James MacNeil

James is known to many as “Canada’s Verbal Aikido” coach. He is one of the most diversified creative thinkers of our time with his first major doctrine in linking our personal emotional and communication styles with the non-adversarial philosophy of the Japanese martial art Aikido.

The backbone of his philosophy stems from his passion in the psychology and science behind communications and relationships. He is President and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of EQ Communications Inc., a coaching, consulting and training company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario primarily focused on providing innovative behavioral change programs to corporations seeking sustainable business growth.

James is an uplifting motivational speaker, personal coach and a certified Experiential Learning Technology facilitator. He inspires his audiences to challenge themselves and apply the “Verbal Aikido” fundamentals to manage change effectively and thereby achieve their goals.

Since 1992, he has spoken to over 1,500 audiences, many of them for Fortune 500 companies and professional groups around the world. James lived for a few years in New York where he co-hosted an international daily radio program that supported young people in the development of social responsibility and life skills. In 1994, James became a best selling author of Success Secrets of King Solomon, the Richest Man Ever, a book reflecting his passion for living a purpose-filled life.

A natural in front of the camera, James has recorded numerous training videos with several behavioral change topics available on the EQ Communications Inc. website encouraging participants to stretch their mental boundaries including The Ultimate Rapport Strategy. As an innovative business executive, his vision is to make a difference to both the individual and organizations he serves with an expanded learning
product line of home study videos on “Verbal Aikido” and an online community membership, verbalaikido.ca to be launched by the end of 2011.

James has a heart for making a difference using the talents he has been given and supports a number of non-profit activities in facilitating leadership and management development seminars for organizations such as LeaderImpact Group. When James isn’t researching, writing or teaching, you will find him practicing to speak Spanish, learning to dance Salsa and spending time with his family and friends.

To learn more, visit his website www.eqcommunications.com or to learn how to set goals and change your life visit www.VerbalAikido.ca.

Articles by James MacNeil

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Secret Communication Basics

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Strike the Right Chord

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Three Killers of Effective Communication

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