Lynn D. Morrissey

Lynn D. Morrissey is author of "Love Letters to God", devotionals "Seasons of a Woman’s Heart" and "Treasures of a Woman’s Heart", and contributing author to numerous bestsellers. She is a CLASS & AWSA speaker specializing in prayer-journaling and women’s topics. She and her husband, Michael, have one daughter and live in St. Louis, Missouri.

Articles by Lynn D. Morrissey

Love Letters to God

“Letters mingle souls.” ~ John Donne At our annual Christmas luncheon, Mother pulled a small envelope from her purse and wordlessly, tenderly presented it to me. I recognized the uneven penmanship as my father’s. My mind raced. “Oh, Mother! Is this the letter—the one I’ve begged him to write for so long?” Her glimmering tears […] Read More >