of anything, what good am i doing if i dont know? this is so exhausting. i know i dont want my old life before God but i want more then this, I just want an answer so im not going through my life just wondering all the time, If God is making me wait id like to know why.

  • Kate says:

    It takes courage for a bird to learn to fly, even though God has gifted them with wings. The same goes for us, we have gifts and God has perfectly equipped us for the glorious works we are to do, but we have to take the leap of faith in order to feel ourselves caught up by His awesome grace!

  • eunice says:

    thank you. :)

  • Claire Colvin Claire Colvin says:

    Hello :) That’s in interesting choice of username nobody. Do you feel invisible? Maybe that’s your superpower.

  • nobody says:


  • Doris, how awesome that God continues to include you in His ongoing story! I’m sure He has much to accomplish through you! :)

    Have you ever considered becoming an online mentor? It sounds like you would be a wonderful candidate. You can set your own pace for how much you think you would be able to handle and reply to emails from your own home. For more info about becoming a mentor, there is a video about what The Mentor Center is, or you can read about becoming a mentor and then apply. :)

  • Doris says:

    I turned 82 last September. It would appear that God has used me all that He cares to. It is true that I’ve published 8 books, four of which are still on the market. However, He has brought my sister into my life, who is younger than me but in worse health. As I care for her needs I find that I have no more time to write, or market my books. I do teach a women’s Bible Class and play piano for worship, but find that I want to do more, be used by God more. Would God allow me to feel restless in what He has given me to do as an Octogenarian?

  • blue-jay says:

    Right now i am craving something…but i dont know what it is. I have left god and satan..drugs…booze… and i am really alone now.i want to die ..but onthe other hand i…somehow think i have to hang around for something. What that “something” is i have no idea. Maybe its just until 11-21-11 or 12-12-12 just to see if it will happen and how mankind can finally rise up to where we all need to be…really rise above . Or maybe its because i love where we are going with all the tech stuff and i am curious and some 25 or 30 years ago i predicted some of this stuff. Awe dont worry i have some witnesses!! Hey i stll dont know what i want to be when i grow up..even though i can do manythings …like plumbing, electrical or construction work,i know cpr and first aid and advanced first aid…i have done the office manager and secretarial and ceo assistantthing..i have been a courier..a good friend and sometimes a counselor to young people…sales…i know how to hunt and track game and fish and i could go on but you get my point . Now i am just worthless..and usless to everyone including myself. I even sometimes forget to eat and take my meds. I was also way into sports …only sport i do now is fighting!!… usually myself and the doctors i have to see… which i admit i am not that good at seems.

  • hanzandah, I’m glad you enjoyed and identified with what Erwin spoke about in the video. Indeed, it touches on the topics that are closest to our hearts.

    When Eriwn talked near the end about entering into relationship with God through Jesus Christ, what did that mean to you? If you are ready to know more, please visit the Discover Purpose page and the Jesus Christ: Who is He? page.

  • hanzadah says:

    I am not a christian,n I am a muslim, I have inly one word to say…Beautiful.

  • Freedom says:

    When i listearn to such words soul craving i just feel that something is missing in my life. God has a plan for my life if only i can find what it is, because now iam confused and i have no direction because this thing is killing me inside i only want to do what i was born to do.

  • Darren Hewer says:

    Nancy, thank you for your comments! Since you’ve asked for a personal reply and sometimes it’s hard to discuss personal issues in a public forum, I’ve sent your request to our prayer team and someone will respond to you soon. If anyone else reading this would like prayer I urge them to contact us for prayer.

  • nancy says:


    hope to hear from you

  • nancy says:

    hope to hear from you

  • nancy says:

    asking for prayer with one/all of these request

    1.moving/visiting another state to get help with my ptsd

    2.face to face meeting with the gov of california or help from his wife 1 st lady of ca..who it is said she helps veterans

    3. help in a court of law against the people who made me a ptsd patient
    so in a court of law i can prove jesus words to me true/not true jesus spoke to me in a my sleep..

    this saved my life

    man made laws have blocked me/denied me justice in a court of law for a long time

    will welcome all/any advise/help/push in the right direction

    will close with my favorite bible quote

    having done all…stand…i have done all i can to handle this and failed..need/want help now thanks

  • Hal says:

    I have written and recorded two christian music cd’s followed the ministry half way across the country and now am confused about what he wants me to do next through hrs of prayer i get nothing
    i hope to find out soon

  • john says:

    am so interested in getting word of from your ministry always.thank you.

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