Do You Believe That God Loves You Unconditionally?

Written by Karen Schenk

soulcravingsunconditionalWhat would it mean for me if I were convinced that God loves me unconditionally? When I hear that someone loves me unconditionally, it makes me ask some hard questions about what that really means.  “Unconditional” really does mean totally and completely without any conditions.  As humans this is nearly impossible for us to love that way.  God’s love for me completely transcends who I am and what I do.

I am incredibly safe in truly unconditional love.   God knows me better than I know myself, I don’t have to hide anything from him.  He knows me and he loves me.  It empowers me and gives me strength.  This kind of love alters how I love others.  Being around something real and authentic makes me want to be more like that.

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53 Responses to “Do You Believe That God Loves You Unconditionally?”

  • Chris says:

    Michael…bad governments are made of corrupt people. our problema in the world today are the same people who crucified jesus christ. if jesus hadnt use his free will to save us, we would still be dead in our sins. thank God for jesus free will used on our behalf, now we can use our free will on his kingdoms behalf too. luke 11.

  • Michael says:

    Chris? Forget scripture I’m not listening,
    Everybody’s different. Forget Jesus he been through enough.
    What your saying to people is Jesus will help if you believe, right?
    You can’t promise such a thing with out knowing your self he,it, even existed. Which you DONT
    Your going by a book? A book? You might as well be quoting from the good book of dick and Jane.
    You should stop! I believe that a relationship with God is a personal matter, then its genuine, it’s personal. So stop talking.

  • Michael says:

    What would the world be like without free will? This is a question that for unknown reason isn’t look at, why?
    Take a good look at what free will has done to the human race.
    Racism, WAR, murder,rape, false governments, everything we look at has everything to do with free will, in the eyes of a god.
    Forget Jesus Christ he’s been through enough when it comes to people. Let’s go higher, to god him,her,it, what ever it might be.
    God gave us free will and look what we’ve done with it.
    So to sit there and say, does God love is unconditionally is a question that can only be answered in a book on fiction.
    I believe free will is a curse and not by any means a blessing. A curse that will end in a bad way.
    People can’t be trusted, why have governments that don’t work? Why ?

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