Barbara Erochina

Barbara Erochina is a rambunctious 20something with a love for non-fiction, quality vegetarian fare and the pursuit of truth. Her dreams consist of warm fuzzy things, communities in need of love, and relationships that scream authenticity. She loves to write creatively, and hopes to grow into someone creative with writerly tendencies.

Articles by Barbara Erochina


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Courage to feel

Recently I watched a friend go through three weeks of migraines, numerous doctor’s visits and a CT scan.  Her final diagnosis was stress-induced acute migraines. She had been experiencing major life changes and instead of working through the fear and anxiety that she felt, she repressed her feelings and tried to ignore them. Though for […] Read More >

Creative Ways to Shoot Your Wedding

By Jim Moustakas, Still Moments Photography Standard posed pictures are pretty, but you can make your wedding album into a real page-turner by sprinkling it with some unique images. Try a little something different for your wedding photos. Almost any photographer will know to capture a picture of the ring exchange or the cake-cutting ceremony. […] Read More >

Finding a Place to Belong

Happiness appeared to be the prize at the end of a race to belong. I feared being rejected by people constantly, and felt empty on the inside, hoping that joy would come once I felt secure and in control of the relationships in my life. Read More >

Holidays of Invention…

With Mother’s day behind us (the 2nd Sunday of May for most), Father’s Day still ahead (The 3rd Sunday of June), and Family Day being introduced in more and more countries, I begin to ponder what the next invented holiday will be. We already have Valentine’s Day to celebrate romantic love and St.Patrick’s day to […] Read More >

How to Say “I love you” to a Man

How do you show your man you really love him? We conducted an informal survey and asked participants to tell us what they wish their woman would do to express her love. Here’s what they told us: Appreciate the things I do rather than focussing on the things I don’t do. Be my greatest supporter. […] Read More >

It’s OK to Be Different, Different is Still Beautiful

By Laura Hudson I modeled a great deal as a teenager, but I don’t fit the mold set by the modeling industry. I am not the willow six-foot-tall blond you often see sashaying down the runway. I am 5’5″ and due to childhood illness I have been completely bald since I was nine years old. […] Read More >

Living Life to the Fullest

The desire for fulfillment is universal. From the moment we are born we recognize within ourselves an insatiable hunger for more of life. We try to grasp onto every experience, enjoy every relationship, and maximize every opportunity. Yet even as we strive to fill our lives to the brim with adventures, we are never fully […] Read More >