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  • Shelley says:

    could not see the writing of this page.

  • Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi says:

    Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi
    Abundant Life Evangelism Ministry
    [It is our policy not to publish contact information.]

    Dear Brethren,
    Ref:Help With A Bicycle For Evangelism
    l greet you in the Name of our lord Jesus Christ hoping that the lord
    has kept you by his blood.l’am persoally very glad when Writing to you
    this letter.My Name is Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi,born again
    Christian Married and blessed with two daughter.l’am running an
    Abundant Life Evangelism Ministry at Nakuru Town Free Area join me.

    i would like to ask you Help,i and my wife Leah we go Village to
    Village to Evangelism we walk 2 to 10 Kilometres to evangelism with my
    wife and other Brethren.Brethren and Friends Help us with Donation for

    My desire is to reach People for Christ,Remember our Mission is to
    bring as many people as possible in to Gods Kingdom before Jesus
    return.Brethren and Friends we meet ane Challenga after another.i
    dedicated my life to the lord,i and my wife Leah we live by faith
    trusting God for the Support.

    we will be more than happy to see you stand with us on this
    Evangelism.allow me to ask you assistance in one way or the other to
    Organize how i can get bicycle so that my mission to spread the word
    of God to as many people as Brethren if i can get a
    bicycle l will go evangelism more anther 2 to 13 kilometres to

    l’am Praying daily that God may use you to be a blessing to me and to
    enable me to fuifil Gods Vision and desire upon my life.

    You can Support This Progamme with Your Donation or Offering.

    May The good Lord Bless You
    Your Servant Of The Lord
    Pastor John Kinuthia Muregi

  • Sharon says:

    sisters as well God bless you

  • Brothers,

    God bless you!

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