Spring and Summer Fashion 2013 in Living Color!

Written by Barb Klemke and Cheryl Lupul

fashion-13-edSpring 2013 blooms with a vibrant palette! We’ve got bright monochromatic colors – cobalt blue, luminous yellow, playful greens – 80’s neons and sugar-dusted pastels.  Floral patterns are front and center with spring’s modern romance blossoming.

Flowers are transformed into wearable art with floral prints, floral lace, 3-D petals, and flower photography all showcased for spring.  Black and white is everywhere and in every combination. Prints are the ice cream on the cake this season. The flavors are checks, stripes, diamonds, photos, paisley, polka dots and graphics. Even a clash of pattern on pattern works well this spring adding interest and sophistication.

Styles come with variety this season. You will see the confidence of monochromatic classics. The tailored look brings a crisp style with clean lines and architectural structure to garments. Peplum tops, skirts and dresses are edgy and fun. Ruffles on skirts, sleeves and necklines add a modern look to feminine fashion. This season it’s all topped off with an array of bold accessories.

Relaxed styles and shapes prevail with flowing tunics and easy jackets. Trousers come in any style from skinnies to big flares. Wear what is comfortable for you! Bohemian looks return with a new twist of fresh embellishments. Lingerie inspired looks such as the slip dress grace the fashion runway. Layered feminine transparent fabrics, organza, lacework and ruffles take us into a summer dream. A little white eyelet dress can take you anywhere.  Hemlines drop just above and below the knee to add elegance and sophistication to spring’s airy look.

Glitter, crystals, sequins and shiny candy wrapper hues add that special finish to garments and accessories. Handbags come in splashes of vibrant color and high shine.  Gemstone necklaces with large pendants are everywhere.  Try tying a  patterned chiffon scarf around your hair, waist or handbag.

Dazzling bracelets all add to this season’s look. Shoes with architectural heels steal the show. Look for heels sculpted out of wood, lucite and and leather. Metallic sling backs, strappy goliath sandals, open toed booties with buckles or zippers, embellished patent ballerina flats or a nice pair of lace pumps will add spring to your step this summer.

Our One Tip Wonder:
Go ultra feminine with a little white eyelet dress or more casual with a neon handbag, graphic T and cropped colored denim. Enjoy shopping for your spring inspired look!

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