How Much Sun Does Your Garden Need

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culture_gardensunHow much sun does your garden really need?

Vegetables prefer a full day of sun, but if you live in a shady suburb you don’t have to give up the idea of growing vegetables. Here are some minimum sunlight requirements:

  • Fruiting vegetables – eight hours of sun. This includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and vine crops such as cucumbers, melons and squash.
  • Root vegetables – six hours of sun. This includes carrots, beets, etc.
  • Leafy vegetables – four hours of sun. These are your “greens” such as lettuce, spinach and collards.

* Keep in mind that these are minimums. Increasing the amount of sunlight your vegetables receive will increase the yield and quality of your crop.

* Even though your vegetables may get enough light when planted near a tree, they will not get enough nourishment and water. Vegetables can’t compete with an established tree for essential nutrients and moisture.

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  • Jamie Jamie says:

    A lot of that will depend on where you live Neely. It is always helpful to talk with a garden center in your area. They can tell what grows best and what kinds of things you need to do to your soil to maximize your garden.

  • Neely Hasch says:

    I am going to start my first garden can you giver some good ideas on how to get started.
    What should I plant?

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