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The Da Vinci Code opens to lukewarm praise at Cannes

The Da Vinci Code movie was screened Tuesday night at the 59th Cannes Film Festival in France for hundreds of journalists from around the world. Initial screenings opened to some ?lukewarm praise? as Reuters reports, but much of the response has been very critical so far. The Hollywood Reporter headlined its review, ” ‘Da Vinci […] Read More >

Artwork of The Da Vinci Code: The Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci (1495-1497) (for a larger version of this image click here) Read More >

Link to Us

Would you like to link to us? To link to the below sites using one of the shown size banners, simply open your web page in an HTML editor, then copy and paste the HTML code below that corresponds with the banner you choose into the body of your web page. Corporate banners: <a href=”” […] Read More >

So Dark the Con of Man

…and so-so the movie of Dan, especially the anagram portions, wouldn’t you agree? They were all solved in a matter of seconds! It reminded me of when my wife looks at those MagicEye 3D puzzles and says, “Oh yeah, do you see the sailboat?” and I’m still trying to figure out what color the picture […] Read More >

The Jesus Papers.

Micheal Baigent was recently interviewed on NBC about his latest book, The Jesus Papers. Baigent is one of the authors suing Dan Brown claiming he took material from an earlier publication. The Jesus Papers is based on factual information that disputes some teachings of the Bible. Baigent even claims Jesus survived his crucifixion and calls […] Read More >